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[ Pdf Colman î cartoon PDF ] by Monica Furlong ò Set In Very Early Christian Times, Colman Is A Spellbinding Fantasy Of A Faraway Age, When The Mystical And The Commonplace Walked Hand In Hand The Healer, Juniper, And Her Apprentice, Wise Child, Are Accused Of Witchcraft And Forced To Flee Their Small Town Wise Child S Devoted Cousin, Colman, Escapes With Them This Is His Story Of Their Arrival To The Land Of Juniper S Birth, Where She Is, In Fact, A Princess From The Hardcover Edition my least favorite of the trilogy, but still good only wish i had discovered these as a little girl making them all the magical The sequel to Wise Child and Juniper, Colman follows the lives of these three characters as they flee from Wise Child s childhood home to Juniper s childhood home of Cornwall, only to find Juniper s aunt has murdered her parents, the king and queen, and taken her brother, the prince, as a prisoner Wise Child and Colman, with the help of the leper Cormac, must infiltrate the enemy stronghold, discover the prince s affiliation, and find a way to rescue the prince and the kingdom by defeating Meroot and the Gray Knight once and for all As a sequel, Colman draws together and completes the overarching plot set up in the first two books, but it focuses on action and lacks the sense of magic and the strong female protagonist that makes the other two books so memorable As this book does draw the story arc to a close, I recommend this

The third book following Wise Child and Juniper Furlong wrote it while she was dying of cancer I think it was written as a distraction and was not intended for publication The characters and ideas are weak to non existant, and the plot is harried and unrewarding It is not a good read and a bad ending to the first two books I think it is of a reflection on how hopeless she was feeling as her struggle with cancer was drawing to a close This book was published posthumously.
Despite the various poor reviews of this book, I rather liked it a lot It is obvious in a non irritating way the spots where Monica Furlong would have expanded certain sentences that are sort of point blank in description into something a little less said and magically enchanting After reading Wise Child and Juniper, it was easy to forgive and imagine these unfinished portions.
All in all, I found it a captivating book A satisfactory conclusion to the series, particularly after the poor wrap up of Juniper I d recommend it to anyone who s read the other two, absolutely.

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