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Ý Read Ì Ruby (Landry, #1) by V.C. Andrews â Ruby Laudry Dumas s life was based on nothing but lies after lies She was raised by her Cajun grandmere who had special healing powers and lived across the swamp from her drunk grandpere Life was ordinary for her and her grandpmere, weaving fabrics for travelers to earn money and Ruby s painting talent, which Grandmere predicted was going to take her far.
At fifteen, Ruby s life, the way she knew it, began to fall apart when Ruby fell in love with a boy, Paul, but to be discouraged of the relationship by her Grandmere Near Grandmere s death, the truth came out which another truth followed At her death bed, Ruby made a promise to her Grandmere that she would go to New Orleans for a better future and to seek the truth of her past Battling loyalty between her Cajun background an The books by this author are like reading a soap opera totally addicting and a guilty pleasure.
In The Heart Of The Bayou, Ruby Landry Lives A Simple, Happy Life But Innocence Can T Last Forever The Only Family Ruby Landry Has Ever Known Are Her Loving Guardian, Grandm Re Catherine, A Cajun Spiritual Healer, And Her Drunken, Outcast Grandp Re Jack Although Thinking About Her Dead Mother And Mysterious Father Sometimes Makes Her Feel As Mournful As The Wind Sighing Through The Spanish Moss, Ruby Is Grateful For All She Has Her Life Is Filled With Hope And Promiseespecially When Her Attraction For Handsome Paul Tate Blossoms Into A Mysterious, Wonderful Love But Paul S Wealthy Parents Forbid Him To Associate With A Poor Landry, And Grandm Re Urges Her To Follow Her Dream Of Becoming A Great Painter, Foreseeing A Time When Ruby Will Be Surrounded With Riches In The Dazzling City Of New Orleans Yet She Cannot Know How Close That Uncertain Future Looms In A Faded Photograph, Ruby Glimpses For The First Time The Image Of Her Father And Learns Of A Shameful Deception And A Shocking Scheme Of Blackmail That Now Must Come To Light Stunned By These Revelations, She Is Devastated When Grandm Re Dies, Leaving Her To Seek Out Her Father In His Vast New Orleans Mansion There, In A House Of Lies, Madness, And Cruel Torment, Ruby Clings To Her Memories Of Paul To Keep Her Heart Alive For Only Their Love Can Save Her Now Pseudo incest, evil twins, family secrets, lies and betrayal, complete with an evil stepmother What could you want Trashylicious mess I also love the gothic and dark aspects of it aswell.
Will be reading the rest of the series.
horrifying and captivating at the same time If you ve ever read Flowers In The Attic or any other of V.
C Andrews books and liked enjoyed it, then you ll enjoy this one I honestly was a bit skeptical about reading this cause I hadn t read the blurb or anything and honestly, V.
C Andrews has written A LOT of books and series about teenage girls so I expected something similar.
While some of the themes and events are a bit familiar, it was a very nice read and once I got into it, I couldn t put it down Don t skip ahead or read spoilers or anything of the sort as highly tempting as it may be, believe me but just keep reading on as it gets better in my opinion.
It did start off a bit slow and the book is just a tad lengthy but again, it s a very interesting, drama filled read and while some parts again, are predictable there are a few surprises here and there and despite caving and reading the Wiki ar i live for this This was the beginning of my slow wall slide for VC Andrews books I ultimately stopped with the third book in this series, once I realized I had read this before These are not classic literature by any stretch of the imagination, so, I am not going to waste anyone s time with characterization or anything like that These are trashy books, and were meant to be taken as such They do come up with some magnificent names Gisselle Dumas is a pretty badass name , but, that s about it.
The first two series Dollanganger and Casteel were shocking and entertaining The Cutler series moved quickly, but was definitely soapier than the previous two series This one was pretty much highlights from those three series thrown together into one new series.

Rubie s story and the Landry series is my all time second favorite series behind the Dollanganger series I love everything about Ruby This series has so many twists and turns it made my head spin The twin aspect made Ruby s story stand out from all others in my opinion I adored Giselle I know she was a b with an itch, but still she always kept things interesting Beau was another reason I really enjoyed the Ruby series so much He was an awesome love interest.
Reading Virginia Andrews books when I was 15, they were kind of exciting Reading them at 25, they were not Flowers in the Attic and the subsequent series were some of my favourite books to read during my teen years, and after being given a pile of books from a friend recently which included the Landry series I was looking forward to starting them Unfortunately I was sorely disappointed The writing style is simplistic, the description is nothing than a list of features and the plot is tired I ve been informed that all of Andrews books feature this beautiful, hard done by girl, experiencing forbidden love then finding out she is part of a rich powerful family formula, but there s only so many times you can read about a girl falling in love with her brother The first time it s an interesting taboo The second time it s one big yawn.

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