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[Josi S. Kilpack] Ø Daisy [english-literature PDF] Read Online Ë Daisy by Josi Kilpack 2 in The Newport Ladies Book Club seriesDaisy is not at all what I expected I m not sure what I expected She is a very complex character with a lot of back story She is so well drawn that I really didn t like her In the beginning of the book, Daisy is very self absorbed, and the center of her own little universe I soon realized that Daisy s annoying frailties were the result of the author s finely crafted character development I wasn t told Daisy was self absorbed It was shown through her actions.
Somewhere around chapter 34, I found myself not only sympathizing with Daisy, but tears actually welled up in my eyes with each problem she faced.
I didn t think I would like her mother very much becaus I started this series with Olivia, which was an enjoyable read When I started to read Daisy, I realized that each book covers the exact same time period, same book club conversations, etc but from a different character s point of view I was very disappointed I thought each book would pick up where the last one left off and continue the show the growth of the women s friendship and changes in their lives Daisy was very well written and a great read, but because I knew so much about her from Olivia, there weren t enough new revelations or story twists to make the book really interesting I ended up skimming through a lot of the book club conversations because they were the same as from the first book, but with the added inner thoughts of the new main character, Daisy

Wow, another stellar novel from the Newport Ladies Book Club I thought Daisy s character seemed very real, especially in her thought process While the book is a little depressing, it s very real There isn t any fluff which is nice It was also interesting because this was the 2nd book in the parallel novels, so I knew what the outcome would be at the end of the book It was interesting to have the same events happen in the book with a different perspective.
Nice, easy read, the 2nd book in the series, but as all 4 books are apparently going to cover the exact same time period, you don t have to read them in the order they re released I liked Daisy s perspective slightly than Olivia s, because Daisy shared almost the same feelings as me about the book group Olivia seemed to act like they were all best friends way too fast, whereas Daisy talked about how they were just getting to know each other and even expressed discomfort about sharing too much of herself with these new ladies she met I was really hoping for a better ending for Daisy at the end of the book and keep hoping that maybe there will be a 5th book by one of these authors to wrap up the series beyond this exact same time period they re writing about what happens to all 4 women down the road, beyond the 4 months or so that the books are What I am liking about this series is the concept that everyone, regardless of first impressions or even our own view of ourselves, everyone has trials, burdens, talents, weaknesses, and everyone needs support and to have people who will make the effort to understand.
Daisy is a fun character I liked her better, at first, than Olivia I can t really identify with where she s coming from, attitude wise, but I really appreciate where she is headed The message that it s never too late to be different or to rectify the past is comforting Because,again, we all have our stuff I liked the healing that began with Daisy s mom, and wish that had been developed.
So another cool thing about this series is that it s telling the differe I love Josi Kilpack s Sadie Hoffmiller culinary mystery series, and I loved the first book of the Newport Ladies Book Club series, Olivia by Julie Wright, so I was really looking forward to reading this book We were first introduced to Daisy as we met Olivia and the other women in the forthcoming volumes of the series, though her membership in the book club In the earlier book, we only learned the highlights of Daisy s situation, a nearly empty nester, ready to take on being a grandmother, when a surprise happens that will once again change her life I will admit it took me longer to get into Daisy s story than I thought it would, perhaps because I had so little in common with her, but by page 50 the story was sailing along and I looked forward to seeing how she tackled the problems that were being thrown at her By Motherhood is not for the faint of heart starts off the backliner on Daisy This novel is about so much than motherhood, womanhood, wifehood, and friendship It s a remarkable journey of a woman who is given a second chance even though she doesn t know at first if she wants it With things getting and complicated at home, she looks for something to do other than work and be a mom, so she joins a book club, hoping that she can have at least one thing that s sane and normal in her life When Daisy first meets the women at the book club, she doesn t think she has much in common with them, but she soon learns that the differences bring them closer together And Daisy is able to make some of the most important d Daisy had a rocky start as a mother 17 year old, unwed , but feels like she has life under control now as a 46 year old Her oldest daughter is about to become a mom and her youngest daughter is a senior in high school By coincidence, she gets invited to join a book group and accepts, meeting some women who become great friends when her world comes crashing down around her I don t know what it is about this series, but I am loving it I love how each book delves into a different character and she becomes so real These ladies are all so different and yet are able to form bonds that are strong.
I seriously can t wait for the next book to come out clean content Forty Six Year Old Daisy Feels Like Her Life Is Finally Where She Wants It To Be Her Last Daughter Is Almost Out Of The Nest, She S Remarried To A Wonderful New Man, And She S Just Recently Joined A Book Club With Some Fascinating Women But When Daisy Faces An Unexpected Pregnancy, She Ll Have To Rely On Her Family And Her New Friends Like Never Before The Newport Ladies Book Club Book 2 Daisy, by Josi S KilpackThis series is such a neat concept it makes me wonder why no one ever did it before Four books, each told from the first person point of view of a different woman in a group of friends, each written by a different accomplished author The authors are friends as well as collaborators The first novel, OLIVIA, written by Julie Wright, told the story of one woman in a book group whose marriage is threatened by her husband s feelings toward his grown children.
In Daisy, the title character is a 46 year old mother of two Her older daughter is pregnant with Daisy s first grandchild, and her younger daughter is mere months from graduating high school Dais

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