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[Kathi S. Barton] è Cain (The Waite Family, #1) [epic-poetry PDF] Read Online Û Cain Waite Watched The Girl Beneath His Lashes She Was Skinny He Thought But Very Pretty He Wondered At The Conversation She And The Nurse Was Having Enough That When The Nurse Left He Followed He Wanted To Help The Girl And Asked For Permission To Do So Damon Grant Knows Me He Can Vouch For Me As A Doctor I Just Want To See If I Can Help It Didn T Matter Really Once He Got Back To The Girl As She Was Lying In A Pool Of Her Own Blood And Unconscious The Girl Went By Many Names Julie Was The One The Nurse Called Her, Shade And Also Miss Rocky Was Just A Few But It Was Her Real Name That She Held To Her No One Must Know Who She Was Or They D Try And Kill Her And The Good Doctor Was Someone She Decided That She Didn T Want To See Get HurtBeing Homeless Helped Her Friends Around The Streets Helped Her Keep Her Secret But Only Until Cain Stepped In And No Matter How Hard She Tried To Fight Him And His Five Sisters, The Arrogant Man Got Under Her SkinBut When It Was Known That She Wasn T Homeless At All And In Fact A Billionaire, The Grounds Seemed To Open With People Trying To Get To Her She Would Only Escape One Disaster Only To Be Thrown Into Another Until Quinn Got HurtRoscoe Wanted The Girl S Money And He Was Willing And Quite Capable Of Killing His Own Daughter To Do So Could She Help Save The Girl And Win The Man Did Cain Stand A Chance Against All Her Money And His Family Another amazing book and the start to a series I loved this book and am looking forward to the next.
It moved along at a great pace, had amazing characters and a great story as well.
Kathi S Barton is a very enjoyable author and cant wait to read.
A romance that will appeal to those who love a bit of erotic explicit literature I loved the plot line, the riches to rags to riches line was entertaining and gripping The characters were well developed and the protagonists had good reason to feel threatened, intimidated and sense evil from those that oppose them I found it interesting that both the male and female protagonists had a parent who did everything for self gain.
The world building was also very nicely done Life on the streets were nicely described and I loved the fact that the people on the streets had nicely fluffed out back stories that is easily understood and with which one and all can sympathize and empathize.
The sex, erotic or explicit as it was, and I must say in context it was explicit than erotic made sense within the story line but I once again realized that it is no Cain is a handsome doctor but is also a man franc, forthright , so when he sees Julie , he kisses her and the attraction is strong and he thinks only to take she at own house Jiulie is a homeless but she hides a secret Cain and Jiuli both have bad parents that will create many problem A plot original and rich of action and hot sex a lot I like this book because is compelling , romantic and dialogues are fun and there isn t subterfuges or misunder to complicate the plot.
Cain Waite watched the girl beneath his lashes She was skinny he thought but very pretty He wondered at the conversation she and the nurse was having enough that when the nurse left he followed He wanted to help the girl and asked for permission to do so Damon Grant knows me He can vouch for me as a doctor I just want to see if I can help It didn t matter really once he got back to the girl as she was lying in a pool of her own blood and unconscious The girl went by many names Julie was the one the nurse called her, Shade and also Miss Rocky was just a few But it was her real name that she held to her No one must know who she was or they d try and kill her And the good doctor was someone she decided that she didn t want to see get hurt Being homeless hel Freebie 01 14 2013 Every second one of Barton s books has me wanting to never read another book by her again And then the next one is fine I think I know the problem, she s trying to publish too many books too often so one book is fully formed and then the next is bad.
This had some early problems for me, most especially Alyssa Julie remembering a kiss between her and Cain that didn t happen.
Alyssa was seventeen when her father died and she inherited everything from him Her mother, uncle and two older brothers were cut off almost completely and her mother and uncle hatched a plan to help him fill the conditions imposed for his share, marriage to a good woman and having child.
Alyssa s mother drugged her so that her uncle could make use of the fact she was breedable.
Not to take anything from that horrendous prospect but su From my blog.
Why did I even bother with this book I got it for free from some time ago and I thought the cover was cool Talk about judging a book by its cover For than half of this story, I was yawning and trying to stay awake because nothing really kept me awake I mean, believe it or not, I actually wanted to study for the Physics test I had the next day I think it s never happened before The book started kind of okay, but it only got worse from there on I felt like everything was rushed and there were too many things that made me want to yell at somebody because it was just bad Like I felt that Cain s insecurity after he found out who she really was, was kind of cough a lot forced just so they d just have problems And Julie s Alyssa s stub 2.
5 starsI don t know what to think of this book On the one hand I enjoyed reading it it was a good way to pass time On the other I think I enjoyed dissing the book than anything It was just so unrealistic First, the dude falls for her in like two days, in which all they ve done is fighting and there seemed to be no connection Then one moment she s leaving, the next they re having sex.
Then, all the things with their parents I could understand one royally screwed up parent with no heart or functioning brain, but three That was a bit excessive.
Then he was talking marriage after a week of knowing her, and everyone could see he was in love with her Then he was mad at her,Then he was in love with her again.
Then he decided he s going to buy her a ring and propose,But a page later he is talking with a patient about how he isn t sure where their relationship is g I thought this was a storyline that was built on a unique concept The fact that Julie Alyssa the main character hid on the streets right in front of the noses of the people who wanted to control her was inspired I have been finding that Ms Barton has been incorporating some interesting moral elements in her storylines and this one was no exception Homeless are overlooked, treated badly and often treated as throwaways One should be careful of how others are treated as you never know when one of those unwanted people might own your building Cain is a different type of character, he loves his sisters but looked at Alyssa like she was doing something wrong by living the way she did He did however treat her homeless friends with respect then I th

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