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[Anna Harrington] É An Inconvenient Duke (Lords of the Armory, #1) [johannesburg PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Marcus Braddock, Duke Of Hampton And Former General, Is Back From War And Faced With Mourning The Death Of His Beloved Sister, Elise Marcus Believes His Sister S Death Wasn T An Accident And He S Determined To Learn The Truth, Starting With Danielle, The Beautiful Daughter Of A Baron And His Sister S Best FriendDanielle Is Keeping Deadly Secrets Of Her Own She Has Dedicated Her Life To A Charity That Helps Abused Women The Same Charity Elise Was Working For The Night She Died When Danielle S Work Puts Her Life In Danger, Marcus Comes To Her Rescue But Danielle May Not Need Rescuing I received an ARC of this book to read through NetGalley in exchange for a fair review An Inconvenient Duke is the first book in Anna Harrington s new series Lords of the Armory General Marcus Braddock has returned from Waterloo and to thank him for his service the crown has made him the Duke of Hampton While looking through his late sisters effects he discovers that her death was not an accident and that she was murdered He goes searching for the truth and one person he wants to question is her good friend Danielle Williams but Danielle has secrets of her own and carries a great deal of sadness and guilt over the loss of her friend Lots of melodrama ensues I have loved every book I ve read by Anna Harrington except this one I disliked the heroine, I thought she alter ONLY TOOK ME 4 HOURS TO read AND I LOVED EVERY MINUTE Usually historical romance is predictable but sweet there s a long way between the ones that break the mold and surprise me This book actually did it, it surprised me and entertained me greatly Great characters, great plot, great heroine great all around WHAT I LIKED Plot Most historical romances mainly focus on the romantic plot and then throw in a little half arsed subplot Not this book here the romance was strong but so was the subplot It was engaging, surprising and mysterious and it drew me in.
Dani Danielle was such a great, strong female lead who stood up for what she believed was right and didn t need no man saving her I really sympathised with her and her fight for justice.
Women s rights I absolutely loved that t

Series Lords of the Armory 1Publication Date 2 25 20Number of Pages 384Anna Harrington s first entry into this new series is a lovely sensual romance, and an exciting, breath holding, fast paced mystery The characters are relatable and likable and the writing, as always, is excellent.
The Napoleonic wars are over and the soldiers have returned home The life that awaited them in England wasn t what they would have thought The military had no use for them and there were few, if any, jobs available The war office was slow to pay pensioners and those who remained on the payroll It was common to see a soldier in his tattered uniform begging on the streets This treatment of the men who had sacrificed so much for king and country really rankled returning war hero, General Murder, mystery and loyalty I really liked the main protagonists, General Marcus Braddock and Danielle Williams.
Prior to Marcus return to England from the continent and the defeat of Napoleon, Danielle had written to him to notify him of his sister Elise s death.
The Honorable Danielle Williams, daughter of Baron Mondale, runs the Nightingale pipeline for deserted and battered women, spiriting them away to other parts of the country or the Americas, where abused women are given safe havens.
Marcus, now the Duke of Hampton, has been awarded a dukedom as a reward for his heroic campaigns Marcus has been trying to talk to Danielle about his sister s death Dani is avoiding him She is troubled that he might find out about her secretive enterprise, of which Elise was a part What Marcus does discover is that Elise was murdered Dani had warned Elise to stay away from Scepter Now Dani is in a

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