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[ Read Online Thriller: Stories To Keep You Up All Night ã burundi PDF ] by James Patterson ¾ I read this off and on throughout the past year or so, usually one or two stories a month Billed as the first collection of pure thriller stories ever published, THRILLER was released by International Thriller Writers, Inc.
, with James Patterson serving as editor I m guessing Patterson s editing boiled down to calling up his writing buddies to ask them for submissions and brief personal bios He claims to have written the author bios himself, but I call total B.
S on that Patterson also came up with the book s brief introduction, as well as the idea of having each author focus on a character he or she is well known for characters like Lee Child s Jack Reacher, F Paul Wilson s Handyman Jack, or Brad Thor s Scot Harvath.
This concept makes the book either special or less so, depending on your perspective Some I find myself enjoying short story anthologies and these days so I was looking forward to reading this one.
I actually read this while reading the third anthology in the series and I found the commentary from James Patterson before each story to be so long and tedious I much preferred Sandra Brown s in Thriller I read this book for the short stories and while I find a little bit of commentary interesting, I don t need another short story telling me about the short story before I start the short story.
I felt after the first few stories the rest of them were really amazing The first three were the kind of thrillers that I m not that fond of The rest however, were full of awesome twists and just kept me interested through them Of course, I did come upon some that weren t as good as the rest but that s to be expected.
While almost all of these stories are related to I enjoyed 75% of this book.
As always some stories were better than others.
THRILLER How can I get a snapshot of thirty established and, rising writers in the thriller genre I love to read but don t always have as much time as I would like That s the phenomenal thing about Thriller, edited by James Patterson, something not seen often in publication Sure, there are anthologies focused on single authors, examples like the Norton Anthology or the Best of the Year compilations It s awesome to have these short stories compiled I read one when I have time and take long breaks between, when I get busy As an added bonus, you get a smattering of everything western, legal, police, military, etc If you love thrillers, action and horror as much as I do, this is the book for you Disclosure I did not read the whole book In fact, I read only one of the short stories included inside its covers, Kowalski s in Love by James Rollins I love his Sigma series and requested this from the library to specifically read this particular tale Rollins does not write romance and I was delighted that the character remained true to his straight forward self and laughed at the end It was a fun add on, little extra snippet of one of the supporting characters to his than a dozen book series I m looking through the rest of the book to see if there are short stories I wish to read while I have it, but if not, this was the one I took it home for and I m glad I did.

I was hesitant about reading this one as James Patterson s name is on the front but once I realized it was a collection of short stories by various authors I decided to try it out Like most books with a variety of authors sharing a short story you will find some you read just to get through the book and some you read where you wish the story would just go on This is a good way to get introduced to some authors you have probably never even heard of Go ahead and try it but do not be fooled by the subtitle, Stories to keep you up all night because that is just wishful thinking on the part of the publisher This book probably did keep the publisher up all night just wondering how they were going to make their money back from publi I thought this product would be a good way to broaden my horizon of thriller writers, especially since I drive a lot and get sick of the radio It certainly includes a lot of stories from a lot of writers, many of them famous But I was disappointed The stories are weak, compared to the novels of those writers I ve read One of the best stories is the first, by Lee Child, who is probably my current favorite thriller writer Beyond that I would say there are three stories that really work out of the whole bunch There must be 30 or so in all It s a long wade through mediocrity to get to the good, and the good are just good, not great Based upon my ratings I go with a 3.
I would probably call it 3.
5 just because I love short story anthologies and found this fun I enjoyed the chance to get to read some stories by authors whom I have heard but not really read, as well as to meet characters from their mostly reknowned series Through this collection I found some authors I will certainly check out in the future, while others I will continue to ignore I am not sure that the title thriller is appropriate as close to half of the stories are sorely lacking in that department.
James Penny s New Identity Lee Child 3.
5 starsWhile I have heard of Lee Child, I have not previously read any of his work I assume he is a he I have also heard of The Jack Reacher series, but as already A book of thrilling short stories, what could go wrong Choosing James Patterson as an editor is one answer.
My edition features a typo in the introduction page THANKING the editor to start the book The stories are not even that interesting and feature characters that, if not familiar with the authors in the first place, render them rather pointless.
The only reason this and it s sequel are going to sell is because of who s name s are on the book To be fair, one of my favorite authors has a story in one of these books which is not bad at all And they aren t all terrible But this is certainly just not worth the money or the time.
Featuring North America S Foremost Thriller Authors, Thriller Is The First Collection Of Pure Thriller Stories Ever Published Offering Up Heart Pumping Tales Of Suspense In All Its Guises Are Thirty Two Of The Most Critically Acclaimed And Award Winning Names In The Business From The Signature Characters That Made Such Authors As David Morrell And John Lescroart Famous To Four Of The Hottest New Voices In The Genre, This Blockbuster Will Tantalize And TerrifyLock The Doors, Draw The Shades, Pull Up The Covers And Be Prepared For Thriller To Keep You Up All Night

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