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[Sudhir Venkatesh] Ö Gang Leader for a Day [young-adult-contemporary PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ö Having relied heavily on Venkatesh s American Project for background on my own college thesis, I had high hopes for Gang Leader As a graduate student at the University of Chicago, Venkatesh gained groundbreaking access to the Robert Taylor Homes Robert Taylor was a notorious public housing project in Chicago that symbolized both the failure of public housing and the rise of violent drug gangs in the 1980s and 90s Venkatesh s access enabled him to develop a comprehensive and unique understanding of both the underground economies that sustain the urban poor and the gangs that occupied public housing in the 90s.
In contrast with his scholarly work on American Project, Gang Leader for a Day was a thorough disappoin If you ve read Freakonomics, then you ve already been introduced to this amazing story As a grad student in sociology, Sudhir Venkatesh naively walked into a Chicago public housing project with the aim of researching urban poverty Armed with a survey, he proceeded to interview the first people he saw, who just happened to be young, crack dealing gang members Because he is a dark skinned ethnic Indian, neither white nor African American, the gang members assumed he was a Mexican from a rival gang sent out to spy on them They held him hostage in a stairwell for hours, interrogating him about what he knew about the rival gang, which, of course, was nothing He kept insisting, truthfully, that he was a grad student who had come to do research Eventually, their leader, J.
, showed up, and not only did he bel Sudhir Venkatesh, Tudiant En Sociologie L Universit De Chicago, Participe, Sous La Direction D Un Grand Professeur, Un Nouveau Projet De Recherche Il S Agit D Tudier Les Jeunes Noirs Des Cit S HLM De Lake Park, Un Ghetto O La Police Et Les Ambulances N Entrent Plus La M Thode Poser Des Questions Labor Es Par Ses A N S, Afin De G N Rer Des Donn Es Scientifiques Exemple Comment Se Sent On Quand On Est Noir Et Pauvre A Tr S Bien B Bien C Assez Bien D Moyennement BienE Pas Bien Du Tout Le Type Qui A Formul Cette Question Est Il Seulement D J Sorti De La Biblioth Que C Est Ce Que Se Demande Sudhir Lorsqu Il Se Retrouve Dans La Cage D Escalier D Une Des Barres De Lake Park, Face Un Colosse Arm Jusqu Aux Dents Absolument Persuad Qu Il Appartient Un Gang Rival Il Faudra Que J T Le Chef Des Black Kings, Ceux Qui Contr Lent Le Quartier, Prenne In Extremis Le Jeune Tudiant Sous Son Aile Tu Ne Comprendras Rien Avec Tes Questions La Noix, Lui Dit Il En Revanche, Si Tu Voulais, Je Pourrais Te Montrer Comment On S Organise Pour Survivre Quand On Est Un Negro Chicago This is an amazing story of how a grad student stumbled across a drug dealing gang in Chicago and ended up spending several years with them as part of a research project.
Venkatesh was studying sociology at the University of Chicago when he visited a housing project to administer a survey about poverty However, he was confronted by a group of gang members who thought he was from a rival gang, and they held kept him overnight Eventually the gang leader, nicknamed J.
, believed that Venkatesh was just a grad student and allowed him to learn about the gang and their underground economy The story of the cautious friendship between J.
T and Venkatesh is the heart of the book and made it a meaningful read It was also interesting to read about how the gang dealt with its many problems, including police, politicians, the Chicago Housing Authority, and the other tenants in the housing Sudhir Venkatesh tells you a true story of him going into the ghetto where he tries to fill a survey in Chicago gangs given to him by his University When he went into Chicago s ghetto buildings and tried to interview some gang members about their interactions and day to day dealings within the crack industry he found out surprisingly that the people who live there don t welcome stranger very kindly During his first meeting he was held hostage for 24 hours without any harm but people were very unsure about his presence and didn t know what to expect Worth to say that he didn t fit into the ethnical environment as he is an Indian.
Anyway, they held him for 24 hours till they could get the word that he was okay Eventually, he went back to the same apartment buildings again and again until he established a re How embarrassing I can t believe Sudhir believes that this account is even remotely scholarly as it should be, coming from an expert in the field he has a responsibility to portray his research accurately as a representative of his discipline, even if this is meant for a popular audience There are several points that made this book ridiculous 1 Sudhir clearly idolizes JT and I think this clouds his ability to view JT and his work objectively2 Sudhir painfully recollects his utter lack of social intelligence many, many times3 His aspirations about gang life are petty and superficial4 His attitude that he is a rogue and that all of the other sociologists in his field are doing things the wrong way is annoying especiall Gang Leader for a Day is hands down one of the best books I have ever read Sudhir Venkatesh, whose research on gangs was first made famous in Freakonomics, wrote this memoir of how he came to become an active observer of the drug trade in Chicago s Robert Taylor Homes infamous public housing project in late 1980s early 1990s Although it s nonfiction, the book reads like a narrative and it s incredibly engaging and page turning suspenseful Knowing that the events are real actually builds suspense and curiosity because although I know what happens with the Robert Taylor Homes they eventually get torn down , I am dying to know what happens to the characters in the book Venkatesh s writing takes on a style that I can only compare to that of the HBO show The Wire His characters are neith If you live in Chicago, or have any interest in the lives of poor people in cities in the US you must read this book Gang Leader for a Day is engaging, powerful, and believable The only times I did not enjoy this book were when I couldn t deal with the difficult realities it laid out This is not to say that it is bleak or a slog The book moves at a cracking pace The stories are personal and specific while painting a picture of a much larger world.

This author is a moron Even after spending years in the projects, he still doesn t know how things work I was really blown away by his naivety and lack of common sense He s surprised that gangs use violence He s surprised when he finds out the gang has dealings in prostitution He s happy when the gang leader takes an interest in the author s pet project to find out exactly how much everyone s earning and then is shocked, shocked I tell you, when the gang leader uses that to extort money from people and beat people who have not been paying him enough this is beyond being dumb I can t believe anyone wouldn t see that coming Especially after interacting with the gang for about three years at this point He s scandalized when he finds out gasp not all cops are good There are corrupt cops I mean, the book goes on and on like this, with Venkatesh reaching each new revelation lightyears a There is so little information about and so many stereotypes within mainstream America about how ghettos function, even though thousands of Americans live in them, that this book is a welcome contribution to poverty literature As a sociologist in training, Sudhir Venkatesh stumbles upon a unique opportunity to gain a lense into the inner workings of the American ghetto when he wanders into one of the worst housing projects in Chicago clutching pens and a survey that asks, How does it feel to be black and poor He spends the night parked in a urine stained, concrete stairwell guarded by gun toting, teenage members of the Black Kings gang In answer to the survey s question, they explain that they re not black

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