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[ Pdf Coach's Challenge ì british-literature PDF ] by Avon Gale ð 4.
5 Stars.
Dirty talkDirty talkHot,and deliciously dirty.
Bring on the sexy times with two of the hottest Alpha Males I ve read about.
pass me a fan.
It might not be romantic in the conventional sense but this Author gets the chemistry between her characters spot on.
I m an absolute push over for grumpy,sarky,sexy characters who aren t afraid of getting dirty when the opportunity presents itself.
it turns out these two aren t afraid of the possibility of being watched.
I m not a massive fan of Sport themed books but there is just enough description of the Sport here for me to get it without it overpowering the story.
Troy Callahan is the newly appointed coach of the Asheville Ravens,a team badly in need of direction.
The team needs a massive overhaul on and of the ice.
With a pretty useless assistant coach he knows he s got a hu 4.
5 Stars Low on angst top notch sexy another hit in this series A new broom sweeps clean as the saying goes and in this case there is not just one but two needed to clean up the mess the former coach of the Asheville Ravens left behind by making said team the probably most hated in the whole league For Troy Callahan, new head coach of the Ravens, whose career as an active hockey player found an abrupt end not long after it began by being outed as gay by the man whose position he acquires now, it is personal satisfaction to succeed where Denis St Savoy failed in order to get the team back at the top of its game His reputation as a control freak, him being tough as nails but also fair, and his changes to the atmosphere, soon earn him the respect of his players But of course, the players have to earn his respect,

I ve LOVED the entire Scoring Chances series, and Coach s Challenge was no different Hot, sarcastic, bossy, mature MEN not boys who took their relationship from flirting to sexual to , and a great audiobook narration to boot I ve had a bad streak with Avon Gale s work recently, so I was actually nervous about starting Coach s Challenge However, it didn t let me down at all, and I was thrilled that the audio reading was as good as I had remembered I didn t want to stop listening, which is the best feeling, let me tell you Okay, if I m being honest, this isn t the most romantic of the series There isn t a lot of affection and lovey dovey feelings However, I really liked the easy, comfortable relationship between the two MCs Their interactions were fun Easy Other than a little twist thrown in at the end, it s a low drama book I am a huge fan of this series and this author So I was very excited to start this one What I like most about these books is that even though they are in the same series, they are so different from one another I found book 1 a bit quirky, book 2 sexy, book 3 romantic, book 4 very emotional and this onewell this one was really fun to read I loved the banter between these two men This was definitely my kind of book Now that being saidbook 4 is still my favorite, because the MC s in that one just ripped my heart to shreds out and put i back in piece by piece.
Anyone who has read the previous book which I recommend you read before this one , knows about the shitstorm that happend with the Ravens team Their former coach, St Savoy Laurent s dad really messed the team up and now I really enjoyed this latest installment of Avon Gale s Scoring Chances series I don t watch hockey, but I might be picking up enough lingo to keep up with at least some of the hockey speak Regardless of my lack of fluency in hockey, though, I love this series Coach s Challenge is a low angst, sexy read.
The Asheville Ravens are the most hated team in the ECHL league and with good reason Their former coach was paying players to injure competitors and also blackmailing people to get his way He was not a good example of a human being understatement.
Troy Callahan knows what it is like to have a promising career cut short by Denis St Savoy Many years ago, he was playing on the same team as St Savoy and he has first hand experience knowin 4.
25 stars Man, Avon Gale ticks so many of my boxes Scoring Chances is one of my favorite series ever, and Coach s Challenge was a worthy addition What I liked The banter Avon Gale is one of the few authors that can make me laugh out loud The sarcastic deadpan give no fucks humour is my kind, and Troy rocked itJust keep in mind that the Troy Callahan Sensitivity Training Seminar is a door hitting your ass on the way out and we ll get along fine Now that we got that clear, I m gonna tell you kids a story about your former dickhead coachThe chemistry Off.
charts There were fireworks and explosions and dirty talk and sex in public places They simultaneously made me hot and bothered and gave me an anxiety attack because Idiots, you re going to get c Scoring Chances is easily one of my favourite series currently being written Gale s low angst, feel good stories are consistently filled with lovable characters, satisfyingly smexy times, scenes that make me smile, a general thread of acceptance of self and of others that warms my heart, romance, and of course, plenty of hockey Unfortunately, while Coach s Challenge definitely brought the heat in the bedroom with all of that extra dirty talk and public sex, it lacked the tenderness and romance that would have balanced those scenes out and made me appreciate them even And, while Troy and Shane s banter was entertaining, without at least a few softer moments, I am not sure that I really believed the transition from scorching taboo sex between a coach and his player to the I love yous and self sacrifice at the end I mean, the dramat Troy s personality was a bit overbearing Especially when he first met someone And then generally every moment after that.
COACH S CHALLENGE was pure sporty, sexy, bantery, entertainment You signed an aging goon to a team full of bullies Are you secretly working for the forces of fucking evil, or whatSeriously There was so much hockey in this book it made me so happy You might be thinking, but don t most sports books have the required sport featured , yes, you would think so But it s not always the case This is my first read by Gale but I follow her on twitter and I know she s a self professed hockey fanatic And it shows Mad respect This is like Kings Ducks level of despising the other team.
No one cares about your stupid California teams This is Rangers Devils shit But there was to this story than just the hockey aspect that made me happy We have some older characters, It S Been Decades Since Blackmail Forced Troy Callahan To Retire From Playing Professional Hockey, And He S Built A Successful Career Behind The Bench When He S Offered The Opportunity To Coach The Asheville Ravens The Most Hated Team In The ECHL He S Convinced That His No Nonsense Attitude Is Just What The Team Needs To Put Their Focus Back On Hockey But Troy Is Disheartened When He Finds Out The Ravens Have Signed Shane North, A Player Known For His Aggression Especially When Shane S Rough Good Looks Have Troy Thinking Inappropriate Thoughts About A Player, Even If He S Set To Retire At The End Of The SeasonShane S Career In The Majors Never Quite Took Off Wanting To Quit On His Own Terms, Shane Agrees To A One Year Contract With The Ravens And Finds Himself Playing For A Coach Who Thinks He S An Aging Goon, And With A Team That Doesn T Trust Him, Troy, Or Each Other Despite His Determination Not To Get Involved, Shane Unwillingly Becomes Part Of The Team And Is Just As Unwillingly Drawn To The Gruff, Out And Proud Coach As The Ravens Struggle To Build A New Identity, Shane And Troy Succumb To The Passion That Might Cost Them Everything I tried, I really tried because I like sport romances and there s always very enthusiastic reviews about this series And the promise of a read with mature MCseven better for me.
But every time I read a book from this series, the same thing happens it s not working for me Not that I don t like the series at all, far from that, but I don t engage I know I read the book, but I don t feel anything, neither bad nor good It just seems that I don t mesh with this author.
This one was no exception So, I will stop with this series but not reading the fabulous reviews about it, because that s the best part for me.

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