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[Erica Spindler] ↠´ Copycat [divination PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ç I gotta give credit to where it is due.
Copycat, for a thriller book, is not that good I wasn t thrilled and wasn t even sweating at all But it has a damn good mystery factor.
Five years ago, Detective Kitt Lundgren almost catched the Sleep Angel Killer FYI, the Sleeping Angel Killer is a seriel killer who kills blonde, blue eyed little girls He s a sick fucktard who breaks in into the child s room and kills them in their sleep And if you don t find that despicable, then something is really wrong with you.
But Detective Lundgren let the killer get away Why you ask Nope, sorry No spoiler read the book.
When a Copycat of the SAK started killing little girls in their sleep, it s up to Detective Kitt and her partner M.
C to find the killer And here s another twist The original SAK killer offers them his help to find his Copycat.
I couldn t care less about the heroines in this book They re oka Made it to page 150 and then saidno Have 50 plus unread books physically sitting on my book shelf and don t want to waste time reading a book that is just okay or meh Although this book started off with a promising premise and characters, it quickly spiraled downward I found both the dialogue and the character interactions to be unconvincing and lame.
I just didn t like any of the characters and not because they were purposely unlikeable, but because they felt like contrived figments of the author s imagination rather than real people I hated both the protagonist s names as well, which may seem petty okay it is petty, but honestlyKitt and M.
I also felt that the relationship between these two supposedly strong women both trying to prove themselv

I just loved this book Erica Spindler knows how to write a fast paced thriller the story is about Detective Kitt Lundgren who has baggage after returning to the police force after losing her daughter to Leukemia she is after a serial killer who is called the copy cat 5 years earlier the sleeping angel killer was murdering children now the copy cat gets in her head knowing her daughters nickname other things as well she is on the edge but gets herself together to solve the crime Anyone who loves mysteries will definitely want to add Copycat to their reading list I had my doubts about it at first but as it progressed it became and thrilling and gripping to read The characters were great, they almost seemed alive, and the whole book reads like watching a film.
This is the second Spindler book I ve read in a week and I can t get enough of her incredible stories This gripping narrative focuses on the life of Detective Kitt Lundgren and how her world falls apart when a case begins to take over her life 5 years later, the Sleeping Angel Killer returns, although not without reason to believe the police may be dealing with a Copycat When Kitt forms a relationship with someone claiming to be the original SAK, no area of her life will go unturned as she and her partner race to discover the truth before children die Brilliant Am starting the next Kitt Lundgren today At first I didn t think I was going to like this one Both female leads initially weren t to my liking, the ex getting remarried and a few other things had me second guessing this one But then the plot pulled me in, I warmed to the characters and found myself not wanting to put the book down.
The primary relationship in this book is that of two female detectives that really don t want to be partners but gradually start to respect each other and watch each other s backs The development of this team was really good and believable The younger up and coming female detective and the burned out and emotionally damaged female detective who just returns to the job What started as two characters that I didn t like turned i My first book by Erica Spindler won t be my last.
I really didn t know who the main killer was until the end So many here s Elvan s terminology red herrings, twists, turns who do you believe, who do you suspect geesh I really sucked at detective work with this book.
Very difficult subject, so not for everyone to read not that the murders were all that graphic, but it was the victims that will get to you.
Kitt Lundgren is the main character in this book a detective with the Rockford, Illinois police department Recently reinstated from a mandatory rehab alcoholism, death of her 10 year old daughter leukemia , and the end of her marriage to her high school sweetheart Kitt is in her 40 s She gets partnered with a young hotshot female detective Kitt Lundgren screwed up her life and career and let a serial killer get away due to her personal issues after her daughter s death And now the killer is back, claiming the latest series of murders is the work of a Copycat Is it true He demands she is put in charge of the case, to the frustration of MC who is an ambitious cop who doesn t trust Kitt s ability to stay sober and lead I really liked this book The characters were both strong women and their difficulties in working together believable The Killer s were complex and the book really had me emotionally involved This has been in my piles for so many years and I am glad I finally read it it was worth it.
Five Years Ago, Three Young Victims Were Found Murdered, Posed Like Little Angels No Witnesses, No Evidence Left Behind The Sleeping Angel Killer Called His Despicable Acts The Perfect Crimes The Case Nearly Destroyed Homicide Detective Kitt Lundgren S Career Because She Let The Killer Get AwayNow The Sleeping Angel Killer Is BackBut Kitt Notices Something Different About This New Rash Of Killings A Tiny Variation That Suggests A Copycat Killer May Be Re Creating The original Perfect Crimes Then The Unthinkable Happens The Sleeping Angel Killer Himself Approaches Kitt With A Bizarre Offer He Will Help Her Catch His CopycatKitt Must Decide Whether To Place Her Trust In A Murderer Or Risk Falling Victim To A Fiend Who Has Taken The Art Of The Perfect Murder To Horrific New Heights Excellent Really enjoyed this one.

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