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✓ Daphne's Book ✓ Download by ß Mary Downing Hahn The book I recently read is called Daphne s book I felt that this book was very emotional It was about how these two girls became friends but one of them has a terrible secret Their names are Jessica and Daphne It all started when many people tease Daphne and Jessica was assigned a project and she had to work with Daphne They soon find alot in common, but Jessica finds out a terrible secret about Daphne Daphne has a crazy grandmother Her grandmother s son supposedly died , but her grandmother keeps thinking he s still alive Jessica wants to help Daphne, but she promised Daphne she wouldnt tell anyone Many people have been in this situation You want to help the person, but the person doesnt want anyone to know Jessica finally tells her mother and brother and Daphne and her sister help go to a shelter Sometimes its really hard to keep promises when you k This book reminded me very much of an eighties Degrassi Junior High Episode It s on the surface just another dull albeit cheerful story of two overlooked girls who befriend each other during a group assignment from school, but it quickly delivers a powerful message when the character Daphne reveals the sadness gripping her life at home.
The Secret Everybody In Jessica S English Class Makes Fun Of Daphne She Never Says A Word To Anyone Just Walks Around With Her Nose In A Book, With Her Long Straggly Hair Hanging Over Her Face Now The Worst Thing Has Happened The Teacher Has Assigned Jessica To Be Partners With Daphne In The Write A Book Contest But Being Forced To Work With The Class Weirdo , Jessica Gets An Even Bigger Surprise Not Only Does Daphne Talk To Her, But She Tells Jessica A Terrible Secretone That Jessica Knows Could Be Very Dangerous To Keep This is one of the first books that I can remember reading that wasn t a picture book and parts of it have actually stuck with me into adulthood I haven t read this since I was in fourth grade I would guess but rereading it as an adult it was a pleasure to find that it was still as magical as it was the first time This was the first book that I can remember giving me an idea of what other people my age are going through That not everyone has a warm home and loving family members and safety, perhaps that is why it has clung to my grey matter for all these years The characters were so real to me then and now and I would recommend this to anyone, in my opinion it is a must read.
This book was originally published in 1983 The edition I read was a paperback reprint from 2008 It s a timeless story but also feels very much set in the 1980 s The succinct story would ve been perfect material for an Afterschool Special Mary Downing Hahn is a prolific writer of ghost stories, but she s also published a bunch of straightforward teen and pre teen dramas Daphne s Book is one of her best In Hahn s fiction, the characters often live in single parent households or are struggling with the departure of their parent s.
In Daphne s Book, Jessica lives with her single mother who works as a librarian The mother is an independent woman who takes care of Jessica and her older brother The other character, Daphne, has serious problems than Jessica Her father died in Vietnam and her mother was killed in a car wreck.
Jessica is twelve years old Her best friend Tracy is now starting to ha A good juvenile novel for sensitive types file along with Jessica is paired up with Daphne to write a picture book Daphne is the one girl who everyone in school avoids As Jessica is forced to work with the silent Daphne she discovers that Daphne is a girl worth knowing and that she has a lot in common with Daphne As Jessica learns about Daphne s homelife she is torn between the trust of a friendship and the need to help Daphne.
This was a good story Though the story takes place in Middle School there is only the mention of dating by the Queen Bee girls Daphne and Jessica though are not ready to date yet One plus Jessica s Mom is a librian The story of the friendship and Jessica s descion to be her own person rings true The story the girls come up with is magical My only quibble as a professsional is I wished had be said on the specialness of a good picture book and

So I was really into Mary Downing Hahn as a child They were usually the perfect either adventure or delicately creepy moving book when that was what I wanted.
This one is different, and probably my favorite.
There s just so much and I know this sounds cliche realness in this book More than in just about any other book from her There s something so realistic about Jessica the barely accepted nerdy kid desperate to hold onto her changing best friend, scared of rejection and change and her emerging friendship with Daphne This was also probably one of the first books I read that really shoved it home that sometimes the worst situations come when everyone really is trying their best, and that sometimes keeping a promise is the absolute worst thing you can do for someone.
Now, I will say that, like a lot of books just in ge This was my very favorite book as a child, and continues to be at the very top of my list today I can t believe I never added it to my GoodReads list until just now, as I dug it up to put in our library s Librarians Favorite books display for National Library Week I identified very much with Jessica in this book, trying to keep my best friend who was slipping away into the popular crowd, like Tracy, while at the same time, always wanting to be friends with everyone Also, it was a clue into the fact that not all kids were as lucky as me, to have a great home life with two loving parents and simple things like light, heat and food there were many kids out there like Daphne To this day, I think of this book often It displayed bullying and all of its evils and also displayed why those kids who are bullied are often than not the kids most worth This was my first real experience reading something that dealt with class differences, in addition to social groups in middle school It never occurred to me in my private school bubble that kids would go to bed hungry, or not have heat and hot water, or not have a competent adult in their life to protect them and see to it that all of their needs were met And it was presented in a really gentle way as a reader, you learn about class differences along with the main character.

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