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à Read ↠´ BFFS by Brenda Hampton ↠´ Kayla, Evelyn, And Trina Have Been On And Off Again Girlfriends For Many Years, But The Lines Of True Friendship Will Be Crossed, The Knives That Go Into Another Friend S Back Will Cut Deep, Trust Will Not Apply, And No One Will Share Their Dirty Little Secrets With Enough Backstabbing, Finger Pointing, And Disrespect To Go Around, This Trio Sticks To Their Motto Of What She Can Do, I Can Do Better And Whatever She Has, I Want A Piece Of It Too Much Competition Is Thrown In The Mix, And Jealousy Is So Thick That There Will Be No Place For Anyone To Run When The Mess Hits The Fan Only Then Will They Attempt To Put Their Many Differences Aside, But When Severe Damage Is Already Done, It May Be Possible To Forgive, But Certainly Not To Forget Baaaaby this book make u look at the ones u call ur true friends A true page turn.
I enjoyed this book for what it was A quick urban read without all of the slang and drugs involved I related to one of the characters so that helped me get through the book quicker I feel like every trio of girlfriends has one of these characters in it A user, a naive person, and a peacemaker If I happen to pass by the next book in the library or something, I ll pick it up.
Brenda Hampton did that I really enjoyed this book with some grown folks drama Three female friends with separate lives, yet their lives are connected than they realize Betrayal, lust, death, the right amount of dramatic suspense and a touch of reality tv craziness WINNER Friends I don t think so Very good start of a story of three friends and their shenanigans For three close girlfriends, they are oblivious to who each other really are Guess that s why it s the frenemies series Very good story though On to book two I kind of dig Brenda Hampton s style of writing Let me go on record and say I don t care for Evelyn.
Kayla,Evelyn and Trina have been best friends for a long time.
Although from the outside it looks like they have such a close relationship,each woman holds a secret that can be explosive to all those around them.
Can these women remain friends once the secrets are out or Will they realize that they are really just Frenemies Once again Brenda Hampton has spun a tale of deceit and treachery.
The characters in this story provides a great example of how you should always be careful of who you label a friend The drama was explosive from the gate and continued throughout the book,The ending left me anticipating part 2 of this series todayAnother Great Job by Brenda Hampton,she never disappoints.
Juicy read The saying goes No new friends , but with frenemies like these you may just want em.
Kayla is living the good life and has all the material things to show for it, but not everything that glitters is gold Especially when secrets are unearthed and payback is certain.
Evelyn has some secrets of her own and her thirst for a better life comes at a great cost she seems willing to pay.
Trina has been living a double life and being caught in the middle of lovers.
and friends can be tiring Ohhh weeeif I thought the last book I read got me out of my book funk, this one has me excited to read again It took me 4 days to read it because I was savoring this one lol This read was on point the plot was engaging and flowed The suspense from the first paragraph to the last had me reeling and the drama was climatic as well The characters are very relatable and their interactions helped t This was my first time reading something from this author and baby she sure showed why people talk about her she is wicked with the pen I really enjoy how she keep these woman who were frenemies I the same circle and how they all knew each other business but nobody wanted to say anything to each other This book was straight fire can t wait to see what happens in part 2 Brenda Hampton I m a fan for life.
This book was an excellent read Trina, Kayla and Evelyn have been best frenemies for years Kayla is doing very well with her husband Cedric financially Unbeknownst to her, Evelyn is jealous of her Trina has been sleeping with women for a while, but her two friends are none the wiser She uses Keith from time to time when they go out for a cover She never thinks she will fall in love with him, but one never knows She has no idea her female lover Lexi is a bit unstable and will cause serious problems for her Kayla has a secret regarding her son Jacoby She thinks Cedric doesn t know, but he does, he never says anything about it for a long time He also has a problem being faithful to Kayla He s sleeping with one of her friends as well When the stuff hits the fan, it might tear these friends apart forever Re read in

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