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ï Read Ú Devin (Grant Brothers, #2) by Kathi S. Barton ï Devin Grant Is Having A Crappy Day He Lost His Case, Wrecked His Car And Got A Ticket Then Instead Of Going Straight Home As He Wants To, His Brothers Make Him Stop At A Out Of The Way Diner And Have Breakfast He Takes His Rotten Mood Out On The Pretty Little Waitress Cook Ronnie Frey Is Working Her Way Through Law School And Doesn T Need Crap From A Rude Gorgeous Man When Devin Leaves Her A Huge Tip, She Tracks Him Down Through His Brother And Returns It Both Of Them Are Too Stubborn And Smart To Give In Until Devin Shows Her Passion And Love Beyond Anything She S Ever Known Now A Different Kind Of Heat Forms Between Them Until Ronnie S Family Shows Up And Kidnaps Devin Then Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Whose Love Is Harmed Unrealistic Not believable.
After reading the first book Nickolas in the Grant Brother series I couldn t wait to start reading Devin It starts out with Devin being a butt headed lawyer He is mean to a waitress when him and a couple of his brothers go to a restaurant to eat She returns something to him at his law office and he realizes that he wants to be with her and is falling in love with her Just like with Nickolas, Devin is a book you can t put down It only took me one day to read this one I can t wait for the next book in this series to come out I am really excited about this series Kathi has done a wonderful job in showing that people in relationships fight and argue but things can be worked out She is my new favorite author.
Another tear jerker I really like this series but hope not all the Grant brother suffer from head up the ass syndrome So much conflict from simply misunderstandings I am finding this to be a theme and feel like an emotional yoyo at times.
Still a fantastic read After the dick Nickolas made of himself in the first book you would think his brother had learned their lesson Nope, Devin decides to take out his bad day on the waitress while having dinner with his brothers and is promptly put in his place Ronnie is working hard to pay for law school and studying in between customers She has no time for the attitude of the sexy guy in her section who thinks he is better then everyone else She doesn t need his attitude or his pity and doesn t understand the humor the other men at the table are finding at the situation Once again we get to see that not everything is flowers and rainbows Ms Barton shows us that with every relationship it takes work, sacrifice and compromise to make it work Devin is smooth but he has no idea what to do with Ronnie as she fails to fall for hi She s Feisty When Devin 1st met Veronica he was a surly jerk she gave him it right back his brothers just laughed.
Devin Veronica kind of reminded me of how Nickolas Morgan 1st a Ted when they met each other both of them were also in this book.
Veronica has had a very screwy hard childhood thought that she d never have to see her father again but she was wrong Devin got caught in the middle of it.
But, you ll have to read the book to find out what goes on This book was very good.
After reading Nickolas the first in the Grant Brothers series I wasn t so sure about continuing with the series Especially if the brothers all seemed to act as he did While Devin did have his moments where he was an asshole, he did make up and grovel a little bit better than Nickolas did Veronica, aka Ronnie, is waitressing her way through law school She didn t have an ideal childhood, in fact, she s had one that nightmares are made of However, she s done what was necessary to survive and has worked hard to be where she is today She s not normally a violent person nor is she one who is snippy with customers, but Devin Grant just seems to bring out this argumentive person that she normally isn t Devin Grant watched all the mistakes his brother made with his wife and his wooing of her Too bad it didn t seem to take and all he can seem to do i I bought this series as a boxed set Each book in this series will take you on an emotional roller coaster Byron is still my favorite, but the ladies in this series are AMAZING They have over come so much in their pasts and the men trying to convince them that they want yo be in their lives is pretty funny Of course, Mom knows how to keep her boys in line and what s not funnier than watching a grown man squirm when his Mom is called in It takes a strong man to go with a strong woman Each couple has their ups and downs as their pasts rear their ugly heads But working together and leaning to trust each other has it s benefits.
I didn t like it.
DevinI loved this book.
Ronnie and Devin When Ronnie first encounters Devin, she thinks he s gay Then she just thinks he s an arrogant jerk.
Then she falls in love with him.
Devin find Ronnie beautiful, and intelligent, but he keeps putting his foot in it Big surprise After much fussing and fighting, they finally come together, but someone from Ronnie s past threatens their future.
Can they survive Come read and see.

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