Download Epub Format â Asylum (The Asylum Trilogy, #1) PDF by ☆ Amy Cross

Download Epub Format â Asylum (The Asylum Trilogy, #1) PDF by ☆ Amy Cross This would have got 5 stars if it wasn t for the ending I have so many questions Hopefully the second book will be just as good This was such a good read With the right amount of creepiness I LOVED what was happening I also likes how so many characters got their own chapter It was done really well and was not confusing or hard to keep track Definitely will be reading by author.
Very Very disturbing and I loved it

Asylum has always struck me as a funny word If we are in a cruel, horrible country, we may be granted asylum in a less horrible country However, an asylum always brings to mind Nurse Ratched, too bright fluorescent lights, and over medicated patients shuffling around, mumbling to themselves Lakehurst Psychiatric Hospital is definitely among the latter It is ruled by the authoritarian Nurse Kirsten Winter, who was hired there right out of college No patient has ever walked out of Lakehurst cured They are heavily medicated, and if they misbehave, they are taken to the basement for special treatment, involving some sort of experimental, horrifying, electronic brain interface device One day, Lakehurst receives its most famous resident Her name is Anni Just whoah strange, macabre, weird and this is just number one.
Wow This was one wild ride Every time I got a lock on the story, the real story was pushed further out Like layers to an onion, I kept finding beneath the previous stories.
Without giving away any of the twists and their are many twist in here I will caution readers that this book is the compilation of eight mini stories which told together make up a larger storyline.
Readers need to pay attention to when the next book starts if they are not to fall behind Also, if you want to figure this thriller out, you need to keep a mental notebook on the details that you learned in the previous books chapters When I got to the final pages, and seen how the stories dovetail together my mind was racing to pick up the pieces before the last line So much so that after I finished, I sat in my living room staring out the window as my mind completed the piecing together of the story While this is a The ASYLUM series by Amy Cross reminds me of writing workshops This is not a good thing As a paying reader, and not a workshop compatriot, I do not expect to be bludgeoned by incorrect punctuation, missing words and repetitive scenes I resisted my workshopping urges, though, until the last third of the book Frustration sent me to start marking the text, not only because the mistakes were ruining what could have been an interesting story, but because I wanted to see if maybe I was inflating the number of mistakes that a casual read caught I was not At one anguished point, I noted, Bad editing is killing this book The worst thing about ASYLUM, though, is not the lack of editing The worst thing is the wasted potential Cross has fascinating and unique ideas, and created characters that had sparkling moments of pure interest There are masterfully handled scenes, including one where a I really liked this story It was very creative both in the story line and in the way it was constructed It definitely kept you guessing from chapter to chapter what happens next is it a ghost story is it science fiction The writing style was unique, using mainly the first person, present tense, but from the point of view of many different characters, and flipping to different time periods creating a non linear tale As others have pointed out, the final chapters take you in a direction you never would have guessed.
I m a patient reader, so I seldom use the term page turner , but as I got closer to the end, I did have a tough time putting down.
I absolutely loved this series It took a couple chapters to really get into the story, but once I did, I was hooked It took two days for me to read the first book, but one day for the other seven A definite page turner I finished this novel almost a month ago and still think about it all the time It reminded me of the TV show American Horror Story Asylum Although, I read this before the season started I haven t started Ms Cross s other works I purchased them just after finishing this one , but I already feel like I found a new favorite author I cannot recommend this book highly enough.
Writing 4 starsPlot 5 stars Readability 5 starsAge AdultsHighly Recommended No One Ever Leaves Lakehurst The Staff, The Patients, The Ghosts Once You Re Here, You Re Stuck Forever After Shooting Her Little Brother Dead, Annie Radford Is Sent To Lakehurst Psychiatric Hospital For Assessment Hearing Voices In Her Head, Annie Is Forced To Undergo Experimental New Treatments Devised By A Mysterious Old Man Who Lives In The Hospital S Attic It Soon Becomes Clear That The Hospital S Staff, Led By The Vicious Nurse Winter, Are Hiding Something Horrific At LakehurstAs Annie Struggles To Survive The Hospital, She Learns About Nurse Winter S Own Story Once A Promising Young Medical Student, Kirsten Winter Also Heard Voices In Her Head Voices That Traveled A Long Way To Reach Her Voices That Have A Plan Of Their Own Voices That Will Stop At Nothing To Get What They WantWhat Kind Of Signals Are Being Transmitted From The Basement Of The Hospital Who Is The Old Man In The Attic Why Are Living Human Brains Kept In Jars And What Is The Dark Secret That Lurks At The Heart Of The Hospital This Book Contains Violence And Adult Language Not Suitable For Children Or Young Readers any of you who follow my reviews know that I love Amy Cross stories she is an amazing story teller Asylum follows the style of her previous work in that it jumps between characters and time zones, which allows for much deeper story development and character understanding As usual this is a no spoiler review, Asylum isn t as good as devils briar, but is easily on par with The Library and Mass extinction event once again Cross develops a story that allows you to almost put yourself into the world or should I say wards of the asylum if you like horror with a twist, try Amy Cross

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