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↠´ Read ï Περὶ ποιητικῆς by Aristotle î Richard Janko S Acclaimed Translation Of Aristotle S Poetics Is Accompanied By The Most Comprehensive Commentary Available In English That Does Not Presume Knowledge Of The original Greek Two Other Unique Features Are Janko S Translations With Notes Of Both The Tractatus Coislinianus, Which Is Argued To Be A Summary Of The Lost Second Book Of The Poetics, And Fragments Of Aristotle S Dialogue On Poets, Including Recently Discovered Texts About Catharsis, Which Appear In English For The First Time 26.
During the golden age of ancient Greece bards roamed the countryside mesmerizing crowds by reciting the epics of Homer Thousands of men and women gathered and were moved to tears by tragedies performed outside in amphitheaters during sacred festivals Such an amazingly powerful and profound experience for an entire population What was going on here why were people so deeply affected Well, one of the sharpest, most analytic minds in the history of the West set himself the task of answering just this question his name was Aristotle.
Indeed, Aristotle s Poetics is one of the greatest philosophical works ever written For over two thousand years, philosophers, scholars and thinkers have been pouring over each phrase and sentence of the master s words as if they were nuggets of gold There are enough commentaries to fill several thick volumes in a university library Quite someth

Had to study this one by Aristotle in the post graduation syllabus That time, we could not go beyond the walls of our academic requirements When the studies came to an official end, the free exploration began and that was the period I not only read but also pondered, enjoyed and relished in the text It opens up a whole new world in front of the readers who take an interest in literature Poetics is one of the best attempts at critical theories and it s also the base on which some great literary works have been standing for centuries I just reluctantly gave my copy of Aristotle s Poetics to my son, who recently discovered drama It is earmarked and highlighted and it guided me through university, telling me what I needed to know about tragedy and its core elements, such as unity of time, place and action.
The reason we started talking about drama was that my son didn t particularly like Emilia Galotti, Lessing s B rgerliche Trag die , and we talked about the strange code of honour that made a father kill his daughter to save her virtue What s progressive about that my son asked furiously, and I found myself in the bizarre position to defend patriarchy and its flawed moral codes, by saying that it was modern back then to let a girl die tragically without being a princess or a queen.
My son raised his eyebrows, and I sensed the lack of logic So it was progressive that women of ALL classes

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