↠´ Batman: Private Casebook ¹ Download by º Paul Dini

↠´ Batman: Private Casebook ¹ Download by º Paul Dini An excellent volume by Paul Dini the guy behind Batman the Animated Adventures awesome tv show and creator of Harley Quinn, with an excellent two part epilogue to the terrible Resurrection of Ra s Al Ghul storyline, ending for now the menaced of the Demon and the Suit of Sorrows only story in the volume by Peter Milligan.
Liked very much how Dini loves to update for the new generation of readers classical weird Batman villains adding to them a modern touch of evilness and.
The Scarface II Zatanna Wayne, you lucky b t rd Talia and Selina just were not enough storyline was real good stuff and Batman trolling the Heirs of Dupin chatroom part made me laugh for good.
With the exception of the Suit of Sorrows every story in this book is written by Paul Dini If you haven t heard of him, he s the man who wrote Batman the Animated Series and among other things brought Harley Quinn into existence together with Bruce Timm.
I loved the Resurrection of Ra s Al Ghul Epilogue I ve read the Resurrection of Ra s Al Ghul trade And this epilogue is a great addition to that story It has great action I love the Globe, who is an eccentric villain I haven t seen anywhere before One of many things in this book is that Paul Dini uses what looks like the Batmobile from the animated series Just great nostalgic fun for the fans The art by Dustin Nguyen is great One of my favorite parts in the epilogue is when Batman outsmarts Ra s Al Ghul when he thinks he is outsmarting Batman Just a great scene I liked th

This volume starts with an epilogue for The Resurrection of Ra s al Ghul I didn t expect it, but it did feel out of place to what s to come afterwards The biggest storyline in this volume that spins around Zatanna and the new Ventroloquist I guess anyone who jumps into this without knowing who the Ventroloquist is will get spoiled is definitely quality material I thoroughly enjoyed the story around those characters, the chemistry between them and the artwork that embellishes the totality I m really surprised by the creativity behind this story arc and I really wish that Paul Dini could ve put into it cause there were brilliant ideas that could ve made this into an instant classic The last issue was also out of place, in my honest opinion Pertaining to the Riddler and his rehabilitated self and a new non ritualistic serial killer, the story was fun but isn t the Few writers have moulded and shaped the image of Batman over the years into the version we all know and love than Paul Dini From the Batman Animated Series to The Brave and the Bold to the Arkham Asylum games and numerous books, Dini has proved he is one of the most adept and versatile writers Batman has ever had, effortlessly capturing his voice and character and creating some of the best stories in the Batman canon There are many writers who could write a cool Batman story with Joker as the villain or one of the other biggies like Two Face, Riddler, Penguin, Ra s Al Ghul it s not many who can write an amazing Batman story with Scarface or Mad Hatter as the main villains But Dini does just this The best story here plays off of the numerous Alice in Wonderland themed villains in Gotham by having them gather as The Wonderland Gang and wr Another nice set of stories, only one not written by Dini.
The first is an epilogue to The Resurrection of Ra s al Ghul, which unfortunately I have not read yet Even though I didn t know the particulars Batman deals with Ra s in a way you ve never seen before at least I haven t The other stories continue the one off yet carry through some story elements before including the Riddler being a private investigator, Scarface having a new dummy , and another tale with Zatanna which Dini has said before he really likes Some of the mystery ones aren t the type that you can figure out yourself, remember they are only one issue long, but they showcase Batman s seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of everything.
Definitely worth reading.
This collection continues Dini s run as a regular Batman writer, with one story The Suit of Sorows by Peter Milligan I think Dini is usually brilliant when writing in the Batverse, and this collection was no exception for me The main focus is on the continuing story of Scarface and the new Ventriloquist, with a few sidestories Dini must also be a Zatanna fan, since she shows up again The last story in the collection is actually a very short Zatanna Halloween story, probably put here for lack of a better place to collect it I m having trouble coming up with any flaws to point out The writing and characterization were both solid, and the art Dustin Nguyen is really fantastic Ah, yes, one thing that fell flat a weirdly extended scene where Batman trolls an online forum to pick the brains of the armchair detectives Just didn t work for me, and it was the one low point Another volume of excellent Batman mysteries Loved the artwork and the storyline is snappy and active, but also emotive I think Dini s Batman volumes tend to be my favorite.
Private Casebook is Paul Dini taking on a number of smaller stories, which is a cool formula for a book Dustin Nguyen is a fantastic artist for Batman 1 Resurrection of Ra s al Ghul Epilogue is the last chapter of Dini and Morrison s bigger Resurrection storyline Good read.
2 Wonderland Gang Mad Hatter, Tweedledee and dumand dumb it was.
3 Suit of Sorrows written by Peter Milligan was a very cool story about the suit of armour given to Batman by Talia during the Resurrection storyline Well worth reading.
4 Opening Night Curtains A 2 part story featuring Zatana, a character who doesn t get enough coverage I think A very interesting partner love interest of Batman Also involves the new Scarface and some underworld mob story Entertaining for sure It s a slight continuation from T Amazing Book, Batman Private Casebook By Paul Dini This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Batman Private Casebook , Essay By Paul Dini Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You This is another comic book on Batman This particular title is a collection of seven short stories or mini chapters of short stories The writer Paul Dini was the producer and screen writer for Batman The Animated Series and if you enjoyed those cartoons in the 90s you will also enjoy the same feel of short episodes in this book, though the illustrators did vary from story to story Overall it was a fun read.
Various super villains are featured in this volume such as Ra s al Ghul, the Mad Hatter and the Wonderland gang, Scarface and the Ventriloquist and Catwoman There s also a feature of the character Zatanna who helps Batman I actually think she s a neat character who support Batman However like other characters who help Batman, Batman still manage to somehow manage to be somewhat distance from them, including Zatanna The work also feature lesser known villains such

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