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[Jamie Sullivan] Ú Beast [christian-romance-historical PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ð Reviewed for Netgalley SPOILERSIf you can ignore the Stockholm Syndrome and the bestiality, the basis of the story is a fairly good one Think of Beast as a modern day telling of Beauty and the Beast for the gay man I wish I could say that the execution was good, but this reads like the product of a writing challenge, like NaNoWriMo where an author has one month to write a 50,000 word novel The whole thing is rushed, rushed rushed I wish Sullivan would have tapped the brakes and taken the time to really develop Beau and the overall story Beast could have been intense and frightening and morphed into something beautiful Instead, it feels like the skeleton outline of a much bigger story Everything that happens is shallow and simplified Beau accepts being held host I love picking up Beauty and the Beast themed books It s probably my favorite theme ever I found this one on NetGalley and decided to give it a go With the BB theme, stockholm syndrome, and add M M to boot, I was intrigued The problem was this fell flat for me for several reasons I did finish it so that s a plus, but it still had issues The ending is rushed for my liking, the answers were not really answers to me, and no real supporting cast Those were the leading reasons for my rating I did have issues with the Beastiality part of it Most of the BB books I read the Beast is a ruthless man, or grumpy, or someone with a lot of issues I ve never read one where he was ACTUALLY a Beast I think Beau liked that than his human for of Gabriel It just rubbed me the wrong way through the whole I thought Beast was a wonderful re telling of Beauty and the Beast Instead of a Prince turns into monster and a small town girl who loves him, we have an arrogant rockstar, Gabriel Fletcher, and Rolling Stone journalist, Beau, who is tasked to look for the missing star.
I enjoyed the whole progress of Beau being scared at his wits end as the Beast s captive but slowly he was able to befriend the creature, up to the moment where Beau realized that he cared for Beast There were some endearing moments there, for sure.
By the way, the sort of twist in the end was pretty amusing for me view spoiler So the curse actually doesn t require someone to love Gabriel unconditionally, despite his physical change Instead Gabriel should only just sleep with someone So if Gabriel pays for a prostitute for example, to sleep 3 Stars RTC I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley and the Publisher.
Received a free copy of this book from NetGalleyConflicting feelings about this short story I liked how the author set up the plot which wasn t originalthe main character s name is Beau Really and I also enjoyed the developing chemistry between the two main characters It s not easy to keep the pace of a story moving along when there really isn t a supporting cast of characters and the dialogue is limited to just two people, but the author handled that pretty well I also liked the author s writing style.
Unfortunately, it all fell apart for me close to the end I felt the way the plot was resolved was really anticlimatic The manager just shows up at the door, the girl witch is not even forced to be there she has the power to cast a spell but can t run away , Beau is in love with the Beast but has a difficult time ad

Hard to rate3 The story itself was entertaining but Beau actually annoyed me He continually referred to Gabriel as the creature in one breath and Gabriel in the next which pulled me out of the story and annoyed me to no end, I could accept it at the start but by the end he was meant to have been seeing Gabriel as a person not a monster but he was still calling him a creature Because of that I never really accepted or felt the connection from him.
DNF The writing was not great.
This book was provided for free by the publisher and Love Bytes in exchange for an honest review.
This review was first posted to Love Bytes LGBTQ Book Reviews It has been slightly edited here for content.
When a famous fairy tale like Beauty and the Beast is retold, it needs to hold onto the original message while adding a new, fresh twist that will keep readers wanting Beast gives us a nice glimpse of what the tale could ve been with two men, and the romance itself brings the heat, but it strays a little too far from the magic and message of the story we know and love.
The story follows our expectations a little too closely, but at the same time, it doesn t really support the same message of beauty on the inside will prevail on the outside The first three fourths of the story are pretty much scene for scene Beauty and the Beast the captivity, the slow thawing of 2 Stars The blurb pulled me in and the writing took me right out The book was too rushed.
The story was underdeveloped.
I didn t feel the connection between the characters There s really not much else to say about this one other than it failed to deliver the Beauty and Beast romance I was anticipating Happy reading dolls xx I received an ARC from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
The Very Last Thing Beau Expects To Land On His Desk Is The Story Of The Year The Location Of The Missing Scumbag Rockstar Gabriel Fletcher Eager For The Chance At A Story That Could Make His Career, He Heads Off Immediately For The Remote Mansion Where Gabriel Is Rud To Be Hiding But The Questions He Seeks To Ask Bring Answers He Never Could Have Expected

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