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[ Pdf Adele (The Rabbis Mother, #1) ↠´ lais PDF ] by Anna King ↠´ I was pleasantly surprised that when I began this book, I found myself laughing out loud, although the main storyline concerns a woman who has been assaulted and lies in a coma The Rabbi s mother is a 75 year old attractive woman, who is investigating the assault unbeknownst to her son, of course The detailed descriptions of the rabbi s mother s food choices, clothing choices, and restaurant choices had me rolling.
There is also lots of pathos and suspense in the story A few editng errors are the reason I didn t give it 5 stars great quick read I look forward to The Rabbi s Mother 2 This was a light and easy read However, it was well written and it held my interest I feel one needs to sometimes read something light and easy after reading something heavy and thought provoking It is book one in a series I think it would make a great made for TV movie on a Mystery Station.

Still active and attractive at 75, thrice widowed Adele realizes that the strange insights she s always had are really psychic abilities, and that God wants her to help people At about this time, she meets a teenager in her son s swanky upper East Side congregation whose mother has been stabbed and lies in a coma Sol is determined to find his mother s attacker, and Adele is only too willing to help Adele is not a character I find sympathetic, but she is always interesting However, the book as a whole is a cry for copy editing two characters, one of them fairly important, change names and there are other sloppinesses that the process could help a lot.
Fun to read, though a bit slow at the start The 75 year old mother of a Rabbi helps solving the case of an attempted murder, much to the annoyment of her son the Rabbi, and the murderer Adele enjoys her life and refuses to be old If you want a light read with some humour mixed in, this will surely fit.
It was a very well written book I loved the characters The plot was a little slow moving I will read by this author.
I was surprised how much I got wrapped up in the lives of newly psychic Adele and her friends Good fun A Miracle Story Adele Rothstein Has Buried Three Husbands And She S Living The Good Life Of A Seventy Five Year Old Femme Fatale In New York City When God Comes Calling Never Mind That She Doesn T Actually Believe In God Adele Can T Ignore The Mysterious Black Cloud Engulfing A Handsome Boy Named Sol In Her Son The Rabbi S Synagogue On A Friday Night After Making Friends With Sol, Tragedy Strikes The Boy S Mother, And The Unlikely Duo Team Up To Search For A Possible Killer Of Course, Once A Femme Fatale, Always A Femme Fatale As They Pursue The Truth, Adele S Affections Are Torn Between A Handsome Younger Man And The Older Man Who Was Once The Love Of Her Life Sol, Too, Discovers That Love Can Occur Even In The Most Devastating Situations As Adele And Sol Get Closer To Unravelling The Truth, They Become The Target

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