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[Douglas Kennedy] Ê The Job [asexual PDF] Read Online ↠´ I quite enjoyed this book It was addictive reading and I got through it quickly And I didn t think something about an advertising space salesman would appeal so much It didn t feel as though it got too glossy American blockbuster thriller when he got messed up in The Job and I wasn t disappointed by the ending maybe that sounds like a stupid thing to say, but I am often disappointed by these mysterious thrillers, in that they build themselves up really well, and when you start to find out what s going on, they re really crap.
It was actually quite depressing at times as well the whole getting screwed over by a job, being made redundant, job hunting and being unemployed Usch I ve never had amazing jobs, but I have done all that on my own small scale and it i .
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When I started reading, I became a little irritated After a while it got better At the end I couldn t put it down.
Ned Allen is a rising star in the New York s corporate advertising sales world, on the brink of achieving his dreams from when he was a kid in Maine To be successful in New York City, married to an amazing wife, a member of the local tennis club, etc.
, these are his definitions of life success Who cares if he is living just a bit beyond his means His bonus is coming soon and that will than cover it all But when the computer magazine he works for is bought and then quickly sold again, the bottom falls out Ned s belief that his sales skills can rescue him will be put to the test but as events continue to spiral out of control, Ned s desperation grows until he finds himself on the wrong side of the law, loses his marriage, and even becomes wanted for murder.
This is a corporate thriller style and comparisons to John Grisham s The

I think its a shame the cover of this book put me off reading it it is actually a great holiday read, a really taut and edge of the seat thriller which I found very hard to put down and thoroughly enjoyed I could imagine it on the big screen perhaps I know the old adage about not judging the book by the cover is true but these days I think there are so many trashy looking covers in the shops it is hard not to put them into categories in your head based on their appearance I am guilty anything pink is out straightaway It s not a demanding read but it was well paced and had a few very unexpected twists and turns on the way So I was proved wrong about this one and would look up some other of his books if I was lucky enough to have a For me Kennedy is a powerful writer with refreshing style and novels Perhaps it is his strength of the writing that makes him able to shift peculiar almost post modern endings with suitably real urban settings.
I wish this story never ends By this I have finished all the novels from Douglas Kennedy Such a wonderful thriller, love love it I picked this book up from a local library It was donated by a major oil and gas company I have never read any book written by this author before Once i started reading I couldn t stop The story felt so real It exposes the ugly side of outward success in the corporate world , the world of media advertisement to be exact The characters are simple yet they appear so alive The other characters helps bring the story to life too even Mr.
Jack Ballantine.
I love reading this book It makes me wonder about where the author got his inspiration from It reminds me of the ugly side of globalization i.
e small struggling commercial media companies being usurped sold off bought over by large international conglomerate that has no hearts at all for struggling people who work days and nights trying to close deals for the company.
Douglas Kennedy S Outstanding New Novel, The Job, Is A Thrilling Page Turner Involving Downsizing, Blackmail And Murder In The Manhattan Business World Ned Allen Is Young, Smart, And Upwardly Mobile Several Years Into His Career As An Ad Salesman For A Successful Computer Magazine, Ned S Finally Left His Small Town Roots Behind, And Is Certain That The Sophisticated Manhattan World He Covets Is His Forever His Wife Lizzie Is Also A Rising Star Of A Prestigious PR Firm It Seems That Ned S Made It Forced To Make Some Tough Calls, Among Them A Question Of Ethics And The Small Matter Of Whether To Lie To His Wife And When The Tough Calls Just Keep Getting Tougher He Finds Himself On The Brink Of Losing Everything Cautionary Tale, Compelling Thriller, Portrait Of A Man On The Edge, Douglas Kennedy S The Job Is A Ruthlessly Entertaining Exploration Of The Fragility Of Modern Life And The Depths We Ll Go To In Our Quest To Preserve It

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