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ê Truck · Download by ↠´ Katherine Dunn When Katherine Dunn died in 2016, I rushed out meaning, I clicked on a new tab , and searched for and ordered used copies of her other novels other, being other than Geek Love, which is one of my favorite books Basically, I forced myself to finish this one It did get a little better as I went on, but I ultimately did not much care for it There are some great descriptions and a very distinct teenage main character who flees home simply to escape life s mundaneness as far as I could tell An outcast among outcasts, Dutch, has a kind of naive wisdom Unfortunately, I found it grating than enlightening.
Note to self Just because you adore one book by a writer, it s okay not to read everything they ve ever written No seriously, it is Be less OCD about this sort of thing.
The commitment to the voice in this one is impressive, but I m not sure it is entirely worth the work The character is interesting, as is her world, but it is a great deal of work to read I have no problem doing that if I feel it worthwhile, but I question it a little bit here It seems perhaps the commitment to putting something literary together might have outweighed the book itself Just my reaction, but that s all I ve got It s still got some good stuff inside.
70 s antinovel that attempts to explain the self conseptual chaos of early puberty by repeating that very chaos in writing.
The novel is a style of narrative where the components of the story characters, sequences of events, location in time and space, and so on are pieced together in a manner which is easy for the human mind to follow In a sense it mimics our mindset, stringing together the elements in a way that is largely linear and thus allows the reader to recreate the story much as we would reconstruct one from our memory The antinovel obviously deviates from this, making for a challenging read yet one which allows for a malleable presentation, in turn making it possible to explore the topic at hand with unique perspectives These are of course not satisfying definitions of either concept, but they are sufficient as an introduction to the deviancies of Truck.
A brief but decent des Really easy to read with the whole lack of structure train of thought thing Did she or didn t she, I ve read it twice and still don t know DOn t like the way they crunched that in at the end, might have been better without it.
made me dream about eating a whole chocolate cake This is close to a 4 star rating for me Goodreads, when are you going to let us rate by half stars A lot of it made me uncomfortable which is rarely unwelcome, especially with novels Raw, visceral, ugly, strange, self absorbed, much like teenage angst itself.
With Daring Realism And Stunning Imagination, The Author Of Geek Love, Katherine Dunn, Takes Us On A Journey Into The Mind Of A Feisty, Adventurous Adolescent Named Jean Dutch Gillis Dutch Goes Trucking From Portland, Oregon, To Los Angeles On A Quest In Search Of Herself, Which, Like The River Trek Of Deliverance, Is Filled With Discoveries And Sudden ViolenceWith Boyish Looking Dutch Is Her Friend Heydorf, A Shadowy Character Who Has His Own Secrets To Hide With Her, Too, Is The Confusion And Volatile Feelings Of Youth, When Sex Is A Mystery Waiting To Be Understoodand Death Seems Remote Until It Brushes Close With A Breath Stopping Suddenness Truck, Perhaps Better Than Any Other Fictional Account About A Runaway, Is A Brilliantly Convincing Portrait Of The Archetypal Teen Rebel, And Both The Excitement And The Terrible Betrayals In The World She Explores Painfully beautiful story of coming of age That statement doesn t do the book justice, but I don t want to say too much By the same author as Geek Love and she does not dissapoint.
Grotesque description of charactersbrilliant writer Takes a while to get into.
I loved this book I love the stream of consciousness How the heck does Dunn do it Really gets to the inner brain thought of the character and does not let go

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