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Download Epub Format é No Bones PDF by Þ Anna Burns This book tries way too hard to be messed up just for shock value, but it has no substance behind it Aside from being pervy and twisted, it s just another book about a sullen girl with a dysfunctional family.
Burns uses her experience growing up in Belfast to present an unsentimental, realistic, and troubled perspective that is bound to make readers squirm.
Northern Ireland is an enigma for many readers, with a past, present, and future understood only through sound bites and partisan scholarship WIthout apology, Burns allows readers to come to their own conclusions.
Thursday 1969The Troubles started on a Thursday At six o clock at night And seven whole days later, for Amelia was counting, she could hardly believe it, for here they were, still going on.
In the week of Anna Burns much deserved win in the 2018 Booker prize I attended an event at London s most famous bookshop Foyles, where the Man Booker winner gave a reading and was interviewed by the literary editor of the New Statesman.
In the New Statesman, simplified write up what was a key interview she is quoted as sayingIn my first book, No Bones, the critics seemed to think I was writing about a dysfunctional family to show up the dysfunctional society, but it was actually the other way round The Troubles was the backdrop and the family stuff felt important and urgent I think it s because I ve resolved something about family issues that I can now do the bigger i The debut novel from the recently anointed Booker prize winner, Anna Burns for Milkman.
Milkman has garnered praise from multiple quarters I think this success reflects an innovative writing style that champions defiance in the face of brutal times and clear injustice Anna Burns s own life back story is interesting in its own right, and a retrospective look back at Northern Ireland in the late c.
20th is compelling.
What of No Bones As a precursor to Milkman, No Bones also delivers a richly innovative fictional view of the Northern Ireland of the Troubles 1969 1994 Its every bit as hard hitting as Milkman actually so and uses a resigned matter of factness to shine a light on the awful sectarian violence in Northern Ireland As a companion to Milkman it s well worth I didn t know what to think of this book I ve given it three stars because it was compelling and at times hilarious and really well written, but it also made me very, very uncomfortable and occassionally confused and I was left completly I just don t know I really admired the writing and the author for writing it, and to treat such sensitive subject matter in such a way was bold, really bold Overall, this book was an experience, I just can t say what kind.

This book covers the Troubles in Northern Ireland from the 1960s to the 1990s It is told primarily from the perspective of one young girl who grew up in the midst of Belfast in those years I don t usually mind reading about difficult things The perspective of this book is really interesting, and eventually turns into an analysis of mental health as much as a tale of Ireland It s all of the despicable characters who eventually made me not love the book I m glad I read it, but wouldn t recommend it to friends There are just so many examples of people doing awful things to each other with little or no direct provocation plenty of past examples to follow and indirect provocation, but sometimes nothing direct at all I understand that life can be like that sometimes, but it was difficult to read page after page Overall, I would suggest reading this only if you understand that it is a DNF ed at 60%.
The lurid oversimplification of history, packed in with material that adds only to the book s shock value, had become too much to handle by this point.
I loved this I see from other reviews that this is a book which people either love or hate I certainly fall into the first category The writing style is hard there is no doubt Anna Burns makes you work as a reader but that is no bad thing Parts of the book are funny, sad, dark, and most of all painfully truthful Having grown up at the same time as Anna main character in the west of Scotland during the Troubles this just brought to life the terrible price paid by people just a short distance away in Northern Ireland.
Not one for you if you want a comfortable story but then some things are so terrible they deserve to be told no matter how uncomfortable they make us all feel.
If I d have stopped reading this half way through I d have said wow, what a blast, a fantastic new voice, brilliant black comedy about the Irish Troubles, fragments of the life of this wee sprot, this tiny girl trying to grow up amidst the kneecappings and the rubber bullets, and the chapter called Miscellany and Drift 1978 is one of the greatest things I read this year, blah blah, rave rave.
But if I started reading half way through since all these chapters are discrete there s no continual plot except to look upon Amelia through your fingers expecting the next horror to fall on her head any minute now you could easily do so I would have said this is a so called black comedy but what a mess, where it s not confused it s feeble The Shattering And Darkly Funny Debut Novel From The Author Of Milkman, Winner Of The Man Booker PrizeThis Is A Book About Feelings, Family, Sex, And Ireland But Don T Tell Amelia That She S The One Growing Up In The Mad Family, In The Mad Society, Who Doesn T Want To Know What S Going On But Things Are Going On Eight Year Olds Collecting Very Peculiar Treasure Babies Who Might Be, Or Might Not Be, Bombs Schoolgirls Bringing Guns Into Schoolyards And, Of Course, Lots Of Food And Bad, Bad SexIf Amelia Is To Live She Needs To Change Can She, Though, In A Place Where People Don T Know How To Look After Themselves, And So Wouldn T Know How To Look After One Another

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