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Ù AZ æ Download by ✓ Peter Mark May It S The Dawn Of A New Era The Year Of The ZombieFire Rained From The Sky Over Tucson That Day A Dust Cloud Settled Over The City And The Dead Rose From Their Graves Tom Hollinger Raced To His Ex Wife S Place To Make Sure She And His Son Were Safe They Weren T Tom Was Barely Able To Save The Boy From His Undead Mother Now, Surrounded By A City In Chaos, Tom, His Son And A Handful Of Friends Are Battling Their Way Out Of Town, Desperate To Make It To Safety While The Army Of The Living Dead Grows In Number Every Hour The World No Longer Belongs To The Living A New Era Has Dawned Anno Zombie A very unbelievable book The world, coincidentally under key cities, opens up and swallows its inhabitants, who then reanimate as Zombies There is no explanation of how the apocalypse started not even the hint or one , which is something I despise most about the mass produced, carelessly written Zombie themed books that want to capitalize on the craze Although this book had the potential to be interesting, it just wasn t May failed to follow through with multiple points, leaving the reader confused and trying to fill holes in the plot Why, for example, did this massive group of Zombies follow Tom all over Arizona specifically, why did Zombies, who had known him in life, follow him Why were torrential downpours so damaging to Zombies an interesting notion, yet one which was not explained If you re going to write a Zombie book, at least put enough effort in it to answer the simplest o I don t think that Anno Zombie adds anything new to the genre but it is a fun read.
On the day that signifies the dawn of the Zombie Apocalypse, Tucson folks could be considered some of the luckier ones At least their city still exists Phoenix, Los Angeles, and other major cities around the world have disappeared into a gaping fiery hole, and all their denizens disappear forever Armageddon has arrived.
As fire rains down on Tucson, Tom Hollinger and his new main squeeze, Casey, raceacross town to rescue his ex wife and son from an army of zombies By the time they get toTommy Jr s house, there is barely enough time to rescue his son who witnessed his nowzombie mother eat her baby daughter and escape with their lives Heading for a pub run by his bestfriend and former British paratrooper Alan Hopkins, they hole up and decide how to get out of town.
Together with a mixed bag of survivors, they take off, loaded down with all the weapo

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