Download Epub Format ↠´ Feast: Food to Celebrate Life PDF by ✓ Nigella Lawson

Download Epub Format ↠´ Feast: Food to Celebrate Life PDF by ✓ Nigella Lawson I wanted to like this but other than the instructions on preparing goose I felt I did not go away with cooking knowledge or a strong desire to cook which are two of main reasons for reading cookbooks.
I am a long time fan of Nigella Lawson One night I could not sleep so I turned on the tv and there she was at 2 AM making up the most delicious pot of mashed potatos with nutmeg and refering to them as comfort food Between the jazz music food visuals and charm of that domestic goddess I got up and made myself a pot of mashed potatos and ate the whole thing then promptly went to sleep Just laugh Anyhow I have been a fan ever since I have a Kindle and what I love that they have done w this cookbook is sell particular chapters separately I bought the Chocolate Hall of Fame It is chock full of lovely chocolate cake receipes I love how she explains how to make each creation like she is talking to a girlfriend in the kitchen with her own brand of Nigella slang The receipes ARE FATTENING Bu Nigella Lawson, Gourmet Magazine S It Girl, New York Times Dining In Columnist, And Bestselling Cookbook Author, Is Celebrating Life And You Re Invited Feast, Nigella S Most Festive Book Yet, Offers Savory, Spicy, And Delicious Recipes For Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, Eid, New Year S, Passover, Easter Gatherings, And Any Time You Want To Celebrate Food And Life This Book Is Filled With Festive Recipes, And In It, Nigella Offers Tips, Tricks, And Shortcuts That Will Ensure You Dine With Ease, Style, And Fun Feast Also Includes Some Surprising Gems, Like Nigella S Chocolate Cake Hall Of Fame, And Her Best Cheeseburger And Like Her Other Cookbooks, Feast Is A Cookbook That Will Be Treasured All Year Long I dearly loved this book It is part memoir and mostly cookbook I read about it in another book and bought it specifically because of the funeral feast It was this quote that got me The thing to remember in either case is never to burden the bereaved with a question Don t ask what they d like you to get or what they might want to eat Decisions are impossible you have to do it, and do it without drawing attention to the act I remember a friend of mine leaving some bags of shopping from the supermarket for me once She hadn t told me she was going, she hadn t asked what I had needed she just left the bags outside the side door with a short note It was one of the kindest things anyone could have done Of course, there are all manner of feasts in th I picked up this book to cheer myself up a bit at the end of the winter season Little did I know that I d be finishing it during a Blizzard.
Anyway, mission accomplished I am inspired and reinvigorated I love this book because it is multi ethnic and multi religious and covers all of the major feasts.
I, of course, found a couple of recipes to try You will as well.
Highly recommended.
ahhhh Nigella her books are exactly like watching her on her shows there is no one quite like her She has been a very reliable cooking mentor to me over the years I have a handful of Nigella s recipes that I use quite regularly for example, I make her her One Pan Chicken and Sausage Bake with lemon and sage at LEAST once a month and have done so for the past 5 years my family never grows tired of it This book was such a great read I spent the entire weekend reading it and enjoyed every minute of it My library edition had several pages torn out of it which annoyed me to no end but I still ended up with at least 12 recipes that I need to try so it was a worthwhile readand most comforting.
I devoured this book from cover to coverand now I m hungry and I ve developed a gloriously odd English accent Here s my complete review I love Nigella Lawson This book has a plethora of recipes for any feast or gathering you are planning from Christmas to Thanksgiving, weddings to funerals Rarely does she use ingredients that can t be found at your local or small town grocery store And there is an entire chapter on chocolate cakes Nigella s voice is so snarky that I laughed throughout the book I love her lack of self importance what other celebrity food writer because she insists that she is not a chef would allow photos of her lopsided cakes and imperfect dinner rolls A book worth owning, to cook from and to read,

I received this book as a gift a while back, skimmed it, made a couple of recipes and was unimpressed , and set it aside I finally got around to reading it and it is interesting The focus is on event cooking, in the sense that the book is divided into sections on holidays mostly Christian and Jewish, plus Eid, Thanksgiving and Halloween although there is a much greater range of dishes represented , major events weddings, funerals, etc as well as minor ones cocktail parties, first time cooking for a new S O, food to make when coming home from a night of drinking, et al There are also a few regional feasts Venetian, Georgian, etc Dishes range from very swanky e.
g Champagne Risotto to super lowbrow e.
g split pea and frankfurter soup The writing is witty and easy to follow you can tell why she s a successful TV personality , and the dishes tend to be ones that, while they may look prett My wife saw the tail end of Nigella s Christmas Special on TV and was entranced I was detailed to go pick up the book at Waterstone s when I went in to town the next day I had never read any of her stuff deep rooted suspicions about celebrity chefs but I have to admit it s very good The recipes make sense, and she writes in a clear and amusing style.
We followed her advice on roasting our turkey and making the gravy, and the general consensus was that it was probably our best yet in both departments We also used her recipe for Brussels sprouts with chestnuts, pancetta and Marsala We didn t have any pancetta, so substituted ordinary bacon, but it still came out pretty well Jonathan refused to try any, on the grounds that it was weird, but everyone else thought it was delicious We ll do this again.
The only place where we departed completely from her advice was on the roast pot

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