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[ Pdf Shock Wave ↠´ comic-strips PDF ] by Clive Cussler î I m really enjoying this series This novel has been my favorite As always looking forward to many.
OMG what a fabulous installment in the adventures of Dirk Pitt and Albert Giordino This is non stop action from page 1 all the way through page 537 At no point does this story drag There is absolutely no filler This is 500 pages of pure adrenalin filled, life threatening adventure.
Dirk Pitt rescues a cruise ship and 20 passengers circling an island in the Antarctic Ocean after an horrific plague has killed nearly everyone onboard plus all the animal life surrounding the island Two of the passengers Maeve and Deirdre are related to Arthur Dorsett a diamond mining kingpin with grand designs of ruling the diamond world regardless of who is killed in the taking.
Dirk is tasked with solving the riddle of this plague that kills indiscriminately Somehow through determination and great research it comes back t Best Ebook, Shock Wave Author Clive Cussler This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Shock Wave, Essay By Clive Cussler Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You Every so often I like picking up a good adventure tale Clive Cussler s Dirk Pitt NUMA books are a great series to check out Shock Wave is an epic 500 pages story that I found to be an interesting and entertaining read.
The story starts out with an event that leaves fish, penguins and people mysteriously dead A cruise ship drops some people off on a shore excursion to Seymour Island in the Antarctic All of a sudden, people on the excursion suffer an intense headache A few people die and one person is unwell Also, even though it is the Antarctic summer, the weather turns cold The shore party finds shelter in a cave and waits for the cruise ship to return It does t Just when things get desperate, Dirk Pitt and his pal Al Giordino shows up to rescue the people inexplicably abandoned on the island The fate of the cruise ship and massive kill of wildlife is a mystery Dirk Wow, the 13th book in the series Will it be unlucky for Pitt I think we both know that won t be the case.
The formula is set and you know it by now So do millions of others around the world, and that s why we buy and read these books They re fun and a great escape from the same old same old.
This book is another in the line You start out with your historic opening and then move to today Cars and women and rich tyrants what s not to like I m confident you ll enjoy this book, just like you enjoyed the others Have fun I didn t know what to expect from Shock Wave because it got mixed reviews, but I was very amazed In this entry of the Dirk Pitt series, Pitt is up against a ruthless Diamond Businessman who has devised a deadly threat to the world I found this one to be very different from the previous books, I think it s because we normally find Pitt searching for Treasure or sunken ships, and this was totally different, but in a good way.
And Shock Wave also shows us Pitt s softer side, and some emotional moments, Cussler really didn t focus on that in his earlier books It s got everything you d expect from Clive, Dirk Pitt is my hero I can t believe it but Clive Cussler out did himself with this Dirk Pitt novel What made this book surpass the other I ve read in the series is seeing a different side of Pitt He actually falls in love with a women and wants to spend the rest of his life with her, this is what separates this book from the others It added a depth to the Pitt that wasn t there yet even with the Pacific vortex novel Best book in the series so far Dirk Pitt is my hero I love, love, love Cussler s Dirk Pitt adventures This was the 1st Pitt adventure I read and I had to read the rest.

Lucky number thirteen in the Dirk Pitt series Shock Wave actually has a few surprises to offer, elevating it from the standard Clive Cussler formula Not that there s anything wrong with that formula it s immensely successful for a reason but it s refreshing to find some new twists in the read.
The novel opens on an historical note, with the 1856 journey of the Gladiator Under the command of Charles Bully Scaggs, it s on its way to deliver a load of prisoners to the penal colony in Australia when a typhoon strikes amidst the Tasman Sea The wreck of the ship, the desperate construction of a raft, and the brutal battle that follows between sailors, soldiers, and prisoners is intense, matched only by the final journey of the raft and its few pitiful survivors Cussler has done historical bits before, but never as well as this Fantastic stuff.
The contemporary The green and yellow beech leaf sail filled out like a woman s tattooed breast This is possibly one of my favorite quotes from Shock WaveI had to reread that sentence a few times before I could actually believe it had been written, evidently in all earnestness and seriousness As far as I know, and I d like to think that I have this on good authority, women s breasts do not inflate and billow like sails Also, why a tattooed breast Do tattooed breasts behave differently from non tattooed ones no experience here, sorry For the most part, I do give credit to Cussler and or his editor for removing most of the mind boggingly weird and usually exploitative sexytimes so oft present in the earlier Dirk Pitt novels However, I do feel bad for Dirk, because I think he probably now has every STD known to man and then some Poor guy Yet, while the book was blessedly

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