The Fortunes of WangrinAmadou Hamp t B Translated by Aina Pavolini Taylor with an Introduction by F Abiola Irele n nWinner of the Grand Prix Litteraire de l Afrique Noire n n I think this is perhaps the best African novel on colonialism and it draws very richly on various modes of oral literature.

The year is 1797, and the kingdom of Segu is flourishing, fed by the wealth of its noblemen and the power of its warriors The people of Segu, the Bambara, are guided by their griots and priests their lives are ruled by the elements But even their soothsayers can only hint at the changes to come,

Oliver s well researched biography of Mansa Musa reads like an exotic tale of gold, glory, and adventure During his long reign as Mali s emperor, Mansa Musa led his empire into its Golden Age presided over a spectacular, 60,000 person, 9,000 mile pilgrimage founded a university in Timbuktu and h

From internationally acclaimed author Anne Enright comes a shattering novel set in a small town on Ireland s Atlantic coast The Green Road is a tale of family and fracture, compassion and selfishness a book about the gaps in the human heart and how we strive to fill them n nSpanning thirty years, Th

Twenty years ago, when the author and his best friend, Mike Moe, were eighteen years old, they lit out from Wyoming to explore the world They washed up in Africa and without forethought or planning set off for the most remote place on earth they could imagine Timbuktu Stopped by disease and the d

Michael Palin s epic voyages have seen him circumnavigate the globe, travel from the North to the South Pole and circle the countries of the Pacific Ocean This was perhaps the greatest challenge yet to cross the vast and merciless Sahara desert.Shrugging aside the perils of camel stew and being ru

Coretta Scott King Honor author artist Baba Wague Diakite and his 12 year old daughter, Penda, create a charming, original adventure story about losing a first tooth while visiting family in Mali.More than anything, Amina wants to lose her loose tooth while visiting her family in Mali, West Africa.

Based on a true story, The Book of Negroes tells the story of Aminata, a young girl abducted from her village in Mali aged 11 in 1755, and who, after a deathly journey on a slave ship where she witnesses the brutal repression of a slave revolt, is sold to a plantation owner in South Carolina, who