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[ Read Online Sidewalk â lesbian-romance PDF ] by Mitchell Duneier ✓ An Exceptional Ethnography Marked By Clarity And Candor, Sidewalk Takes Us Into The Socio Cultural Environment Of Those Who, Though Often Seen As Threatening Or Unseemly, Work Day After Day On The Blocks Of One Of New York S Most Diverse Neighborhoods Sociologist Duneier, Author Of Slim S Table, Offers An Accessible And Compelling Group Portrait Of Several Poor Black Men Who Make Their Livelihoods On The Sidewalks Of Greenwich Village Selling Secondhand Goods, Panhandling, And Scavenging books And MagazinesDuneier Spent Five Years With These Individuals, And In Sidewalk He Argues That, Contrary To The Opinion Of Various City Officials, They Actually Contribute Significantly To The Order And Well Being Of The Village An Important Study Of The Heart And Mind Of The Street, Sidewalk Also Features An Insightful Afterword By Longtime Book Vendor Hakim Hasan This Fascinating Study Reveals Today S Urban Life In All Its Complexity Its Vitality, Its Conflicts About Class And Race, And Its Surprising Opportunities For Empathy Among Strangers Sidewalk Is An Excellent Supplementary Text For A Range Of Courses INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY Shows How To Make Important Links Between Micro And Macro How A Research Project Works How Sociology Can Transform Common SenseRACE AND ETHNIC RELATIONS Untangles Race, Class, And Gender As They Work Together On The StreetURBAN STUDIES Asks How Public Space Is Used And Contested By Men And Women, Blacks And Whites, Rich And Poor, And How Street Life And Political Economy InteractVIANCE Looks At Labeling Processes In Treatment Of The Homeless Interrogates The Broken Windows Theory Of PolicingW AND SOCIETY Closely Examines The Connections Between Formal And Informal Systems Of Social ControlTHODS Shows How Ethnography Works Includes A Detailed Methodological Appendix And An Afterword By Research Subject Hakim HasanLTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY Sidewalk Engages The Rich Terrain Of Recent Developments Regarding Representation, Writing, And Authority In The Tradition Of Elliot Liebow And Ulf Hannerz, It Deals With Age Old Problems Of The Social And Cultural Experience Of Inequality This Is A Telling Study Of Culture On The Margins Of American SocietyLTURAL STUDIES Breaking Down Disciplinary Boundaries, Sidewalk Shows How books And Magazines Are Received And Interpreted In Discussions Among Working Class People On The Sidewalk It Shows How Cultural Knowledge Is Deployed By Vendors And Scavengers To Generate Subsistence In Public SpaceCIOLOGY OF CULTURE Sidewalk Demonstrates The Connections Between Culture And Human Agency And Innovation It Interrogates Distinctions Between Legitimate Subcultures And Deviant Collectivities It Illustrates Conflicts Over Cultural Diversity In Public Space And, Ultimately, It Shows How Conflicts Over Meaning Are Central To Social Life I knew this book would stick with me for a long time and it has I ve shared some of the content with friends and family I ve thought about Duneiers work as I walk the streets of my downtown city read this book and see how it challenges your perspective of homelessness.
I think Sidewalk should be required reading for everyone Duneier writes a classic ethnology of the Sidewalk vendors in New York City The book is alternately fascinating, touching, funny, and thought provoking Duneier uncovers and explores the dignity of the homeless He doesn t shy away from issues either There is an entire chapter on how the unhoused men he embeds himself with manage to go to the bathroom or rather urinate and deficate, as a bathroom is a luxury not always available.
He allows for many points of view I.
e one chapter examines the linguistic structure of the one sided conversations the Sidewalk men carry on with the women they cat call and holler at The cops have their say as do the owners of the local businesses who see the Sidewalk men as competitors.
I This was a pretty cool book This book is about street vendors in New York city s Greenwich Village some who are durg addicts, panhandlers, homeless or were at some point , etc, in other words, those on the outer crust of society The book explores their day to day lives, social structure which, surprisingly, you find is highly refined , relationships, and work Although it is a textbook, Dunier does an amazing job making it readable to the public it actually reads much like a novel and you want to find out what happens to each individual plus, the sociological insight due to years of research this is a 5 year dissertation is profound If your not interested in sociology, read it to at least familiarize yourself with how these people live and work We all have preconcieved notions about who the homeless bum on the street is, but rarely do we get a chance This is an amazing book a sociological look into a bit of New York street life Just wonderful.
This was a different but interesting book that consisted of different daily life stories of NYC homeless people What I liked about this book was that it didn t just include the stereotypical bum who smells and begs for money It included stories from street venders, messengers and some unemployed people who talk about all of the challenges of being homeless There was one person who would go around to different businesses offering to deliver their products on a bike for free, and making money on the tips given to her by the people she delivered to What was interesting about her was that she had been homeless for 20 years and still lived the life of most people, except going through the challenge of finding a place to sleep at night After reading this book I realized how diverse the homeless community is.
I had to read this book as part of my participation in a week long community service program for my school One of the events of the program will be a discussion of Sidewalk with faculty and staff, and since Mitchell Duneier is a professor at my school, I think he might be there If so, that ll be pretty cool Sidewalk examines the lives of several vendors, panhandlers, and scavengers in Greenwich Village mostly poor, homeless, black men and the social, political, and economic forces that surround them This was an interesting and enlightening book I learned about people that the media hardly ever portrays in a positive light I didn t agree with all of the views expressed in the book, however.
Loic Wacquant, a sociology professor at Berkeley wrote a scathing review of Sidewalk in the American Journal of Sociology, accusing Duneier of sentimentality, and painting an overly sympathetic portrait of the street vendors in Greenwich Village via three strategies of selective data collection, interpretation and presentation disconnecting, censoring and skewing I felt that Wacquant missed the point at times What Duneier tries to do in Sidewalk is to show us another side of one of the marginalised populations of urban society, a population that we tend to dismiss, ignore, stereotype and avoid, whether out of indifference, fear or discomfort Working and interacting with street vendors of written matter for intermittent periods over the course of five years, Duneier delves into the relationships these men and one women share with each other as competitors, friends, mentors Despite the intellectual weight and academic heft, Sidewalk is real page turner, reading like a great novel than sub cultural examination Brilliant piece of urban reportage in which Sociologist Duneier examines the work and life of Greenwich Village s Sidewalk vendors, and the larger city culture that, at times, surprisingly, envelops and supports them, but, often, disregards or criminalizes them The men portrayed in the book are, at any given time, intelligent, articulate, and dignified, at others flawed, enfranchised, and disenchanted by the societal expectations of proper job, and the dizzying number of written and unwritten laws on how to use, and not use, a Sidewalk.

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