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Æ Read Æ Gehenna: the Final Night by Ari Marmell ↠´ a quick read and study requires outside knowlege of the World of Darkness.
A Race Against Armageddon For Millennia, Vampires Have Fed On The Living, Hidden In The Shadows Of Mortal Society Legends Say The Undead Descend From Caine, The First Murderer Portrayed In The Bible, Who Passed On His Curse Through His Blood Those Same Legends Speak Of A Final Reckoning, When Caine And His Mad Children Will Rise From Slumber And Consume All The Undead Vampires Call This Time Gehenna For The Vampire Beckett, A Researcher Among The Undead, It Means One Last Shot At Understanding The Mysteries Of The Get Of Caine And At Outrunning His Own Sins Vampire Gehenna, The Final Night Is The First Act Of The Time Of Judgment, Telling The Story Of A Wide Ranging Armageddon Among The Supernatural Entities Of The World Of Darkness Full review here the best of the trilogy I recommend this and the second book to anyone who enjoyed the games, and even to those few who are willing to work with contectual clues to figure out what they ve missed to get into a good world ender.
This book gives different options for what Gehenna really means, each option being just as valid and as well thought out as the last It is well written, well thought out, and worth your time.

White Wolf had a winner here, the whole World of Darkness platform, those that go bump into the night are given new origins, divided into two factions Camarilla and Sabbath, these factions are made up of 13 clans Ventrue, Toreador, Nosferatu and etcetera for the Camarilla, For the Sabbath we have Salubri, Lasombra, Tsimiczse and etcetera each, so 26 clans in all, oh wait these were just the Vampires, the king of the undead, excludes the werewolfs, ghosts and mummies, they had so many for me stories to tell, so much lore and then just like the story, the whole company just vanished.
A beautiful world to traipse around, not just your ordinary run of the mill vampires, we had vampires that dabble with magic blood of course , techno savvy Vampires, Political ones, just like their prey the human race, each has their own legends, and so we ta read it as a supplement to the Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines videogame It tied up some loose ends really well and while I m not really a World of Darkness aficionado yet , I d easily recommend it to anyone looking for that post Bloodlines V TM fix.
Oh, and it s of a FAR better quality than most videogame PnP tie in novels out there.

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