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[Gianna Gabriela] Ú Falling For You (Bragan University, #3) [yaoi PDF] Read Online ↠´ As youngsters they are no strangers to pain, and tears in a world where they shouldn t know either.
Older, and wiser, living away from home and attending University this should be the time of their livesHes failing Biology, shes unable to stand up for herself and this is how they find themselves thrown together.
Shes a mystery to him, so unlike all the other girls he has known, but shes hiding something.
Hes not the typical jock Is he all he says he is or has he got secrets too Awwww this book is a complete cuteness overload So sweet and adorable are they My heart was a goner pretty much from the start.
Gianna never fails to bring you a story that will make you swoon, and sigh happily, and this is no exception to that I m loving t Gianna as done it again a truly wonderful story I love how she captures the characters and makes you fall in love with them two people forced together from two completely different backgrounds yet they find love and I loved it even found my self crying at one point If i could give this book then 5 stars I definitely wouldn t Every time I read a book by Gianna Gabriela it gets better and Falling For You was definitely no exception Gianna writes books that a heartfelt believeable and oh so sweet that I never want it to end.
Another major hit that I know I ll have a book hangover for a while lol there is always a hot alpha male and I know that s never a bad thing lol and a sweet girl that always feels not good enough for whatever reason but Gianna loves to prove opposites do attractI personally have loved each and every book she has released so far and Falling for you is absolutely awesome do yourself a favour and read it Omg, This book melted my heart when I read this Of course Zach was always my favorite which I love him even reading his and Emma story I wish I could give it then five stars because that what it needs I don t want to give to much away but please check it out when it comes out.
Zack Hayes is a football player who came to Bragan University on partial scholarships and works super hard at his studies, working at his job and playing football in hopes that he can succeed and help out his parents as much as possible When he finds out he is failing biology his coach gets him a tutor in hopes of pulling up his grades and being able to play in the championship game.
Emma Wilson has felt like she never measured up to what her father wanted in a child, specifically a son Now she hides away in her books and studies and tries to keep to herself as much as possible but her roommate, Zoe, is dating a football player and soon Emma finds herself at football parties.
When Emma is forced to tutor Zack will she discover a different side of him and realize that not all football

zach and emma got me hooked to this story i devoured this book i enjoyed it so much, 100% reccomending this story to everyone My heart was crying for Emma having to grow up knowing her father wanted a son but instead got a girl that he couldn t play football with She learned to dislike the sport and not associate with any football players Kind of hard to do when her roommate, Zoe is dating a football player and also kind of hard to do when her father forces her to tutor one of his precious football players who failed biology This should be fun.
Zack comes from a poor but loving family The financial burdens are so dire that on top of his course work, and football practice he works long hours to be able to help with the bills The last thing he needs is a failing grade in biology and have the coach pull him from a very important game where he could possibly be drafted to the NFL When the coach assigns him a tutor he s not sure what to expect He certainly in for a big surprise.
Even though Emma and Zack hung arou Imagine being a star football player, doing whatever you can to ensure that your family is taken care of, and that you get that NFL future you never thought you could achieve, but always wanted For Zack Hayes, this is his life.
Except one thing stands in his way his grades Being forced to work with a tutor is not something Zack has time for, or even wants to do But with football and his family life on the line, he s forced into the impossible What he didn t anticipate was falling in love with his tutor.
Emma Wilson could probably call herself a star pupil, but she s never been one to brag about herself All she s ever wanted was her father s love But instead, she had to deal with coming in second place to his football coaching career When her father forces her hand and makes her tutor his star player, Emma s life suddenly goes from boring to wonderful when Z I m open to read all kinds of stories as long as it does have an HEA I don t read too many young adults stories because they are close to my kids age I m very cautious with them I have enough drama at home Gianna Gabriela s stories are different due to the fact that her writing is mature and creates characters that are too This 6 star story had me hooked and kept me reading non stop.
Zack is a football player that does not fit the Bragan University norm He works hard for what he has accomplished Things are not easy for him Emma loves books and she s a studious girl She is forced to tutor Zack The time they spend together the they get to know each other.
This is a first love kind of story that made me sigh a few times This is the kind of story that I would safely let my 15 yo read It doesn t need to be filled with sex scenes in order to make this an amazing romantic story The level of wr Zack Hayes Was Taught That Hard Work Pays Off He Lives By That Adage, Working A Part Time Job, Playing Football And Taking A Full Load Of Courses In The Hope That His Parents Can Stop Working Themselves To The Bone However, When Things Start To Go Wrong, Zack Begins To Believe That When You Come From Nothing, Working Hard Doesn T Get You Anywhere Emma Wilson Has Spent Her Whole Life Hiding In The Shadows Because She Isn T Who Her Parents Wanted Her To Be Who Her Father Wanted Her To Be She Loses Herself In Her Studies And In The Piles Of Romance books She Devours It Isn T Until Her Roommate Begins Dating A Football Player That The Worlds She S Worked So Hard To Separate Inevitably Collide

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