Download Epub Format é Eclipse (A Song Called Youth, Book 1) PDF by ☆ John Shirley

Download Epub Format é Eclipse (A Song Called Youth, Book 1) PDF by ☆ John Shirley Book One Of John Shirley S Pre Holocaust Series, A Song Called Like Many Works Defining The Wild Cyberpunk Fringe In The S, This Depiction Of A Near Future Dystopia, Here Revised And Updated Since Its Debut, Seems Almost Acceptably Mainstream Today But Shirley S Spiky Prose And Edgy Attitudes, Which Lately Have Cultivated A Following Among Horror Readers Wetbones Really, Really, Really, Really Weird Stories , Still Hook The Reader S Attention Tapping Anxieties About Rising Global Nationalism, Shirley Presents A Goya Esque Vision Of War Torn Western Europe, Bombed Out And Unstable In The Early Years Of The St Century From A Resurgence Of Russian Militarism And The Collapse Of NATO The Second Alliance, A Government Sanctioned Multinational Police Force, Has Rushed In To Restore Order And Revealed Itself A Nightmarish Incarnation Of Every Fascist And Fundamentalist Power Fantasy The Only Defense Against The Alliance S Creeping Totalitarianism Is The New Resistance, A Polyglot Pick Up Team Of Rebels That Includes Rick Rickenharp, A Tripping Retro Guitarist Whose Artistic And Political Sensibilities Are Sinuously Intertwined, And John Swenson, A Mole Whose Soul Is Blackened Through His Infiltration Of The Alliance Stitched Together From Vivid Swatches Of Action And Intrigue Alternating Kaleidoscopically Between Earth Sites And The Orbiting FirStep Space Colony, The Novel Offers A Thrashy Punk Riff On Science Fiction S Familiar Future War Scenario And Lays A Solid Foundation For The Subsequent Volumes Of Shirley S A Song Called Youth Trilogy I have been finishing book two and three of John Shirley s brilliant Eclipse trilogy Also known as the Song called Youth books It is an excellent set of books telling the same story all in a very slightly different style from the last The third book for example seems to a bit gritty than the first two.
You should read them written in the mid to late 80 s it foresees the rise of corporate war profiteers and racist neo conservatives Excellent story and great characters, great Sci Fi war war three novel.
John Shirley s first volume in his A Song Called Youth trilogy is rip roaring, plausible than entirely comfortable, and limned to such usually omitted concerns as starvation, other hungers, and the way caprice can cause an event which shifts the whole narrative of your life, of the whole nation state, perhaps the whole Planet Earth we re all stuck on.
How he keeps it all straight moving is astonishing don t be too sure which characters you identify with are going to make it, cause, for sure, the unyielding nature of Death no idle prankster, as Thomas Pynchon noted, in his introduction to his friend Richard Fari a s novel Been Down So Long, It Looks Like Up to Me is one of the main lessons of this trip You do cry, you do miss these people, and still you taste well, this is the first book in a long long time that I could easily put down every night I mean, I literally fell asleep reading this times than I could count.
I think it is interesting that everyone is rediscovering this early cyberpunk work It really does have a timeless appeal with the ideas and concepts, although a couple of the recent updates edits ring hollow in odd ways the mentioning of Blackwater in one discussion of security contractors, for example all the characters and elements of an excellent cyberpunk thriller are there, but they just aren t put together right The pace is a staccato of forward movement interspersed with religious world building, diatribes, and inner conflicts With fewer characters, perhaps the internal discussions would have been compelling of maybe just slightly less fascism is terrible because sections.
I am undecided about the next I found this off a list of cyberpunk books back in the late 80s This is the first of a 3 part epic telling the story of the rise of fascist powers in post WWIII Europe It reminds me a great deal of the new Battlestar Galactica series in tone and pacing This is one of those books I reread every few years and will never not own a copy of it.
Simply a stunning, underrated masterpiece This is the first volume of a trilogy Reading it now is amazing Shirley s world of drone technology, a Europe decimated by the economic policies of the US and China, and a lunatic,fundamentalist Christian running America was scary to me, but gee, here we are in 2012 The characters are well drawn, the world they live in is brutal, and heroes trust in rock and roll Gotta read it.
A cyberpunk novel about an ongoing WW3 written in the mid 1980s, marred by the author updating it in this late 90s edition Would rate higher if the typesetting proofreading weren t the worst I ve ever seen in a professionally published novel.
The review by Outis is fairly accurate However, in the end I found the ending was exciting and satisfying enough to rescue the book.
I think the author somewhere described the book as not cyberpunk Well, it certainly has mainly elements of cyberpunk dystopia, a huge corporation ruling the world from behind the scenes, not so distant future scifi, etc no matrix though Anyways, it is true that the ambiance is altered by the war ravaged world.
The best thing about this book are the characters Some have excellent depth and grit, such as Hard Eyes, Smoke, Rickenharp, Steinfeld I found the chapters involving these characters went fast You ll become attached to these characters and sad to see some of them go.
The other chapters, especially the ones on Firstep, were kind of boring.
These often had characters that are either too over the top and wei I ve unfortunately read the updated version More about its wrongness lower.
This is actually an interesting book, with much to recommend it But for my taste the wrong outweighs the good.
Though that s hard to tell on account of its self indulgent meanderings, this book seems to be merely the first part of a long tale, not a complete book that s part of a series basically goes nowhere, way too much setup, red herrings and so forth I don t like.
I reckon it might have been awesome when it was released but I don t think it aged well since I ve only read the updated version, I can only guess.
So the good mainly, it s an unconventional genre story Daring and unpredictable Sometimes funny Some good scenes and descriptions Also, it s got nice fascists I can suspend disbelief about the higher ranks if not about the troops and that makes them satisfyingly creepy.
And now the bad The macho antifa fa I read a used 1987 Warner books used version with copy write 1985 John Shirley created a vivid world that appears to be a post apocalyptic and in the throws of a limited nuclear world war As always, it is fascinating to see what great minds like John Shirley foresaw for the future back in the pre internet 1980 s The rise of a new, small f fascism is prophetic, but the circumstances regarding its reemergence were dramatic than the mundane race to the bottom we see today Christian fanaticism was just beginning to be an issue back then and Handmaiden s tale was another dystopian novel published in the same year He foresaw surveillance drones before they were a real thing He also predicted the rise of contractors as law enforcement and security in war zones and I don t recall them really existing much before the o

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