☆ धर्मपद [Dhammapada] à Download by ¸ Anonymous

☆ धर्मपद [Dhammapada] à Download by ¸ Anonymous A Dhammapada A Szutta Pitak Hoz Tartoz Khuddaka Nik Ja R Sze A Buddha Ltal Hirdetett J T Pus Erk Lcsis G K Z Rthet , Ugyanakkor K Lt I Sz Ps G Megfogalmaz Sa, Az Egyik Legt Bbet Forgatott, Legn Pszer Bb Szentirat A Buddhista Vil Gban, Amely A Buddhista Tan T St Sz Mos Hasonlattal Illusztr Lja Maguk A Versek K L Nb Z Forr Sb L Sz Rmaznak, A Dhammapada M Gis Egys Ges M K Lt I Tisztas G N S Szik R Egyszer S G N Tragyog A Megvil Gosod S Dics S Ge Ebben Az Rtelemben A Buddhista Hagyom Nyoknak Megfelel En Mi Is A Be Rkezett Szavait Tisztelhetj K Benne So this happened to be the just in case I get stuck waiting somewhere book I had thrown in my purse on the day my car, later, wouldn t start as the temperature marched toward 100 degrees F I had plenty of time standing in the parking lot to consider Buddha s message since the tow truck got stuck in Senior Open golf tournament traffic and took three hours to arrive Did the advice to let go of sensory impressions, perceptions, anger and conditioned reactions help Yes, I think it did, although I ve gotten there myself over the decades as well.
Easwaran s overview of the Buddha s life and the general tenets of Buddhism in the introduction are quite helpful, as are the introductions to each chapter I am still confused by what the self atman that persists through multiple incarnations is, once the disparate components of form, personality, etc of a particular life ar Just reread this Little and big gems of wisdom throughout.
It s mostly just an assortment of platitudes Examples Ch VI, 78 Let one not associate With low persons, bad friends.
But let one associate With noble persons, worthy friends Ch VIII, stanza 100 Though a thousand the the statements, With words of no avail, Better is a single word of welfare, Having heard which, one is pacified Ch XXI, stanza 290 If by sacrificing a limited pleasure An extensive pleasure one would see,Let the wise one beholding extensive pleasure, A limited pleasure forsake Thanks, I couldn t figure that out for myself Some of the passages are pretty cool though Example Ch XI, stanza 153 154 I ran through samsara, with its many births, Searching for, but not finding, the house builder Misery is birth again and again House builder, you are seen The house you shall not build again Broken are your rafters, all,Your roof beam destroyed.
Freedom from the samkharas has Brilliant The Buddha is the closest figure I ve had as a role model in my life and this elegantly translated compendium of his teachings rings very true to his word Excellent work.
A re read, this time in English translation I got the Oxford version, because its form looked good in review also its introduction is very clear and interesting its explanatory notes are very useful too, very clear.
I think I got out of this this time, maybe a few years really changed things I m not a Buddhist, not believing in reincarnation for example, but even so I got a lot of enjoyment and inspiration out of this It s a slim volume, so it can be read quickly, but it can also be savoured by reading slowly.
One can see clearly how it can be such a classic, and a good starting place for anyone practicing Buddhism or just having an interest in it Clear and simple yet also deep and visual, beautiful Enjoyable and recommended.
There are books to be read and books to be comprehended The second class is like learning to ride a bike you climb on it to fall down you keep repeating the gesture until at least shakily you can move forth a few feet unaided What is contained in this book while at a first read is absurdly simple in its spartan ness is a very difficult set of guidelines to live with.
The inspiration to know about the Buddha was an unlikely source, a little trinket I bought It was a resemblance of the Ashoka Pillar After glancing at it for long minutes during which it refused to do anything at all, I started checking the internet for the Buddhist Emperor and found it very amusing A wildly passionate follower even drew a comparison saying that Alexander would have been but a Thug against the leadership practices of Ashoka Ever Thou shalt not live combined with no soup for you.
I feel compelled to say inane things, but restraint is foremost in my mind after reading the Dhammapada It gets a low rating because I didn t learn anything new My favourite verses 50 One should not have regard for the bad deeds of others, nor the things done and left undone by others, but only for the things done and left undone by oneself 204 He who does not exert himself at the time of exertion, who though young and strong has come to sloth, whose thoughts and mind are depressed, indolent, that lazy bastard does not find the road by wisdom 302 It is hard to go forth it is hard to be delighted houses are hard to live in and miserable living with those who are different is difficult a traveller is beset with misery Therefore one should not be a traveller and one would not be beset with misery 305 Sitting alone, The Dhammapada is a collection of Budist writings These explain their chor beliefs I found this a very intreaguing read I am a Christian but I find it very informative to study other people s belief system The Budist s beliefs are based primarily on love but it has a very practical side of how to conduct one s life here on earth It does not speak to much of the life her after I plan to study further into the Budist religion to gain a informative opinion I would recommend every one study the major religeons to come to their own beliefs.
Be Blessed.
Diamond Very reflective and wholesome moral truths for living, quite a fresh read in the world of inconsequential candy reads While one might not agree with every Buddhist principle for living, as I myself don t, the general truths that you pick up and contemplate throughout the day are hard to escape Easy and quick, yet full of substance and worthy of review time and again.

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