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[Henning Mankell] Þ Kennedys hjärna [zambia PDF] Ebook Epub Download ì Henning Mankell is perhaps best known for his detective stories set in the south of Sweden, featuring detective Karl Wallander This is also a detective novel of sorts, but the protagonist is not a professional detective, but a middle aged archaeologist, Louise Cantor, whose expertise has hitherto been confined to solving riddles of the distant past I found the story very reminiscent of The Constant Gardener by John le Carre, in that it deals with murders linked to multinational pharmaceutical companies, and the action moves from Greece, to Sweden, to Spain to Australia to Mocambique and back again Australia is the only country visited only once Mankell does a very good job of building up a sense of mystery, followed by a sense of menace, in the early chapters, but unfortunately the story tends to fall apart towards the end, on the second visit to Mocambique, whic Internationally Bestselling Novelist Henning Mankell Delivers A Terrifying Thriller Inspired By The Tragedy Of The AIDS Epidemic In Africa Henning Mankell, The Acclaimed Author Of The Kurt Wallander Mysteries, Has Put His Unmistakable Stamp On This Gripping New Thriller Archaeologist Louise Cantor Returns Home To Sweden And Makes A Devastating Discovery Her Only Child, Twenty Eight Year Old Henrik, Dead In His Bed The Police Rule His Death A Suicide But She Knows He Was Murdered Her Quest To Find Out What Really Happened To Henrik Takes Her Across The Globe To Barcelona, Where Her Son Kept A Secret Apartment Sydney, Australia, To Find Aron, Her Estranged Ex Husband And Henrik S Father And To Maputo, Mozambique, Where She Learns The Awful Truth Behind An AIDS Hospice Her Investigation Reveals How Much Her Son Concealed From Her As She Uncovers The Links Between His Death, The African AIDS Epidemic, And Western Pharmaceutical Interests, While Those Who Dare Help Her Are Killed Off In The Tradition Of John Le Carre S The Constant Gardener, Kennedy S Brain Was Inspired By Mankell S Anger At Ongoing Inequities That Permit A Few People To Have Unprecedented Power Over The Many Poor Africans Who Have None Already A Bestseller In Europe, Kennedy S Brain Is Both A Thrilling Page Turner And A Damning Indictment Of Inhuman Greed In The Face Of The African AIDS Crisis Drats I really thought I was going to like this book It started off so well Interesting plot, strong female character, Scandinavian settingbut alas it jumped all over the place I was feeling jet lag from my reading chair Let s see, Sweden, Greece, Portugal or was it Spain, Africa, back to Sweden, and again to Greece How was she able to get a visa, I queried at one point I did enjoy the woman s father I could visualize that cold winter and the stark trees everytime she called him from whereever.
J ai beaucoup aim ce livre, il a certes quelques d fauts de longueur dans le r cit Mais j ai aim le style le personnage de louise Louise d couvre son fils mort, commence alors une enqu te et une qu te pour elle Entre les retrouvailles avec son ex mari et les d couvertes sur la vie de son fils Et sa confrontation avec un monde qui lui semble inconnu Qui tait il vraiment A t il d couvert quelque chose ou une part sombre de lui l a amen se suicider Louise voit elle le mal partout , o se cache t il vraiment une machination effroyable derri re des gens qui pr tendent faire le bien.
Le titre du livre est tr s bien choisi, on comprend que ce n est pas dans l histoire le lien avec Kennedy mais plut t le sens de cacher la v rit dans les deux cas.
Quotes Un t Most of us know Henning Mankell from his spectacularly successful series of murder mysteries featuring a grumpy and aging, but respected Swedish police inspector, Kurt Wallander When I learned Henning Mankell spent half his time in Africa, and half at home in Sweden, I didn t know what to expect of his Africa novels I knew his writing wasn t anything like that of Alexander McCall Smith, whose charming mysteries are likely to plumb the depths of a philosophical question rather than a gruesome murder In Kennedy s Brain we are treated to a literary polemic reminiscent of John LeCarre s The Constant Gardener, which raged against the excesses and greed of capitalist pharmaceutical companies operating in Africa.
The story, of unregulated drug trials on healthy and sick Africans, ostensibly in search of a cure for AIDs, may suffer a bit in the telling but the To be fair, I may have misjudged this book because it was an ARC that had numerous errors than I ve ever noticed in an ARC My guess is that by the time it came out in print, some of the translation had also been smoothed out.
The story is interesting enough, involving a grieving archeologist mother a mysterious,dead son a number of possibly good possibly evil characters who are involved in the AIDS crisis in Africa a subplot of what happened to JFK s brain when he was killed, and how might human brains be studied in order to decode the future So plenty of plot complications.
The book was just similar enough to John Le Carre s THE CONSTANT GARDENER that it kept falling short The characters were not as deeply 300 0327 pages in and I still was not sure why I should care or if I even wanted to know the outcome This was by far the most boring, non engsging mystery I ha Ave ever read If you want to journey with a mother in her guilt trip without any real reason to find out why the dead is dead read this If you want a gripping, can t put it down book don t read this one

I agree with many of the comments shared by other readers This is a vehicle for Mankell s issues about AIDS, Africa and the mighty pharmaceuticals rather than a believable novel I like other readers am a fan of the Wallander novels which I believe to be well written and plotted with a convincing cast of characters and a strongly realised protagonist in Inspector Kurt Wallender, however I have now read several of Mankell s other novels and have had similar feelings about them Somehow his beliefs don t translate well into his story telling Unlike the masterly John Le Carte Mankell appears to be unable to work with this material within the confines of a believable novel This story appears clumsily translated but may just be laboure This book takes the reader on a worldwide adventure between archeological digs in Greece, to the sculpture laden, snow covered forests of northern Sweden, to the parrot covered coast of Australia and the city streets of Barcelona, where a mother is in search of finding out the truth behind her son s suicide Eventually, the journey culminates in Mozambique where terrible realities surface pertaining to the spread of AIDS and highly suspect treatment of it s African people.
This book brings to surface the question of how much we really know about the people closest to us The descriptions of the atrocities committed on the citizens and apes are so horrifically detailed and so well written that it really makes you wonder how much of it is based in reality.
All in all, it was a great book It did start out a little slow, but definitely got exc

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