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[Monica Furlong] Ö A Year and a Day [google PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ I really liked to read about this spoiled girl growth to a serious woman.
After suffering a bit from book ADD you know, you pick book after book from your shelf and nothing is quite right I figured the safest path for reading satisfaction was to pick up an old favorite That s how I found my way to Juniper, one of my first young adult books, first experienced when I was in middle school which, I m beginning to realize, was a pretty long time ago It tells the story of a young girl named, Ninnoc, only child of King Mark of Cornwall Ninnoc starts off the story living a privileged existence, and is a little spoiled as a result She s sent away to live with Euny, a wise woman, for A Year and a Day, to learn how become a doran, sort of a white earth witch When she returns to her home, she discovers that an evil sorceress is threatening the lives of her family and country It will take all of her bravery By atmospheric the blurb writer means subtle Just as lovely as Wise Child Either could be read first, tbh Perfect for young girls who are wondering about the Pagan religion, but not anti Christian at all Women have their own strengths, their own perspectives and their own initiations and apprenticeships Science and magic, struggles and joy, life and death are all necessary parts of the whole and health means balance.
Not that Furlong actually said anything of that She just tells a story.
This is the best book in the whole world It was the best book in the world when I read it 119732933014 times as a child, and it is the best book in the world today after not having read it since at least half my life ago I loved it every bit as much as I did when I was young it was easy to see why I read it so often, and the ways in which it shaped me as a human being Reading it again gave me chills in all the right places I may have to just read it again every few weeks like I used to These books are really comforting.

I loved Juniper than Wise Child when I was little, perhaps because Juniper is a book about a princess and I was a girl who liked princesses But also, Juniper s petulance is much understandable than Wise Child s, because it s much harder to be Euny s student Well, it s difficult to learn from Zen masters at least Euny never hits Juniper.
Furlong s writing is quite richly allusive, the gestures are effective at suggesting a world beyond the one on the page I don t quite know why these books aren t as widely read as The Dark is Rising books is it because they are about girls and because almost nothing happens in them , or at least, not as widely discussed as those books are Because I think that a lot of the stuff Cooper gets praised for doing, Furlong is actually better at The books are very grounded, very embedded in their vision of the characters and what In Juniper van Monica Furlong volgen we het verhaal van Ninnoc Ze is de dochter van koning Mark en dus kan ze doen en laten wat ze wil Tot haar vader haar naar Euny stuurt Euny is Ninnocs meter en een doran, een wijze vrouw die magische krachten bezit Het doel van haar verblijf bij Euny is simpel ze moet tot doran worden opgeleid Maar waarom wordt ze opeens naar Euny gestuurd om tot doran opgeleid te worden Waarom krijgt ze daar de naam Juniper toegewezen Waarom juist voor de periode van een jaar en een dag Welke uitdagingen staan haar te wachten wanneer ze terugkeert naar huis En wat heeft haar tante ermee te maken Ik lees graag boeken uit het fantasy genre Harry Potter, De Hobbit ik lees ze allemaal graag Dus toen ik op de achterflap de woorden magische krachten en heks zag staan, werd ik nieuwsgierig De magische componenten komen eigenlijk vrij subtiel aan bod E I really like Juniper s point of view I read this before Wise ChildI wonder if that matters Gorgeous book When I read it as a kid, it blew me away I d had no idea that a book could give one such a magical experience This was one of the definitive reads of my childhood and one of my first exposures to the fantasy genre.
This Prequel To Wise Child Recounts The Childhood And Spiritual Initiation Of Juniper, Who Will In Turn Pass Down The Secret Teachings Of The Dorans To Wise Child Readers Will Again Enjoy The Details Of Herb Gathering, Spell Casting And Mystic Rituals An Atmospheric Story That Will Both Satisfy Confirmed Fantasy Fans And Involve Readers New To The Genre Bulletin, Center For Children S books

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