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Í Read à A Girl, a Raccoon, and the Midnight Moon by Karen Romano Young Ù The Girl, a Raccoon, and the Midnight MoonI am a big lover and supporter of middle grade books I have a son in middle school who I read books with and it s so important to me that he is reading books that teach him valuable lessons and help him grow as a person.
I really loved the idea behind this book A little girl who is so passionate about the library her mother works at, seeking out an adventure to not only restore the missing damaged property of a prized statue, but also to bring the community together to care about her library just as much as she does In a time when kids are so glued to technology and books are becoming digital, this theme held a special place for me.
The writing in the book was a little advanced and th I received this book as an Advanced Reader s Copy ARC through NetGalley It will be published January 7, 2020Pearl Moran is 10 years old and starting 5th grade She was actually born at the library Her mom is the circulation desk librarian and dating the library manager Bruce Bruce used to be a park ranger, and has costume of Ranger Rick the Raccoon Pearl s father has never been in the picture The library is her home, and the library staff her family But her library is not doing well, there is poor circulation and some developers want to turn it into apartments And to top it off the statute of the poet Edna St Vincent Millay known as Vincent , get her head stolen one night Things are not looking good for the future of the Lancaster Branch of New York City library at all.
I really liked this book There was nothing in the book that I said, OH I wouldn t want my kid reading this A cute middle grade novel featuring raccoons, a statue s missing head, and the libraries really this felt like a love letter to libraries with its quirky sidebars and literary reference footnotes The plot seems to drag in places and was a bit long but overall, A Girl, a Raccoon, and the Midnight Moon was a fun read with themes of friendship and exploring the importance of imagination Thank you to NetGalley and Chronicle books publishers for providing a free ARC

Actual rating 3.
5 5 So, I may have DNF this book However, it has nothing to do with the book itself, I think it just wasn t my thing and by looking at the cover and the synopsis I thought it was different, but it just wasn t a match I think I would ve enjoyed it at a younger age As I grow up sometimes I can still enjoy middle grade, but this one just wasn t my cup of tea.
However, I would ve probably greatly enjoyed this book as a kid, and I feel like it d be a perfect book to read as a class in elementary school It takes place in a library which I really love, and the art is cute, and the girl wants to help save the library, which I feel like is a good thing to introduce to younger children who are starting to read on their own, as it migh Pearl was born in the library, and she considers it her home So when the library might be closing, and on top of that the head of the statue in the library garden gets stolen, she decides to take action Her mother has always been telling her stories of raccoons who ve learned to read because they live in the library garden But are they really just stories When I have a bad day, I often reach for a middlegrade novel to read They tend to be so wholesome and uplifting, and sometimes that s exactly what I need A Girl, a Raccoon, and the Midnight Moon turned out to be exactly that as well It was a book full of heart, and it reignited my love of libraries It s the perfect middlegrade for any book lover or Reading Raccoon.
I did think it moved a little slow at times, but things did speed up towa 3 5 starsYou can take us out of the library, but you can t take the library out of us A Girl, a Raccoon, and the Midnight Moon is a witty little story of a book loving girl teaming up with the local literate raccoons to save the NYC library they all grew up in When the head of the library s statue is stolen, negative attention is brought to the aging library that may lead to its destruction Will Pearl and her friends, both human and otherwise, save the building, their home, in time This tended to be slow at times, but it was just so charming I couldn t not see it through to the end The format was my favorite part while the book is written in a linear plot of paragraphs, as one would expect, it was also peppered with sweet illustrations and sidebars written by one of the raccoon characters There were touching moments throughout, as well as little twists and turns that keep the read A sweet and strong story that celebrates a love of literacy and libraries, while interweaving suspension of disbelief, stepping out of your comfort zone, and examining perceptions about others The sidebars are full of interesting tidbits and this librarian enjoyed the many references to wonderful books What does it take to save a library Advocacy, storytelling, passion and perhaps a few reading raccoons A perfect addition to our grade 4 5 school library.
In A Slightly Fantastical New York City, One Very Special Library Branch Has Been Designated For Possible Closure Bookish, Socially Awkward Pearl, The Daughter Of The Librarian, Can T Imagine A World Without The Library Its books, Its Community Of Oddballs, Its Hominess When The Head Of Their Edna St Vincent Millay Statue Goes Missing, Closure Is Closer Than Ever But Pearl Is Determined To Save The Library And With A Ragtag Neighborhood Library Crew Including A Constantly Tap Dancing Girl Who Might Just Be Her First Friend, An Older Boy She Has A Crush On, And A Pack Of Raccoons Who Can read And Write She Just Might Be Able To With An Eclectic Cast Of Richly Drawn Characters, A Hint Of Just Around The Corner Magic, Footnotes, Sidebars, And Jessixa Bagley S Classic Illustrations Throughout, This Warm Hearted, Visually Magnificent Tale Of Reading And Believing From Beloved Author Karen Romano Young Tells Of A World Where What You Want To Believe Can Come TrueAge Range Years I received a free review copy from the publisher I put this book down after reading than 100 pages and haven t felt any strong desire to pick it back up again On the surface it looked like a great fit for me library, mystery, fun illustrations, quirky footnotes and sidebars but the writing was very awkward and cumbersome and the story felt very disjointed and rambled on.
With a tinsy tiny touch of fantasy, this is a lovely tale about community, friendship and a wonderful library.
Pearl s world rotates around the library She s a shy girl, who loves living between books and the library world But not everything is bright ink and shiny pages The library isn t doing well, and when the head of the almost never visited statue goes missing, no one but Pearl really seems to care Determined to save the library and figure out what happened to her beloved statue s head, she enters the sidewalks and streets Soon, she discovers a few friends and.
There s a touch of whimsical to the writing, which immediately draws in and creates the atmosphere of an endearing read Pearl is easy to connect with right away Although socially awkwardor maybe becauseher heart of gold shines bright and makes her someone to cheer for fro

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