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Ù Fade to Black (Doug Brock #2) ä Download by ☆ David Rosenfelt Doug Brock is a police officer suffering from amnesia after being shot he can t remember anything from the last ten years He is back to work, partnered again with Nate, and dating his former fianc e, Jessie, who is also a police officer Doug is encouraged to join an amnesia support group to help him recover There he meets a Sean, a fellow amnesiac, who asks him for help Sean says he has found a scrapbook about a murder victim named Rita and is concerned he was involved in her disappearance and murder Doug checks it out and discovers he had helped put away the victim s boyfriend three years ago for her murder When Sean s head is found shortly thereafter, it looks like it could be the result of rivalry between the mob bosses in New Jersey and Vegas In the meantime, Doug continues to investigate Rita s disappearance and uncovers some possible fraud happening at the State Police Officer Doug Brock is attending an amnesia support group Due to an injury he received on duty, he lost 10 years of his memory It s slowly returning, but in bits and pieces.
A fellow attendee, who also has memory problems, Sean Conner asks Doug to meet him somewhere he wants his opinion on something as a police officer Intrigued, Doug meets him and hears a fantastic tale.
Sean has found in his attic a scrapbook of news articles surrounding the disappearance three years ago of a woman He has no memory of the woman s identity or why he might have kept all these news articles.
It s particularly puzzling when Doug finds out that he himself was lead investigator and it was he that arrested and charged the man responsible for her murder, even though a body was never found.
When Doug and his partner, Nate, are called to investigate a man s head and nothing elsehe imme In Fade To Black, The Thrilling Sequel To Blackout From David Rosenfelt, Policeman Doug Brock Helps A Fellow Victim Of Amnesia Untangle A Murder Case And Discovers He May Not Be As Distant As He ThinksAfter Getting Shot In The Line Of Duty, New Jersey State Police Officer Doug Brock Has Been Busy Rebuilding His Life He S Reunited With His Fianc And Started To Get Some Of His Memories Back He Hopes He Can Continue To Recover With The Help Of An Amnesia Support Group And That The Damage From His Past Isn T PermanentIt Isn T Until Fellow Group Member Sean Conner Approaches Him After A Meeting That Doug Realizes The Trouble Is Just Beginning Sean Has Discovered In His Attic What Can Only Be Called A Scrapbook Of A Murder Victim, But He Has No Recollection Of The Girl S Identity Or Why He Might Have Gathered This Information Doug Agrees To Help And Convinces His Captain To Open What Had Been A Cold Case When He Discovers That He Had A Personal Connection To This Case, Suddenly He S Questioning Everything He Thought He Knew About The Case, About Sean, And About His Own PastIn The Next Page Turning Thriller By David Rosenfelt, Doug Brock Is Back To Delight Readers And Keep Them Guessing Until The End Woo hooanother one knocked off my TBR pile Just a quickie review as there are lots posted here.
I enjoyed book 2 in the Doug Brock series even than the first one It s a smart, twisty police procedural with an interesting MC great cast of supporting characters The plot has plenty of u turns red herrings to keep you guessing The pace slow drip of clues keep you reading And while Brock still has huge gaps in his memory, he s learning to deal with the challenges maybe even beginning to feel like his old self much to his fianc s chagrin Dialogue between he his partner Nate Alvarez provides some comic relief as a seemingly simple investigation goes to hell in a hand basket A quick, enjoyable read with likeable characters from the author of the popular Andy Carpenter series.
I felt the story was well written, and the idea of having Doug, a police officer with amnesia as a main character was a nice touch and an original idea The author did an excellent job of incorporating this idea into his story, and giving Doug a partner who worked well with him, even teasing him at times It was definitely a good working arrangement Doug s boss had a realistic feel and little details were well described I don t feel as if I missed anything by not reading the first book It works well as a standalone The story itself grabbed my attention from the very beginning and I definitely didn t want to put the book down I like when an author lets you in a few details that others in the book don t know, and I find myself wanting to w Ooops I queued this up last night started listening to it on the way to work only to realize it was book 2 I figured I d remember book 1 or might not need it, but after an hour, I realized I really didn t did I m putting this on hold while I read book 1 I hate it when I do that Grrr I put it down listened to book 1, Blackout Glad I did I had no trouble picking this one back up it did make it enjoyable I finished it this morning while making a small milking stool for a planter out of scrap yellow pine Pretty similar to the first, with a different narrator that I liked better Similar, pleasant voice, but he didn t put too much emotion into the voice The plot was even twisty quite good Again, there s repetition I found annoying, but overall it was a good listen.
I ll be interested in listening to of these when if my library gets them.
Another great thriller by Rosenfelt This one doesn t include Tara although Bobo does make a minor appearance , and is less humorous than his Carpenter series But, Rosenfelt does a great job combining the healthcare industry, crime bosses, Vegas casinos, and Doug Brock with his partners Jessie and Nate into a believable story.
This is a good crime suspense with a detective whose wry humor is similar to the Andy Carpenter series NJ police officer Doug Brock suffered an injury that stole years of his memory He is just getting back on duty with his partner, Nate His fianc Jessie, works in the investigative unit so they get to spend time at work and at home.
Doug is attending a group with other victims of memory loss One of them asks to meet privately and then asks Doug to check the circumstances of an old murder Doug begins to look at the old case but it takes on even new interest when the group member turns up murdered.
One step of the investigation leads to another until Doug suspects there is a larger problem Soon they are on a race to uncover a killer and or the mystery before a threatened event occurs.
I liked the mystery and suspense that

New Jersey state police officer Doug Brock was introduced in Blackout Doug has retrograde amnesia and can t remember the last ten years Fade to Black is the second entry in this series The author s unique style is evident in the storytelling and the witty dialogue.
Doug is contacted by a man in his amnesia support group about a closed murder case The man has found a scrapbook of newspaper articles about the murder in his attic, he thinks he was in the same bar as the murdered woman, and he wants Doug to review the case to see if he was involved in the crime Doug was the arresting officer of the woman s fianc He has questions than answers because he can t remember.
This was an interesting and sometimes convoluted plot It might not be very realistic, but all the loose ends are tied up at the end There s little gore and not e Quite a strange story Interesting Barely Confusing Certainly Recommend No 3 of 10 stars

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