Download Epub Format å Fake Mustache PDF by ¶ Tom Angleberger

Download Epub Format å Fake Mustache PDF by ¶ Tom Angleberger 3.
5 starsIt s hard not to compare this to Angleberger s Origami Yoda books, which are exceptionally clever and funny I found this one enjoyable, but not as clever and funny as the Origami Yoda s.
This book was fine I guess I rated this book 3 stars because It had some babyish language again I did not choose this book.
Award Winning Author Tom Angleberger Flexes His Comic Muscle In This Hairy Adventure Story With Twists At Every TurnRegular Kid Lenny Flem Jr Is The Only One Standing Between His Evil Genius Best Friend Casper, A Master Of Disguise And Hypnosis And World Domination It All Begins When Casper Spends Money From His Granny On A Spectacularly Convincing Fake Mustache, The Heidelberg Handlebar With It He S Able Rob Banks, Amass A Vast Fortune, And Run For President Is Lenny The Only One Who Can See Through His Disguise And Will He Be Able To Stop Casper From Taking Over The World I said it about Laini Taylor I said it about Jeff Kinney Heck, I even said it about J.
K Rowling and now, my friends, I m saying it about Tom Angleberger I was into him before it was cool Seriously, a show of hands, how many of you out there can say that you read his first middle grade novel The Qwikpick Adventure Society written under the pen name of Sam Riddleberger See, that s what I though I did and it was hilarious, thank you very much The kind of thing you read and love and wish people knew plus it involved a poop fountain I kid you not Years passed and at long last Tom got his due thanks to a little unassuming title by the name of The Strange Case of Origami Yoda By the time Darth Paper Strikes B REVIEW BY JACK 9 6Fake Mustache, a children s comedy story, is American as is clear from the title The novel takes place in a slightly bizarre version of modern day America, within the fictional state capital of Hairsprinkle It is initially narrated by Lenny Flem Junior but later swaps to Jodie O Rodeo The action is spread through Lenny s house, the Heidelberg novelty company factory, Sven s Fair Price Store and the Hairsprinkle Municipal Stadium.
The plot is surprisingly complex, but basically Lenny Jr saves the world from his best friend Casper and his Fake Mustache with the help of his favorite TV star, Jodie O Rodeo and the mustaches inventor, Hank Heidelberg Casper meanwhile has used the unknown po Yesterday a package of ARCs from Abrams arrived at my home, among them Tom Angleberger s forthcoming Fake Mustache and, needing a light read before bed, I decided to give it a try Next thing I knew a couple of hours had passed and I d gulped down the whole delightful confection It isn t out till April so I hope this isn t a dreadful tease, but I thought Origami Yoda fans as well as others looking for good and funny middle grade books might like to know what they have in store.
So wacky this is as another beloved Angleberger character might say in the best way which is no easy feat For funny is incredibly hard to pull off what has me guffawing can just as easily leave another reader cold and vice versa As someone who too often has been left cold by silliness I was wary when I started this one, but within pages I was complete I recently finished the book Fake Mustache by Tom Angleberger This book is about a boy named Casper who buys a very expensive Fake Mustache and changes his identity on a quest to take over the world Lenny Flem junior must go under cover and team up with some amazing friends including Jodie O Rodeo and her wonder horse Lenny also has plenty of gags and gadgets from the Hairsprinkle Novelty Company He has an amazing adventure full of laughs and suspence as he tries to take down the evil Casper I can relate to Lenny because he is smart and has good ideas This book will appeal to all audiences because it is funny, suspenceful, adventureious, and informational about fake mustaches anyway.
Overall this is one of the best books that I have ever read.

I didn t realise I was looking for a book about the ultimate fake mustache, brainwashed school librarians robbing banks, man about town suits, public transport that only costs 10 cents, electoral fraud, halloween costumes or a tv famous cowgirl who literally rides in to the rescue but I was The illustrations throughout add extra enjoyment and giggles.
First, let me say I love Tom Angleberger s Origami Yoda books The two written thus far are so good that I continue to recommend them to people today.
Second, let me say that Fake Mustache is not an Origami Yoda book Not even close The Origami Yoda books are written from multiple perspectives and feature a sympathetic main character who is trying to figure out whether a perplexing friend is psychic or channeling a fictitious movie character or just plain crazy The characters are unique but have distinct personalities and seem real enough to care about The characters in Fake Mustache, imho, are caricatures than characters Despite a token and unnecessary multiple POV for the story about 1 2 the way through the book none of the characters seem believable enough for me to take seriously This book seemed too filled with coincidences and monumental strokes of good luck to engage me as a rea Hilarious and bizarre I laughed every single page Tom Angleberger manages to combine several random elements fake mustaches, child TV stars, clowns, and elections into an enjoyable story about fighting for what s right I can t wait to share this with my students.

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