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[William Shakespeare] à Poems [rabbits PDF] Read Online ↠´ this books are interesting please help me to open for reading at the moment I can t open and read To read as part of The Oxford Shakespeare, Histories Works to be reviewed A Song, Verses upon the Stanley Tomb at Tong, Written upon the west end thereof, On Ben Jonson, An Epitaph on Elias James, An extemporary epitaph on John Combe, a noted usurer, Another Epitaph on John Combe, Upon the King, Epitaph on Himself The Everyman S Library Pocket Poets Hardcover Series Is Popular For Its Compact Size And Reasonable Price Which Does Not Compromise Content Poems Shakespeare Contains Selections From Shakespeare S Work, Including His Sonnets, His Narrative Poems Venus And Adonis And The Rape Of Lucrece, Songs And Speeches, And An Index Of First Lines Many of the sonnets are worthy of a 5, and some get a 2 Hard to rate this one I wasn t crazy about the long poems, Venus and Adonis, and The Rape of Lucrece, although Tarquinus trying to reason himself out of raping Lucrece is pretty fascinating What win I, if I gain the thing I seek A dream, a breath, a froth of fleeting joy Who buys a minute s mirth to wail a week Or sells eternity to get a toy Beautiful.
didn t read this book specifically, but read most of his poetry and sonnets i like his works alot.
I expected to be a bit wow ed by this, in all honesty I also didn t really see the point of just taking parts of some of his plays out of context and providing them as separate Poems here Those sections are so much powerful in the context of the actual plays they stem from.
I can t review my favorite piece of literature of all time, so there.
Venus and Adonis hilarious and lyrical The Master in full flow.

This delightful little book was purchased at the Shakespeare co bookshop Anyway, this is by a group called Everyman s Library Pocket poets they do other title books such as Blake, Byron, Coleridge, Rossetti etc It contains most of Shakespeare s sonnets, extracts from longer poems, songs from the plays and soliloquies from plays also This is such a cute little book to own, with it s own gold ribbon bookmark to complete its look The content is easy to read and very enjoyable if you like Shakespeare and perhaps want to not read whole plays, just viewing famous extracts and some of Shakespeare s other praised works like his poems.
The poetical works of Shakespeare are two long narrative poems, 154 sonnets and a few random shorter pieces The narrative Poems have a habit of never saying something in a line that they could say in three, but even so The Rape of Lucrece is quite worth reading Because the sonnet is a fairly condensed form, I always thought 154 sonnets would be fairly easy to get through For the record, 154 is a lot of sonnets.

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