↠´ Challenge Accepted ó Download by ↠´ Amanda Abram

↠´ Challenge Accepted ó Download by ↠´ Amanda Abram This was cute and started out really well but then there was DRAMA and the misunderstandings kept piling up until I didn t care any 3.
5 5I ve read many enemies to lovers novels, but this has been the best one yet This book starts off with the H and h actually hating each other It s not like in other stories where the h hates the hero because he s so hot and and she s actually really attracted to him but doesn t want to just be another girl who throws herself at him No Emma truly hates Logan And Logan isn t just teasing Emma but secretly is really into her He actually doesn t like her.
That s what made this book so great for me These two genuinely don t like each other, but slowly, gradually, begin to start seeing each other in a different light The progression of their relationship didn t feel forced or rushed It was a great and believable process.
Finally a nice one.
Emma Dawson And Logan Reynolds Have Been Neighbors And Enemies For As Long As Either One Can Remember Despite The Fact Their BFF Fathers Have Been Encouraging Them Their Whole Lives To Be Friends, They Ve Managed To Avoid Each Other At All Costs Emma Thinks Logan Is A Callous Jerk Who Cares About Nobody But Himself Logan Thinks Emma Is A Stuck Up Goody Two Shoes With No Life The Two Couldn T Be Any Differentwhich Is Why Emma Is So Confused When The Emerson High Computer Club S Summer Fling Compatibility Test Concludes They Re A Perfect Match But Logan S Not Confused He Lied On The Test To Make His Sometimes Girlfriend Think They Re Not Meant To Be And Now Emma Is Furious That He Made Her Lose Out On The Chance Of Having A Swoony Summer Romance With The Perfect Guy Forced By His Stepmother To Make It Up To Her, Logan Decides To Help Her Win The Heart Of Her Lifelong Crush His Best Friend, Matt He Knows How Much Of A Challenge This Will Be Matt Is Good Looking, Popular And Outgoing Emma Is Quiet, Bookwormish, And Scared Of Everything However, Logan Is Convinced That With Some Major Tweaking, He Can Transform Emma Into Someone Matt Could Fall For But As The Summer Heats Up, So Does Their Budding Friendship And Soon, They May Be Faced With The Biggest Challenge Of All Falling For Each Other 4 StarsThis was sweet If you don t like YA, stay away from this book It s pure YA and even though I don t really like the genre, I read the book in one sitting The story follows Emma, a nerdy 18 years old girl, who never had a boyfriend She participates in a project at her school to find the perfect, most fitting guy When she sees the result, she is shocked The boy who should suit her best is Logan Her neighbor and the guy who has been making her life a living hell for years and whom she hates passionately Science doesn t lie and Logan was only matched with Emma for one reason he cheated on the test I don t want to spoil about the plot The story is sweet as sugar and even though it is full of clich s, I have never been bored I have read similar stories a hundred times, but nevertheless I like this book 3.
5 starsI read this on Fictionpress where so many good contemporary even fantasy stories are just waiting to be discovered It s a cliche hate turned love story but I still enjoyed it all the same, in one sitting.
The ending dropped my rating for two whole stars I started this book because for the first time after a long time I wanted to read something easy Just a cute contemporary book where I would not have to worry about my favorite characters dying on every page And that s exactly what I got Just a cute summer story about a shy, introvert girl Emma, and her next door neighborhood, handsome but a jerk Logan, who d been making her life hell since they were kids After he ruins a chance for Emma to get a date sponsored by school s compatibility test , he s forced to make it right Coming up with a brilliant plan to get Emma to date his best friend whom she has a crush on, they start spending time together while Logan s helping Emma out of her shell when they start to have feelings for each other, though neither one is going to admit it because This was delightful.
I will admit, this was pretty much the same storyline I ve read many times in Young Adult, but that didn t take away the fact that I really enjoyed Challenge Accepted.
The story is about a bookworm that we re reminded of being a bookworm a lot throughout this book wanting the summer she s always wanted To organise her book collection of course , to find love, and avoid her pain in the arse neighbour and enemy Logan It s obvious where their relationship develops through this book, it s very predictable and obvious, but it s fluffy and dorky, you can t go wrong really Sometimes it s nice to know where it s going to end, and it s nice to have a cheerful one We all love a skipping through a meadow walking into the sunset type ending, don t we Well, I do.
The characters were all pleasant to rea DNF 16%I m having an extremely hard time connecting with the characters, especially the love interest He comes across as a major jerk with no redeeming qualities, and his personality and thoughts make me dislike him view spoiler Not to mention that I m kind of weirded out by how much this 18 year old boy can t shut up about how hot his stepmom is hide spoiler

This is another buy on simply because I got an email about it, how do I keep falling for them To be honest this wasn t as bad as I expected it to be The only annoying thing is miscommunication, I can t stand miscommunication as a plot device, JUST TALK TO THEM This was the beyond annoying Characters were okay but WAY over the top I m a nerd all I do is read so I shall reorganize my bookshelves all summer instead of traveling with my friends I m such a playboy every girl throws themselves at me some depth would ve been nice Do I have any volunteers to decide all my future book buys Cause apparently I really need it.
I actually really liked Challenge Accepted Maybe it s because of Emma and Logan being the main characters but they didn t annoy me at all I constantly shipped the hell out of them since I was first introduced them Especially once Logan made us think that Emma wasn t the girl next door kind of love Lol, of course she was he just didn t know it yet.
Of course this book was cliche and predictable but I still ended up loving this book Yes, Logan was a douche at time but I still ended up loving him Then there s Emma, who was the nerdy and shy girl but she was lovable because she loved books She was like my twin with books Either way I loved them together especially when they weren t together and were pretending to hang out Oh lord, even their parents shipped them together Plus they had dreams of them being ma

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