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[ Read Online Rosslyn í plus-size PDF ] by Andrew Sinclair É The Flamboyant Gothic Church Became A Third Temple Of Solomon For The Knights Templar, Under The Patronage Of The St Clairs Of Rosslyn In The Eighteenth Century The Templars Supported The Jacobite Cause, And After The Final Defeat At Culloden, Moved Their Radical Scots Lodges To America And France, Where They Played A Powerful Part In The Revolutions In Both Countries This Book Offers An Enthralling Trail Through The Rich Tapestry Of Events Witnessed By Rosslyn Over The Centuries Andrew Sinclair, Himself Descended From Prince Henry St Clair, Who Could Have Taken The Templar Treasure From The original Vaults Beneath Rosslyn Chapel To The Medieval Newport Tower, Rhode Island, Explores And Sometimes Explodes The Many Myths And Misinterpretations That Have Grown Up Around Rosslyn, As The Fortunes Of The Sinclair Family Declined And The Church And Castle Fell Into Ruin

An academic work written with concise first hand knowledge of one of the great mysteries of all time regarding the Templar Knights and their treasure and the secrets of Rosslyn Chapel which featured in the Da Vinci code.
The author is a kinsman of the Sinclairs who may well have in the past absconded with a vast fortune taken by the Templars, of whom the Sinclairs were closely connected, and so the account need be taken with a pinch of salt, since the treasure s whereabouts have never been revealed, or otherwise disguised.
With matters of the occult nothing is ever as it seems.

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