Trailer Ú Maitreyi PDF by Ú Mircea Eliade

Trailer Ú Maitreyi PDF by Ú Mircea Eliade O carte frumoas , dar prea zaharisit.
Exotismul, misticismul i puritatea acestui roman par s fie argumente care nu pot fi negate pentru ideea c dragostea exist mai presus de orice altceva Finalul deschis al romanul d motiv de g ndire oric rui cititor sceptic fa de puterea iubiriii dac n ar fi dec t o p c leal a dragostei mele De ce s cred De unde s tiu A vrea s privesc ochii Maitreyiei An absolutely fabulous love story beetwen different worlds, but essentialy the sameThe atmoshere is fantasticyou can smell the parfurmes, can taste the flavours, can feel that delicate sari can even think in that specific way.
that Maitreyi is used toFabulous and sweet and touching Set In S Calcutta, This Is A Roman Clef Of Remarkable Intimacy originally Published In Romanian In , This Semiautobiographical Novel By The World Renowned Scholar Mircea Eliade Details The Passionate Awakenings Of Alain, An Ambitious Young French Engineer Flush With Colonial Pride And Prejudice And Full Of A European Fascination With The Mysterious Subcontinent Offered The Hospitality Of A Senior Indian Colleague, Alain Grasps At The Chance To Discover The Authentic India Firsthand He Soon Finds Himself Enchanted By His Host S Daughter, The Lovely And Inscrutable Maitreyi, A Precocious Young Poet And Former Student Of Tagore What Follows Is A Charming, Tentative Flirtation That Soon, Against All The Proprieties And Precepts Of Indian Society, Blossoms Into A Love Affair Both Impossible And Ultimately Tragic This Erotic Passion Plays Itself Out In Alain S Thoughts Long After Its Bitter Conclusion In Hindsight He Sets Down The Story, Quoting From The Diaries Of His Disordered Days, And Trying To Make Sense Of The Sad Affair A Vibrantly Poetic Love Story, Bengal Nights Is Also A Cruel Account Of The Wreckage Left In The Wake Of A Young Man S Self Discovery At Once Horrifying And Deeply Moving, Eliade S Story Repeats The Patterns Of European Engagement With India Even As It Exposes And Condemns Them Invaluable For The Insight It Offers Into Eliade S Life And Thought, It Is A Work Of Great Intellectual And Emotional Power Bengal Nights Is Forceful And Harshly Poignant, Written With A Great Love Of India Informed By Clear Eyed Understanding But Do Not Open It If You Prefer To Remain Unmoved By Your Reading MatterIt Is Enough To Make Stones Weep Literary ReviewMircea Eliade Was The Sewell L Avery Distinguished Service Professor In The Divinity School And The Committee On Social Thought At The University Of Chicago Many Of His Scholarly Works, As Well As His Two Volume Autobiography And Four Volume Journal, Are Published By The University Of Chicago Press Translated Into French In , Bengal Nights Was An Immediate Critical Success The Film, Les Nuits Bengali, Appeared In Eliade este scriitorul meu roman preferat.
I love it and I hate it at the same time, if that is at all possible I just finished reading it for the second time and, I don t really remember anything like this after reading it the first time, but it hit something inside me, wherever and whatever that is, and a very weird combination of feelings surfaced I suppose Eliade succeeded in making the reader, or at least me, feel as close as possible to what he must have felt back then, if not towards Maitreyi, at least towards the book itself Being able to penetrate to its core this, obviously touching and disturbing at the same time, story, I find myself judging him a lot for his stupid actions and his lack of judgment, but I do not know how different would I have reacted if it all happened to me I feel pitty for the human race, for all the stupidity that it bears with so much pride and arrogance, for the immense amount of pain an Dup a doua ncercare de a citi cartea i am descoperit latura pasional , senzorial i n sf r it sf ietoare a iubirii M a zdruncinat, c ci mi e greu s renun la iubiri puternice A avut i momente n care p reau de necrezut vorbele, sentimentele dar raportate la trecutul celor doi i perioada respecitv , parc prind contur.
This is just pure trash that I wish I didn t have to read for school and that it wasn t presented as the greatest love story Romania s ever damned seen Here s the plot Allan is a fetishist pig that mystifies India, abuses his power as an older man and manipulates and inexperienced 16 year old to fall in love with him and wishes she would get raped so that she could be only his after she s cast out by her family , gets jealous over everything A TREE HE GETS JEALOUS OF A F G TREE , kisses her while she s crying and pushes him away, and basically spends the first half of the book thinking she s an uneducated brute because she s Indian Oh and he s the real tragedy in the end poor Allan.
And they say romance is dead.
This is Elide s erotic fantasies published without Maitreyi s consent or knowledge AND I M NOT HERE FOR IT AND THE QUOTE sanii puternici de fecioara bengaleza MADE ME W

Awful Maitreyi is awful.
Allan is OKish.
Cinci stelu e pentru informa iile despre cultura i mentalitatea indian deprinse i de asemenea pentru faptul c Eliade a fost sincer cu sine i cu cititorul De i are resurse pentru a descrie iubirea de citit Nunt n cer , un roman psihologic genial , Eliade nu s a proiectat pe sine ca un romantic nver unat, ci ca un occidental care a poposit n India i prive te via a a a cum a privit o i acas , deci niciun Maitreyi e via a mea, a muri f r d nsa , ci doar o amintire plin de melancolie neagr Eu, la c te am auzit vorbindu se despre carte, m a tept m la ceva wertherian, ceea ce n am g sit dec t pe alocuri i n varianta wertherianismului modern , atunci c nd Eliade nu mai avea bani de ig ri i se plimba de nebun nop ile pe str zi.
Da, povestea biografiei comune a celor doi e simpatic citit exclusiv , dar mie, citind cartea, nu mi s a p rut apoteotic Interesant oricum perspectiva I hate him He gets what he wants, then leaves, doing all kinds of stupid stuff because suffering for love is just so poetic and everybody just loves a sad hero Or in the beginning when he just couldn t admit what he really thought and mocked everything Indian so that he wouldn t look bad And in the end he just HAD to be such a cynic about that girl s thoughts.
I don t feel like rating this There were some things I liked but I can t remember them because I m too furious I shall rate it in the future, when I may be less subjective I just kind of hated everything about this story The language was extremely sickeningly sweet and over affected The story line was somehow good but I hated each and everyone in it narrow minded people who can only see things one way and no other, who only think of themselves and

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