ì Read õ El Sid: Saint Vicious by David Dalton ì chorvatsko.pro

ì Read õ El Sid: Saint Vicious by David Dalton ì A lot of this was questionable Other sources have vastly different recounts of Sid Vicious life.
eh Got this in one of those closeout bookstores for a couple bucks Plowed through it in a couple days And came away from it with not much I hadn t already heard or read before.

One of those books where you feel like the author is writing to amuse himself and has stopped paying attention to the reader.
I think this succeeded in getting my short lived Sex Pistols obsession out of my system.
A Thinking Man S Monograph Of Sid Vicious, The Weedy, Goofy, Gullible, Psychopathic Member Of Punk S Penultimate Group, The Sex Pistols, El Sid Offers A Rare, Sympathetic Look At This Man Made Man Part Creature Of Illusion, Part Real Life Nihilist, Who Was A Nobody At , World Famous At , And Dead At

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