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[ Pdf Music in the Castle of Heaven Û zombies PDF ] by John Eliot Gardiner ↠´ Johann Sebastian Bach Is One Of The Most Unfathomable Composers In The History Of Music How Can Such Sublime Work Have Been Produced By A Man Who When We Can Discern His Personality At All Seems So Ordinary, So Opaque And Occasionally So Intemperate John Eliot Gardiner Grew Up Passing One Of The Only Two Authentic Portraits Of Bach Every Morning And Evening On The Stairs Of His Parents House, Where It Hung For Safety During World War II He Has Been Studying And Performing Bach Ever Since, And Is Now Regarded As One Of The Composer S Greatest Living Interpreters The Fruits Of This Lifetime S Immersion Are Distilled In This Remarkable Book, Grounded In The Most Recent Bach Scholarship But Moving Far Beyond It, And Explaining In Wonderful Detail The Ideas On Which Bach Drew, How He Worked, How His Music Is Constructed, How It Achieves Its Effects And What It Can Tell Us About Bach The Man Gardiner S Background As A Historian Has Encouraged Him To Search For Ways In Which Scholarship And Performance Can Cooperate And Fruitfully Coalesce This Has Entailed Piecing Together The Few Biographical Shards, Scrutinizing The Music, And Watching For Those Instances When Bach S Personality Seems To Penetrate The Fabric Of His Notation Gardiner S Aim Is To Give The Reader A Sense Of Inhabiting The Same Experiences And Sensations That Bach Might Have Had In The Act Of Music Making This, I Try To Show, Can Help Us Arrive At A Human Likeness Discernible In The Closely Related Processes Of Composing And Performing His Music It Is Very Rare That Such An Accomplished Performer Of Music Should Also Be A Considerable Writer And Thinker About It John Eliot Gardiner Takes Us As Deeply Into Bach S Works And Mind As Perhaps Words Can The Result Is A Unique Book About One Of The Greatest Of All Creative Artists stato davvero interessante leggere questo saggio, incentrato sulla produzione sacra di Bach, che d poco spazio alla stretta biografia e solo nella misura in cui inquadra l artista, uomo talvolta servile con i potenti la sua vita dipendeva dalle loro grazie e commissioni, come biasimarlo , irascibile, in disputa per i compensi, stakanovista per anni compose una Cantata a settimana lavorando senza sosta intimamente religioso La musica di Bach incentrata su vita morte Dio e il suo fine, come noto, elevare l anima a Dio e renderGli lode Questa intima predisposizione per il sacro di Bach, certo non fu slegata dalle vicende biografiche perse entrambi i genitori da bambino, la prima moglie all improvviso, diversi figli ancora infanti La morte era una realt che conosceva bene L autore noto direttore d orchestra inglese un fautore della musica barocca, bench i suoi interessi spazino Yet another book on Bach, are you kidding Fino Well, yes and this one is really really good John Eliot Gardner is one of the world s greatest performers of baroque music and this book provides insight into what for me would be the otherwise completely inaccessible world of Bach s choral music all written in what is for me incomprehensible German He has a great, entertaining writing style and I learned so much and loved learning about how I could appreciate the music despite not understanding the words I even went to a performance of the Passion of Saint John at the Madeleine Church in Paris and was blown away it did help to have printed programs with German on one side and French translation on the other but I was pissed off at a few of the editorial choices of the conductor who cut out some of the coolest parts that Gardine Four months to read this book Some brilliant things here, but also very frustrating Gardiner strongly believes that Bach s religious music, specifically the prodigious cantata cycles, the St John and St Matthew Passions, and the B minor Mass, are at the absolute center of Bach s accomplishment and identity Fine, but he neglects Bach s stupendous abstract music, and really fails to address how those not attached to Bach s Lutheran variant of Christianity how those who may not be religious at all may find Bach s work to be the most important musical accomplishment of the last millennium.
This is not a standard biography again that is fine, but if you want to know the basic data of Bach s life, this is not the place to start In spite of the book s 560 pages of text, Gardiner really does The book offers musical insights into Bach s sacred music, and also into his time and place We are presented with the results of a lot of fascinating and on going research.
I love the cantatas, passions, masses and have them all I took helpful notes on what to listen out for in those cantatas I m not familiar with The Passions and the B Minor Mass are treated towards the end and I gave up at the end of the Kyrie Reading about the B Minor Mass is a task for another time.
I thought that John Eliot Gardiner s enthusiastic prose could have done with some editing but occasionally there were inspiring passages of considerable beauty Because of the density and convolutions of the prose style, the smallness of the typeface and the over 660 pages I found this an eye an Much to my surprise, given my interest in the subject and the widespread acclaim for this book, large portions of this were a total slog Having gone in knowing Bach s instrumental works somewhat better than his choral pieces, I was intrigued by getting the perspective of a choral conductor Sadly, I found the author to be pretty grating in his discussion of music not just the random speculation about what Bach must have felt as he wrote pieces passages of music clearly show Bach wrestling with his doubt about Lutheran dogma, huh , but also the long descriptions of how the listener responds to various works even when I completely agree with the reaction to the musical passages being described, I recoil at being told that the audience can t help but react in some, usually swoony, way I know a lot of people that do not react t Gardiner has devoted a decent chunk of his life to the dissection, conducting and promotion of the works of Bach, particularly the sacred vocal pieces, and so it makes sense that this book is a love letter to this music he is so enraptured by There s biography here and a strong sense of Bach s character, but what makes up the bulk of this book is a forensic, deep, loving, exhaustive and necessarily speculative analysis of the sacred works the Passions, the Mass, and particularly the 200 ish cantatas It s than a life s work and it s a pleasure and privilege to read Delightful, heavy and really quite brilliant.
I thoroughly enjoyed this It s detailed and full, from a conductor who has spent his whole career mastering Bach.
It dropped 1 star for the underlying doubts about Bach Otherwise it s great.
Still a book about Bach, the musician of the musicians, the boss Why one over and what news The author John Eliot Gardiner An institution The English chief was the student and also the heir of Nadia Boulanger He was one of the heroes of the baroque revolution.
This movement began in Holland and Germany at the end of the Seventies The goal was to play again the Baroque music with close to the authenticity instrument of time, diapason with 451 herz, cord in bowel.
Gustav Leonhardt, Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Ren Jacobs This period is very well told in the book of Richard Powers It is the American chief, William Christie, which started again the baroque opera with Atys de Lully I have a particular tenderness for Leonhardt To allure my wife I took her along to listen to him to play of harpsichord at the Sainte Chapelle.
The setting sun lit t Scarcely ever have I read a work of nonfiction written so passionately as this one Gardiner s work tells the story of Bach s life insofar as its events can be discerned from its beginning through to its end, all the while examining selections from his oeuvre in detail.
The most common criticism of this book I ve seen in the press and on Goodreads is that it glosses over most of Bach s instrumental works This is true The book focuses almost exclusively on Bach s choral works and particularly focuses on his compositions for the church However, the treatment of these choral works is positively forensic, and this book serves as just about as comprehensive a guide to them as any non scholarly reader might ever ask for.
Gardiner is clearly a devotee of Bach s music, and he spells out the meaning behind various pieces extremely vividly It is often said that the skill of a good teac

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