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[ Pdf Eating · criticism PDF ] by Nigella Lawson Á In This Inspiring, Witty And Eminently Sensible Book, Nigella Lawson Sets Out A Manifesto For How To Cook And Eat Good Food Every Day With A Minimum Of Fuss From Basic Roast Chicken And Pea Risotto To White Truffles And Turkish Delight Figs, Nigella Brings The Joy Back Into The KitchenSelected From The books How To Eat And Kitchen By Nigella LawsonVINTAGE MINIS GREAT MINDS BIG IDEAS LITTLE booksA Series Of Short books By The World S Greatest Writers On The Experiences That Make Us HumanFor The Full List Of books Visit VintageminisAlso In The Vintage Minis Series Drinking By John Cheever Home By Salman Rushdie Summer By Laurie Lee Liberty By Virginia Woolf I saw a collection of Vintage Minis when I visited a bookstore in London I have heard a lot about Nigella Lawson so picked this book up as it sounded interesting It was an okay read with some British sounding recipes in it I don t own any British cookbook so this was a nice addition to my cookbooks shelf Nigella talks about what it means to be a home cook and how to cook eat food in her essays in this short book.
Bit of a cheat really as its just selected from How to Eat and Kitchen But without the bulk Still I do like the way NL writes about food even if I can t make any of her recipes work She does remove the guilt factor A great gift idea book and there s a range of them Vintage Minis you can be quite a well read cultural icon without having to be in charge of a shopping trolley to carry all them cultural books in a guilt free Toast

I would have preferred less writing about lamb and writing about chocolate Generally I do not like non fiction for the simple reason that I like a story to transport me but there are certain topics that interest me One is music, the other food Since I ve heard a lot about Nigella Lawson and the Vintage Minis range are affordable pocket sized books that give the reader a taster of someone s work, I decided to buy the volume on eating, which consists of excerpts from two of Lawson s books.
As the title states, this book is about the joy of eating, the pleasure in serving a simple meal and the difference between Eating by oneself and serving a party There are recipes and tricks on how to prepare meat or a Sunday lunch Really though the main message is that Eating is pleasurable no matter the circumstance Lawson writes in an accessible, slightly jokey style and

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