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↠´ Read ✓ Astro City, Vol. 1 by Kurt Busiek Ò Astro City captures the sort of awe this superhero fiction lover has felt since being a young kid and watching shows and movies about superheroes I grew up in the 80s and we had the Christopher Reeve Superman movies, which were huge for that time period I watched them again a couple of months ago, and while some aspects are a bit cheesy and dated, the essence is pure and still meaningful, and will bring me back to watch those movies again and again Having said that, I ve never been as huge a fan of Superman as Batman, honestly Mainly because I sense a dark pain and emotional conflicts in Batman that feels vivid to me and draws me deeper into his story However, recently, my feelings have evolved to see Superman in a elemental way Superman Yeesh I must not be artsy fartsy enough to appreciate Astro City swhatever it is that I m supposed to appreciate It was boring And the art was fugly However, everyone else seemed to love it, so it s probably just me.
Popular Ebook, Astro City, Vol 1 By Kurt Busiek This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Astro City, Vol 1 , Essay By Kurt Busiek Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You i have a favorite fantasy, although it is of a fantasy world or even a fantasy way of how a big city could look and feel it is a version of 1940s 50s america, but minus the stifling straight whiteness of it all, minus the prejudice and racism and sexism, and definitely minus the atrocities happening around the world during those decades it is a world of fast talking, wise crackin ace reporters in glorious black and white ambitious young ladies taking on the big city in glorious technicolor retro futuristic inventions and space travel gorgeous femme fatales and tough, melancholy private eyes strange adventures with sinister villains and heroes heroines who are kind and decent at heart the works, all the tropes and all the imagery that movies from those eras infused into me I ve been wanting to read Astro city a long time I love Kurt s stuff usually and I really wanted to love this Did I WellI loved parts of it The volume really focuses on the city itself We get a bunch of different stories, some intertwined with each other somewhat, but mostly it s there to build these characters in the city up The idea is to give the people of this amazing city their own life and through their eyes learn about the heroes On the flipside it also gives us focus sometimes on the heroes themselves and why they re interesting This brings it all together a interesting experiment but also can cause some flaws Good Loved 2 stories, enjoyed 2 others, and thought 2 were duds Let s talk about the two I loved There s one where this criminal sees a hero unmasked He then goes the rest of his days always afraid, always looking always the shoulder It s a great, ten A meta commentary on the superhero comic genre, Busiek takes us into the alleyways and apartments of average bystanders, the interior thoughts and personal struggles of superheroes As Busiek himself compares this to Marvels, he says it s not a realist s approach to comics, it s a post realism, post Modern Age return to optimistic storytelling, a place to tell stories that matter than cosmic bombast Well done.
A couple of years ago I tried reading Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross Marvels, a book I was assured was a superhero classic and an incredible comic It feels like superheroes could exist in our world is the general sentiment around that book I got about a third of the way through before I gave up Terrible art I don t like Ross ultra realistic painted style, the figures are too static and boring characters telling unimpressive superhero stories made me drop the book long before the end.
More recently I read Superman Secret Identity and finally saw why Busiek is praised, so I decided to try another of his books, the critically acclaimed Astro City from 1995 I got further than I did with Marvels but I also gave up on this one too it s essentially Marvels with a different artist.
The city

I love Marvels It s one of the few graphic novels that I ve read over and over, and loved every time So it s hardly surprising that I also loved Astro City.
I think the best and easiest way of describing Astro City as Marvels, with original heroes There are a few differences in setup Marvels was essentially the history of the Marvel U to that point, while Astro City is a series of slice of life vignettes in a superhero world And honestly, I didn t love each of them equally The fifth story, with its focus on the Booster Gold esque Crackerjack, wasn t quite as good as the first one, which focused on a Superman ish hero who dreams about flying, really flying, without hurry or interruption But there wasn t a single story in here weak enough that I didn t like it.
The cast of characters is really interesting Some of the superheroes look like obvious expy One of my all time favorite series I ll happily recommend it to people who don t read comics.
It is a superhero comic, but it s entirely self contained If you read a Batman or Green Lantern comic, you ll be confronted with 35 years of soap opera history But with Astro City, you can just start reading You don t need to know anything picking up the series.
I normally start reviews with a teaser but this is a really difficult collection to write a teaser for Astro City was Kurt Busiek s follow up to Marvels I m only a couple decades late to the party but I have to say this is a good beginning.
While tales featuring The Samaritan, Astro City s Superman analogue, bookend the tale, it s about the non superpowered denizens of Astro City Like the reporter who witnessed a battle between the Honor Guard and some shark men Or the crook who saw the Jack in the Box unmasked Or Marta, the girl from Shadow Hill, the scary part of town Or the weird old man who seems to be cataloging super heroes.
One thing that knocked me on my ass about Astro City is that in six issues, Kurt Busiek has created a deep sense of history It feels like there are decades wo

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