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Download Epub Format ✓ Bait PDF by ✓ Colleen Charles I was given this ARC for an honest review OK I m already laughing at the first paragraph One of her inner thoughts I felt like I d been stuffed into some synthetic prison featuring a sagging crotch and creased ankles I enjoyed reading Charlies inner voices she cracked me up Nolan seems to have taken a fancy to Charlie She has feelings for him that she is scared to let out, she still finds it weird he is in to her At first I couldn t decide if he was just being charming or just using her, but he seems to care for her Even if he keeps springing these decisions on her that she doesn t get a chance to consider I wish you knew what he was thinking but it is all from her point of few Arhhhh what a way to end the book, what is going to happen next Roll on part 2 I want to know how they get on.
Nolan and Charlie are a great couple on a roller coaster ride in life Ms Charles knows how to create characters filled with love, lust, courage, and even some that are full of ego, snobbery and meanness read this tale to see who has which qualities.
Discover This HOT New Alpha Billionaire Romance By Author, Colleen Charles Download For FREE With Kindle UnlimitedSexy East Coast Playboy, Nolan Banks, Is Disturbing My Perfectly Buttoned Up Life He Sleeps With Celebrities, Jets Around The Globe And Thumbs His Nose At The TabloidsAnd Every Time He Gets Drunk And Photographed With Some Random Harlot Claiming She S Pregnant With His Love Child, I Get The CallClean It Up, CharlieNolan S MessYou See, I M Charlene De Monaco, Nolan S Corporate AttorneyThen He Went And Did It Something So Outrageous His Daddy Can T Buy Him Out Of It I Can T Even Lawyer Him Out Of It His Only Hope For Redemption Is Pretending To Straighten Up And Fly Right To Act Like He S In Love With One Woman Committed MonogamousIt S A Solid StrategyExcept For One Fatal FlawHe Picks MeThis Alpha Billionaire Romance Is Intended For Mature Readers Download The Best Selling Romance For FREE With Kindle Unlimited Ms Charles is a new to me author I sometimes read through a lot of romance books just to pass the time However, I found myself becoming invested in these characters, wanting them to succeed in their personal struggles and shake off the demons of their backgrounds I ve only had one other author of this genre pull me into a story so much wanting a HEA so badly for the characters I think I ve found another oneRomance stories to savor.
Loved this book Loved Nolan even tho he needed to learn to think before he spoke Loved Charlie She was the best thing that ever walked into Nolan s life The B E S T book Highly recommend.
I really enjoyed this book by Colleen Charles Colleen never disappoints with her well written storylines that just pull you into the story along with the characters.
I love the storyline and find it very hard to put down I have to get to the end and feel I m part of this story

Omg I just love this story the beginning is similar to a lot of office stories, you are hired for one thing and expected to do too a lot of other stuff Charlene aka Charlie is hired as an attorney for a real estate office that buys up properties and builds on them First day there she is accused of being late to a meeting and instead of being on the case for the homeless housing she is stuck representing her boss on a paternity suit Justine the lawyer manager is a hard nose woman who is just nasty to the employees but when Nolan the boss sees how she is treating Charlie he fires Justine Nolan seems to be very interested in Charlie and when he introduced her to his godfather as his girlfriend she is speechless Charlie is fighting so hard not to get feelings for Nolan and he is trying to show her what a great guy he can be I Nolan and Charlie are the top of the social scene, and everyone wants to know everything about them, or at least all about Charlie Nolan is Charlie s boss and who she was hired to protect from frivolous lawsuits and to keep tabs on him Charlie had been raised by just her dad, and so sometimes times were tough Just like a phoenix, she rose above all of that and went to Harvard on a scholarship They both fell fast in love with each other.
but that was tested time and time again Like any other love story, it is well worth the ups and downs in the end Colleen Charles has written another amazingly relatable story that hits home one way or another If I could give it than five stars, I would A great alpha romance what I really loved was that in many ways, the heroine was the alpha, which really gave the book a special twist This was the first Colleen Charles book I d read and I m definitely going to be reading her back catalogue asap Enjoyed the unique writer s voice that often is absent in this kind of romance genre I was given a copy of this book as a gift and am voluntarily reviewing.

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