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Download Epub Format à Trois jours et une vie PDF by ï Pierre Lemaitre Alex is the follow up to Irene in the Verhoeven trilogy by Lemaitre Even though the storyline is completely different certain events continue on from the previous book so these books are best read in order if you want to fully appreciate how they re told.
I don t like giving away spoilers so I ll keep this brief and say that the story is one of Alex, a young woman that gets brutally kidnapped and held hostage by an assailant for reasons that only become clear with time What follows is a hard hitting, shocking, twisty turny tale that will have your head spinning at times Just as you think you know where the story is going, it moves totally into a different direction and will keep many guessing until the end I did work out some of the premise here but that in no way detracted from the heady thrill and squirmy factor And squirm I did Without givi Reviewed for The Reading Room bookstr When I first received this book, I was not sure if I would enjoy it so I put it off time and time again I have read a few Crime Thrillers before and enjoyed them but they were not my thing So imagine my surprise when this book turned out to not only be my favourite for the year It s one of the most cleverly written books that I have read in a long time Written almost in a movie script style I am not sure if that is the intention of the author or whether it is the way the story is translated I like quirky books so I did not mind this style of storytelling at all The author tells us what the characters are thinking, how they are moving and how they interact with each other There are no hidden messages, it i Qui Conna T Vraiment Alex Elle Est Belle Excitante Est Ce Pour Cela Qu On L A Enlev E, S Questr E, Livr E L Inimaginable Mais Quand La Police D Couvre Enfin Sa Prison, Alex A Disparu Alex, Plus Intelligente Que Son Bourreau Alex Qui Ne Pardonne Rien, Qui N Oublie Rien, Ni Personne Un Thriller Gla Ant Qui Jongle Avec Les Codes De La Folie Meurtri Re, Une M Canique Diabolique Et Impr Visible O L On Retrouve L Extraordinaire Talent De L Auteur De Robe De Mari If I may be so bold, I d like to begin at the end and say there s definitely a disturbance in the creative force thanks Amanda Or at least that was my first thought after completing this novel.
If I didn t want to embrace books with a warm hug and proceed to shove them out into the world by talking about them, promoting them, and engaging in lively discussions with informed readers across the space and time continuum for the rest of my life without fail, I could very easily just write ALEX off and move on with my life, rubbing my palms together, and then ducking under an overpass while the train rocks the tracks above my head But that wouldn t be okay, and it certainly isn t a productive use of my time Maybe I m half sensitive, half crazy, prone to second guessing, and have enough of an ego that I feel like I need to somehow be a produc This is an absolutely first class crime novel It is a real page turner, and I had great trouble putting it down before reaching the clever ending I rate it 4.
5 sWithin the crime fiction genre, I prefer the police procedural and or forensic science formats That s because I love guessingWhodunnitSo I enjoy best those novels that drop little clues into the narrative doesn t matter if they are false clues or red herrings, because it is all about solving the mystery With its principal crime solvers being detectives in the French brigade criminelle, there are enough hints sprinkled through the story of Alex to keep me riveted to the page.
Leading the crime squad is the somewhat melancholic detective Commandant Camille Verhoeven, a widower whose professional and personal life have been marred by a past tragedy Verhoeven is reluctant to take on the case of a k Every so often a crime thriller comes along that leaves you breathless and takes you on a disturbing journey into the darkest recesses of human experience Alex is one such book and you are guaranteed a tale of the unexpected from start to finish Don t expect any spoilers or dwelling on the plot from me, as I want you all to be as surprised by this twisty tale as I was, but all I will say is, you are in for than one shock or two along the way Intriguing huh The book opens innocuously enough with the kidnapping of a young woman, the eponymous Alex, but as the grim details of her incarceration unfold, and quite frankly, will probably haunt your dreams, she finds herself having to draw on every ounce of her own resource fulness to surv It s possible to kill in many ways, for many reasons, but all abductions are alike And one thing is certain kidnapping someone requires planning Obviously it s possible to do it on impulse, in a sudden fit of anger, but it s pretty rare and doomed to failure In most cases, the perpetrator organises, plans, meticulously prepares The stats are not good the first few hours are critical the chances of the victim being found alive soon plummet A hostage is a liability you want to get rid of them quickly Camille Verh ven As a society we are no longer focused on criminals we focus on the victims Vidard Magistrate How many days before I die What will the pain of death be like How does a corpse rot suspended between earth and heaven For now, he s waiting for me to die those were his words w

This was an exceptionally good suspense novel It starts off as a horrendous kidnapping, with the victim suffering unimaginable torture for reasons that are not clear to us Then it becomes a murder mystery where the police are hunting a serial killer who kills her seemingly unrelated victims in a horrendous manner Not for the faint hearted but masterfully written and gripping right to the end.
This is the second novel in the Verhoeven trilogy and it stands alone very well However it does reveal information from the first novel Ir ne so you may prefer to read them in order Commandant Camille Verhoeven lost his wife Irene in a kidnapping in the previous novel so is reluctant to take on this kidnapping case but he gradually becomes driven to find the unknown victim and find out the motive of the perpetrator.
Although the author lets us know who has been doing the killings before Verhoeven wo I am ecstatic right now Damn near in shock I have just experienced the thrill of reading what I am going to hold as one of the best crime novels I have ever read In other words BEST CRIME NOVEL EVER EVER EVER OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOGMOMGOGMOGMAhem.
But seriously, I cannot get over how terrific, how amazing, this novel really is Written in present tense DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEA HOW RARE THIS IS , in third person, the prose is sometimes bizarre and always slightly different to read It is masterfully written, with excellent characters and dialogue that makes you understand, get to know and get a feel for the characters This is very, very rare, especially in crime fiction What s even rare is doing it while This is the second book in a trilogy The first, Irene, I gave 4 stars this book gets 5 stars.
You can probably tell from the title that this book is about Alex Alex was put into a horrific situation from whichoh, rats, I can t tell you that Then the story turns 180 when it turns out Alex isoops, I can t tell you that, either And finally, Alex Well, I give up You have to read the book There s nothing I can tell you, except this was an emotional roller coaster and I loved the ride There s no doubt in my mind why this book was the CWA International Dagger Award winner for Best Crime Novel 2013, and it was well deserved.
Now to finish the trilogy with Camille.

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