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[ Read Online Arcane À m-m-science-fiction PDF ] by Nathan Shumate ☆ Arcane is a quarterly magazine with a focus on weird horror, the supernatural, and the fantastic This is the first issue and it s a collection of twelve chilling short stories.
Here s a taste of three out of the dozen Darnell Behind Glass by Jeff Crook the owner of a seedy convenience store finds that he may have sacrificed for his store than he previously thought Gingerbread and Ashes by Jaelithe Ingold a fresh but haunting perspective on the Hansel Gretel fairytale told by an aged Hansel Courting the Queen of Sheba by Amanda C Davis a mummified Queen of Sheba delivers a show to 19th century sideshow audience in ways than they bargained forI haven t read as much horror compared to other genres of speculative fiction, so forgive me if I don t get my horror references right.
In terms of where these stories fit in speculative fiction, most of them are set in the Spring From Editor Nathan Shumate And Publisher Sandy Petersen Comes The First Issue Of A New Magazine Of Weird Chills This Issue Contains Hazards By Justin Pollock, Darnell Behind Glass By Jeff Crook, The Mine By Jason V Shayer, Ricky And The Elder Gods By SM Williams, Gingerbread And Ashes By Jaelithe Ingold, Dear Management By Tom Wortman, In The Place Where The Tree Falleth By Michael Lutz, Laundry Night By Stephen Hill, Hello Operator By Donny Waagen, Courting The Queen Of Sheba By Amanda C Davis, A Requiem For Tarsenesia By William Knight, And The Hole By Rob Errera Imagine if all of the cool kids from the original Weird Tales H.
P Lovecraft, Robert E Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, etc has been writing continuously from that day until this what would they be producing asks the blurb on their website The answer is in Issue 1, available both in beautiful hardcopy as well as in various electronic formats.
The stunning cover by artist Dan Verkys, suggests some manner of shark human hybrid, a suitable image from an imaginary tale that might easily have made the pages of the magazine It is followed by an introduction from the editor musing about magazines and anthologies and a dozen chilling tales reminiscent of the best of the pulps Hazards, by Justin Pollock, is a straight forward account of paranormal events, bo Nathan Shumate s Arcane anthology brings together thirty uniquely imagined stories Some are strangely humorous, others are outright bizarre, and many are truly frightening The only thing they have in common is excellent writing These stayed on my mind after finishing the book In Eric Francis Far Eastern tale, The God of Kiln, a priest leads the Blossom People in a fanatical display of devotion that earns his god s displeasure Lady of the Crossroads by Christine Lucas, takes us to ancient Greece where a village woman reluctantly honors her pledge to the Goddess to spare the men from war In It s Not the Boys in This Family That Have to Worry, Brady Golden has us cheering for the women, but in the end, wondering if maybe the men were right.
The horror index ranges from gently chilling Okay, you re going to have to humor me a little with that five star rating This anthology is of special import to me because it houses the first fiction story I ever sold and had published God of the Kiln If that s not worth five stars, what is However, a sober assessment would peg this between 3 and 3.
5 That is due, in part, to the fact I m not a horror or creepy story kind of reader A number of the offerings in here like Corporautolysis by Christopher Slatsky have been cited warmly by a number of blogs and review sites, but just leave me cold because they are REAL horror stories Others I just didn t get into Incident at the Geometric Church by David McGillveray, for one However, a number of them really appealed to me S.
M Williams Legacy is a companion piece to his story Ricky and the Elder Gods, which appeared in the Arcane Sampler that was published last fall when editor Nathan In his introduction, Mr Shumate explains why he dislikes themed anthologies Many times, the stories in them are too similar and predictable He continues on and tells us that Arcane has no theme aside from being a collection of stories that unsettle the reader in some way He also states that all the stories are good While I didn t like them all, they are all well written and entertaining And yes, they were all a bit disturbing in one way or another, and most of them were than a little bizarre.
As in every anthology I ve read, I had my favorite stories Arcane starts off strongly with Joe Mirabello s We Belong to Her Angelita brought to mind similar children I ve see in public thankfully, none of them have her abilities at least I hope they don t Mallecho by Stephen Willcott was a story about a disturbing rite of passage and made me think twice about the rituals i This is a collection of thirty different stories that range from short one or two pages to novellas And, unlike most anthologies, they really have nothing to do with the other stories A few authors sound familiar, but the best thing is how Nathan Shumate found unheard of, promising authors for this collection I hope to find books from some of the unknown authors.
These stories range from strange westerns to fantasy to horror I admit that I didn t read all of them through I m not really an anthology person, but I have to say that I really liked this collection of stories There is a story for almost anyone And being that this was the first in the periodical, I tip my hat to Nathan Shumate Keep up the hard work hunting for great stories and unknown authors I can see this easily being the launching point for many indie authors.

There is a new dog in the hunt for short horror fiction and its name is Arcane I finally got a chance to read the inaugural issue, which was made available in late spring With a subtitle of Penny Dreadfuls for the 21st Century, the tone is made readily apparent, which is a welcome change over some of the ambiguous titles of magazines and other short fiction markets.
Issue 1 contains a brief introduction by its editor, Nathan Shumate, as he lays out the format of the book is irrelevant compared to the subject matter From there, readers are treated to twelve short stories from various authors Rather than long established authors, Arcane features new voices, up and coming and a couple brand spanking new As for the horror, there s a hodgepodge of styles and intensity Where one story holds nothing back and reveals a vi An absolutely excellent collection of short horror stories There was nothing included that didn t scare or thrill me in some way, and I m very pleased to be reading right from the first issue.
Horror fans will love this start up magazine.

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