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[Elizabeth Hand] ↠´ Pursuit (Star Wars: Boba Fett, Book 6) [eastern-philosophy PDF] Read Online ò A relatively good, but very predictable conclusion to the Boba Fett series One can already guess the result of the battle between the bounty hunter and Mace Windu even without reading the conclusion.
Also, it is rather disappointing that the story with finding Wat Tambor did not continue One could only guess what Boba Fett would have to explain to Jabba the Hutt.
First of all I love Boba Fett I tried to get my hamds on everything to do with the galaxies most notorious and best bounty hunter The books are for a younger group but I really loved it The writing is exciting and I got hooked so bad I read them all in 3 days.
Boba s Attempt to Avenge His FatherThis is the exciting conclusion to the young Boba Fett series Boba is now a young man and has to escape from War Tambor s citadel of death.
Note possible spoilers.
Along the way, Asajj Ventress shows up Boba has a run in with Anakin Skywalker a highlight of the book , and decides to try and kill Mace Windu An action packed ending to a great series.

Overall 4 10Pro meeting Anakin, the face off with Mace Windu, and the meeting with Palpatine are all cool additions that really help you to understand Boba s future so much betterCon The story was discombobulated however view spoiler The build up for taking down Wat Tambor in the last book made no sense when Boba never found him hide spoiler Boba Fett is one of the most awesome Star Wars characters out there, but in this story he seemed kinda childish.
There is a good space battle in it and a good fight scene too Even though it is no longer canon, it s still a good story.
It s not terrible but a lot of inconsistencies with Star Wars lore Boba s head and arms should have been chopped off for example And of course the outcome was already known Mace survives to Revenge of the Sith.
What a wreck of a novel It picks up from the events in A New Threat and keeps going, but there doesn t seem to be any coherence as to where the story is going We get a little bit of Boba, a bit of Anakin, a touch of Dooku and Palpatine, and some Coruscant, tied in with the two main threads that have been woven into the series Boba s vendetta against Mace Windu and his knowledge of Tyranus and Dooku being the same person are just written off without complication Plus, the main plot of the last two books, that of capturing Wat Tambor, is also dismissed It s anticlimactic, and problematic in other ways.
Boba talks to himself a lot, which seems like a horrible trait for a bounty hunter to have I get why it s there, narratively so the reader can know what he s thinking , but The Galaxy S Most Famous And Infamous Bounty Hunter Faces His Toughest Challenge Yet Boba Fett Is In Danger He S Been Captured By His Enemies, His Life Nearly Forfeit His Job For Jabba The Hutt Is Far From Done Things Are Looking Grim But Boba Fett Didn T Become The Most Famous Bounty Hunter In The Galaxy Through Defeat Now He Must Turn The Tables And Come Out On Top To Ensure His Infamous Future Ever since Jr High I ve always wanted to see a confrontation of Mace Windu and Boba Fett If you don t remember Mace Windu killed Jango Fett, Boba Fetts father Out of all the books in the series I m sad to give this last book the lowest marks, as it was very inconsistent There were many parts especially regarding his Mandolorian helmet that didn t fit with prior chapters Such as, he left his helmet on Slave I so Anakin would not recognize him then he left the ship and a space slug came out of nowhere and he just happened to have his helmet on his person Or when he did a passerby of Mace Windu with his helmet on the same helmet Jango wore when Mace killed him probably shouldn t have worked.
Anyway I spent a lot of time going back in to book to see if stuff was true and it just never added up Still it was an entertaining book as in ther This was fully predictable since Boba s personal mission was to take down Mace Windu We knew Mace wouldn t die in a children s side story plus there was ROTS and we knew Mace wasn t going to kill Boba It was also predictable that when Boba talked to Palpatine that the leader would manage to lure Boba in with promises of money The interesting part was the beginning, when Boba heals from the toxins from book 5 and tracks Wat Tambor off Xagobah He then runs into trouble in the guise of Asajj Ventress, who is protecting Tambor Boba gets help with his failing ship from Anakin who then provides him with the credentials to get to Coruscant to talk to Palpatine I m on the fence as to whether I like Anakin talking with Boba on one hand, it s just weird and was a somewhat lame way to get a big name Jedi in the kid s book On another ha

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