Download Epub Format É Superman: Up, Up, and Away! PDF by Ó Kurt Busiek

Download Epub Format É Superman: Up, Up, and Away! PDF by Ó Kurt Busiek Written By Kurt Busiek Geoff JohnsCover By Terry Rachel Dodson Art By Pete Woods And Renato Guedes It Is One Year Laterand No One Has Seen Or Heard From The Man Of Steel In This Collection Featuring SUPERMAN And ACTION , As Clark Kent Concentrates On His Career, The Need For The Man Of Steel Has Remained As Strong As Ever Especially Now That Lex Luthor Has Returned To Metropolis, With His Thirst For Power Fully Intact In his continual quest to get me to care about Superman, my pusher bought me this for my birthday It begins as the story of Clark Kent, Superman having lost his powers during Infinite SuperMegaCrisis or whatever It s been a year of living as a norm, andhe kind of likes it Lois likes it too It was neat to see the character in this light, as well as his relationship with Lois Truthfully, I could have read a whole book about that, but the title is Superman, not Clark Kent, so he has to get his powers back eventually Yet what surprised me was that even that didn t feel like an eye rolling reset of the status quo Even that actually tied into the characterization and what makes Superman Clark Kent who he is In a way, the story is really a character study about not just who he is but why he does what he does Toss in Lex Luth It s a bird, it s a plane, no it s that rarest of beasts a good Superman book Whether or not you enjoy this book comes down to how you feel about classic Superman By that I mean classic outfit, demeanour, and world setting he isn t the dickish New 52 Superman or the psychotic Injustice Superman or a combination of both in JMS s Earth One Superman he s the true blue hero of yesteryear If that character s not your bag, you re unlikely to enjoy Up, Up and Away If you do like the original guy though, you ll really like this one, like I did It s a year after Infinite Crisis when Superman lost his powers He s been plain old Clark Kent for a while and his life post Superman is actually pretty great He s become a dependable journalist much to Perry s delight , he s spending time with his wife, Lois Lane, and he s enjoying the little things like pretzels slath

So I love Kurt Busiek work usually, and I m a fan of Superman, so this should be a slam dunk right Superman doesn t have powers After the events of Infinite Crisis he lost them So he s trying to be the reporter he always wanted to be with his wife However, soon Lex returns to begin his evil plotting as well as a world without superman having trouble adjusting Half way through, no big spoilers, Superman regains his powers and begins the rebirth, in a way, of our caped hero Good I enjoyed the art, and the moments with Clark and Lois was amazing I really dug the idea of Clark using his smarts for once to out do his villains instead of pure power, least for the first half Bad The pacing felt disjointed Over A very good Superman book with exceptional focus on the character of Clark as a reporter and a superhero, and his relationships with everyone around him Lois, Jimmy Olsen, Perry White and Lex Luthor The pacing is a bit wonky and the artwork may not be to everyone s liking, but the story is full of fun twists and turns, and the character work is absolutely incredible.

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