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[ Pdf Better With You ½ library-science PDF ] by Gianna Gabriela ½ I hadn t realized that Better With You, is a young adult romance or I would not have downloaded it It lacked too much in the romance department for me which is understandable, because it s a young adult romance However, this has nothing to do with my rating Now, the reason for the three star rating is, the plot, and it didn t hold my attention I tried, I really did A little over halfway through I stopped reading because nothing was really going on Better With You, had no depth, and because of that, I couldn t finish the book Although I did not enjoy this book, I think the people who like this genre would I like spice, a deeper plot, and growth, and with these characters, I could not connect to them If this author steps away from the young adult genre, I would definitely read ano Mia Collins Has An Amazing Life She Was Popular In High School, And College Is Off To A Great Start Everything Seems Perfect Until She Goes Home For The Break And Everything Changes One Night Sets Everything In Motion And Mia S World Begins To Fall Apart She S Stunned That The Life She Thought She Knew Was All A Lie After She Loses Her Family, She S Forced To Start Over This Time Though, She Vows To Not Let Anyone Get Close To Her Again To Not Get Hurt Again But Life Has A Funny Way Of Doing The Opposite Of What You Ask For Colton Hunter Is The Captain And Quarterback Of A Winning Team With Killer Looks And So Much Money He Doesn T Need His Football Scholarship, You D Think That He Would Have Nothing To Worry About But Behind His Picture Perfect Life Lurks A Dark Secret Something That Colton Has Been Forced To Keep To Himself For Fear Of What Happens If He Speaks Out Torn Up Inside By The Deceit, He Shuts Everyone Out, Not Allowing Anyone To Get Close Enough To See What Hides Behind The Mask That Is Until A Girl Crosses His Path, Shaking His Resolve And Forcing Him To Realize He Doesn T Have To Be Strong All The Time Forewarning readers once you start you won t be able to stop 5 5 STARSGianna Gabriela has just gotten a 10.
0 on the 1 4 mile with her first book ever Better With You is about your typical hot college jock Colton and the beautiful nerdy type newbie Mia When Mia literally runs into Colton in class she is immediately turned off, but Colton is immediately turned on Both have been hurt by people they loved and trusted in their pasts which has left them extremely guarded It takes one task to start taking those guards down but just like life itself they are thrown some obstacles they need to overcome Will they do it together or alone Will they be able to put their fears aside and be truly happy together You will have to read to find out This is the first book in the Second Chance Series You would think as you read this story that Gianna has been writing stories her whole life, 5 Stars Una historia Preciosa Colton ya no me ha podido gustar m s El chico perfecto Si te gustan los libros New adult, ambiente universitario y deportestienes que leerlo.
Short and sweet and typical standard fare for college sports romance novels Liked both characters and sympathized with both for the neglect and family problems they endured Very mild in the sexual and language content.
This book surprised me For being a new author and her debut book it was so good I couldn t put it down I lost sleep reading this but it s ok because it means it was that good This second chance YA romance can be read by all ages too It was refreshing to go back to younger days Meet college good girl and College football star both dealing with issues from their past I loved Mia and Colton They both have past issues they are dealing with and trust is the biggest one Will they be able to overcome that Thrown together for a school project they discover they might be able to help each other deal with their personal problems read about them while they open to each other, start falling in love and then have one mistake that might take it all away You need to read this to find out what happens to them A story about trust, friendship, jealousy, and love Will they g I cannot believe this is a debut novel Gianna Gabriela has written a story that captured me heart and soul from the first page Two broken souls, Colton and Mia, and their adventure to make it through their lives and doing what they feel they need to to survive by shutting everyone out for different reasons The characters were written in such a way that they were very easy to relate to and become a part of their story Truly a must read for everyone and I cannot wait to read books by Gianna Gabriela in the future.

Debut novel There is NO way That is what I kept telling myself as I read Better With You I am calling it now, this girl is going to hit it big with the raw, undeniable talent that she has She is a new author to watch out for Gianna Gabriela has blown my socks off with this incredible, heartwarming read With every kindle page I turned it s as if I could experience everything that Mia and Colton were going through I am someone who refuses to spoil a great read, so all I can say is go read it, because you will not be disappointed.
Such a sweet and lovely book If you re looking for something to enjoy without high anxiety hell, I d highly recommend It s well written and well developed

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