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[ Read Online Heidi Ö books-about-books PDF ] by Deidre S. Laiken à Heidi, Of The Majestic Swiss Alps, Finds Beauty And Wisdom In Nature Living In Isolation With Grandfather And Two Goats, She Develops A Special Feeling For The Plants And Animals In Their Hills And Valleys Her Life Changes When She Is Urged To Study In A City She Befriends An Invalid Girl But Is Homesick For Her Mountain Life Adventures In Her Alpine Home And With City Friends Will Warm Your HeartThis Was Published As A Series Of Novels By Johanna Spyri In I did not like this book very much In my opinion, I thought that it was a bore I do not know if the full version would is better, but it probably would be There were some good things about the book I like how the author showed that young kids can make a difference in people s lives I like how the author used a Heidi, a little girl, to change other people s point of views in life I wish that the author had put plot into the story, or at least the shortened version It would make a improved story Some of the things about the story were realistic Children can really bring joy to other lives, but I do not think that the mountain air can cure a person of their illness Overall, this book was not one of the best of the Great Illustrated Classics.
I read this I have no idea of the actual dates, I am just using a date that is around the time we were there knowing no one and I was buried in books I think for the first time around the time I went into the 5th grade we moved to my Grandparent s when I was starting the 5th grade, and we were there for the summer with no friends and they had a bunch of books that had been my Mom s and so I blew through them all and possibly read it a couple times again I don t remember much about it as I didn t really like it that much My head was filled with Trixie Belden and nonfiction biographies the library in our new town was MUCH bigger than the one I was used to and had a huge NF section in the kids department and I was starting to read the Readers Digest Condensed books as well and so books that were geared to my actual age bracket were barely toler

Not impressed with this adaptation So much was cut out or CHANGED in the story Stick with the full version But do know the translations do differ in the full versions as well We had three translations discussed at book club and I was very surprising that we even noticed anything different Seemed like only minor things but still I wish I had read this book as a girl I would have loved it

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