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[Richard Lancelyn Green] å The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Classic Crime) [civil-war-history PDF] Ebook Epub Download µ I ve never met a Sherlock Holmes story I didn t love.
First time reader of this author and now i am hooked This was such a great, easy and creative series i was hooked after the first page The characters were easy to fall in love with and follow, along with the story the author made the mental visions so easy and vivid of the surroundings and the characters actions felt so real.
i would highly recommend this author and this series.
Recently I ve been watching through the Granada series of Sherlock Holmes adaptations It s a really great series for anyone into Sherlock Holmes or who likes mystery stories in general the adaptation is mostly faithful and usually well paced to sustain the tension, the characterisation of Holmes and Watson is a joy and the acting, particularly by Brett, is absolutely superb Sherlock is slightly off but never cruel or heartless and cares deeply for Watson and the people he helps It made me want to read Holmes stories again.
I last read the stories themselves about 3 years ago It was around the time I was just starting to read for pleasure again and during a pretty dark patch in my life I read them all over the course of a few days and loved them They inspired my interest in mystery and detective stuff, which has b

Elementary Eleven stories of varying quality and to be truthful, even the best of them isn t brilliant written around the period 1920 1950, by authors wishing to add to Conan Doyle s detective canon Some are little than mediocre attempts to produce fresh cases for the famous private detective, others attempt to pastiche Holmes and Watson s characters Few go down the whodunnit route I always feel the actual detection in the Conan Doyle stories could be sharper and challenging but nothing here takes it on much Favourites of the bunch are The Adventures of the Marked Man , a nice variation on The Adventure of the Devil s Foot , and The Adventure of Hillerman Hall , set in the 1920s with an elderly Holmes, without Watson, shows us a much gen Dull as dishwater.
This is a really solid collection, put out by Penguin in the mid 1980s, containing pastiches from Ronald Knox onwards In addition to Knox s contribution, there s also a delightfully rococo contribution from Vincent Starrett A 1945 story by S.
C Roberts cleverly alludes to the Megatherium Trust invented by notable Sherlockian Dorothy L Sayers The Adventure of the Purple Hand neatly combines the canon s elements of the grotesque with its fundamental faith in the potential of human compassion And the concluding story in the book, a charming contribution from Julian Symons, shows a Sherlock Holmes no less incisive and compassionate for having retired to the Sussex downs and a young client who is impressive in her own right.
Many Writers Have Revisited The Reichenbach Falls In The Hope Of Summoning Up The Ghost Of Sherlock Holmes Now Richard Lancelyn Green Has Succeeded Triumphantly With This Collection Of Stories By Expert Writers Of The Calibre Of Ronald Knox And Julian Symons Designed Not To Compete With Or Parody The original, But Rather To Reflect And Enhance The Achievements Of The Great Detective This book contains a series of Sherlock Holmes stories by various writers of what would now be called fan fiction Although a Sherlock Holmes fans will find them worth a read the collection is a bit disappointing The plot lines are either copies of an earlier story or a very simple and predictable case of false identity The only story which managed to build up an excitement or intrigue was The Adventure of the Purple Hand The most interesting part of the book is the introduction which describes the origins of the stories, particularly the controversy over the authorship of The Adventure of the Sheffield Banker.
Well I like any Sherlock Holmes story I have read so far and this book is no exception The stories in this book are true to the spirit of Conan Doyle s hero and very enjoyable Well written and enjoyable even I think without the Holmes name being mentioned So much the better for being about and in spirit the estimable of Sherlock Holmes.

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